Friends With Benefits (Frat!Calum smut) DAY 26!

Summary: You make Calum jealous during a party, prompting him to take you upstairs and show you who’s boss…

Warnings: Friends with benefits situation, smut!

Word Count: 1.8k

A/N: This is the final Calum smut of Smutty September and I honestly don’t know how I feel about it being so close to the end :( I hope you like it!

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From across the dance floor you feel the intense gaze of Calum Hood, his eyes trailing after you as you glide to the beat, barely taking any notice of the body grinding into your ass. The heavy pound of the music mixes together with the buzz of alcohol and you quickly spin around to rest your palms on the waist of the nameless boy pressed against you.

You close your eyes and feel him glide closer to you, an obvious bulge digging into the front of your tight dress. His lips dip down to press against yours and you give it your all, pushing back enthusiastically in an attempt to capture Calum’s attention. 

You feel the boy’s hands dip further down your back until they’re resting just above your ass, palms kneading against you and eliciting a moan from your parted lips. From the corner of your eye you can see Calum excusing himself from a group of girls and barging through the hoards of people congregated on the dance floor, his eyes burning.

When you feel Calum’s toughened hands lining around your wrists and tugging you off the boy you’ve been dancing with you let out a loud giggle. Calum glares at the boy before dragging you away, his hands tracing up to rest against your shoulders. 

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Here, have a bunch more fic about the Elves and stuff because I’m still having feelings. This set has some really, really good fic that I am going to needeveryone to read with me, okay? N E E D. I have feelings and I need to share!

Far Horizons by Bodkin, legolas, elladan, elrohir, glorfindel, elrond, celebrian, galadriel, celeborn, thranduil, finarfin, earwen, ocs, valinor, 105.6k
   The elves of Middle Earth seek to find themselves new homes in the Blessed Realm.
In the Garden by Bodkin, ocs & thranduil & elrond & finarfin & the valar, 6.8k
   Those who have read Far Horizons might have some interest in the fate of Minastan Terendulion. (This turned out not to follow the intended plan, which was much more simplistic and in line with Thranduil’s response.) There are appearances from Elrond, Thranduil and Finarfin, but the focus is mainly on Minastan.
Gift Of The Lady by jenolas, galadriel & legolas, ~1k
   Galadriel speaks to Legolas at Helm’s Deep after the War of the Ring
Tales from Vairë’s Loom - A Mystery at Long Lake by Fiondil, thranduil & cirdan & oc, 3.3k
   An unexpected find, long hidden under the waters of the Long Lake, brings two curious and surprising visitors to its shores.
The screaming King and the naughty Elf by Trio, theoden & aragorn & legolas, humor, 1k
   Théoden stands by his son’s grave when his mood is about to make a turn for perhaps the better.
Here’s A Pretty Thing by Elf of Sirannon, legolas & frodo & fellowship, 1.6k
   “…to wrap an Elven princeling in!” said Aragorn in Moria. Light as a feather, and as hard as dragon scales! The mystery of Bilbo’s mithril shirt.
Legolas Shall Be For The Elves by Teanna, elrond & glorfindel & legolas & merry & pippin, 3.4k
   Glorfindel, Elrond, Legolas, Merry and Pippin, and some Dwarves; and how Elrond’s dinnerware kept Glorfindel from having to face another Balrog.
Tales from Vairë’s Loom - Prayer for an Absent Son by Fiondil, thranduil & legolas, 1.3k
   When Legolas doesn’t return from a mission, Thranduil mourns.
Great Oaks by Bodkin, oropher & thranduil/wife & ocs, 9.5k
   Oropher settled in the region of Amon Lanc - but he moved his people northwards to seek greater safety and isolation. His son was a natural choice to lead the party seeking a place to dwell.
A Bit of Rope by Aiwendiel, fellowship & entire cast of lotr, divergent au, some dark content, 387k
   What would have happened after Moria if Gandalf hadn’t fallen? Did he have a plan for the Quest—and for his role in it—after Lorien? Darker than the original but not as dark as some AU version of key events in LOTR that might have changed if Sam had remembered to bring a bit of rope. 

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the moon shines in your half-closed eyes

title: the moon shines in your half-closed eyes

author: bazooka

pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo

word count: 2.8k

rating: pg-13

genre: slice of life

warnings: none

summary: Daily Life!AU. The official consensus was that it was Kyungsoo. It was Kyungsoo, it was Friday, he’d walked into the bar five minutes late looking like he’d eaten sixteen lemons and had his soul shat on by an entire flock of birds, and this was just something that happened sometimes. Not a lot, but y’know. Every couple months. You couldn’t talk to him or comfort him, you could just keep buying him drinks until he passed out cold, facedown on the table.

- Admin Rey

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lol I got 1.8k in 3 years. But that's probably BC I'm a normal account just posting whatever I like

that’s pretty impressive for a normal account, yeah!

Just out of curiosity...

…I watched the procedure for the “Dutch auction” Creation runs for the meet and greets for TorCon.  Prices were low until the last few hours, really.  Jared’s closed at $350.00 (31 bids for 20 seats), Jensen’s closed at $400.00 (47 bids for 20 seats), and Misha’s closed at a ridiculously staggering $1,200.00 (32 bids for 10 seats).  Profits for Creation = 7k for Jared, 12k for Misha, 8k for Jensen - looks like Misha is insanely popular, right?  Except, if you watched the bidding lists, it was the same people bidding for Misha’s seats, and the bids went super-high really fast:  less than 12 hours ago, the bid price was at less than half the final amount ($575 at midnight Eastern time).  I may have missed one or two (I do have a life, I can’t watch the bid sheet all day constantly) but from what I saw, those 32 bids came from 14 unique usernames for Misha (and one person is paying $2,400 for two of his seats).  In Jared’s bidding I saw 24 unique usernames, and in Jensen’s I saw 29.  This confirms my working hypothesis that Creation keeps Misha’s seating to 10 to inflate his price (and thereby, inflate their profits - it’s a business) because while he’s not as widely popular, his fans are willing to pay an entire month’s rent on a decent apartment to attend his M&G.  If Creation opened up just 5 more seats, there would be no ‘bidding war’ and the price would stay low.  Minions also outbid one another by large amounts, whereas bidders for J2 seem to go up in $10-20 increments, not $200 increments.  This is still a working hypothesis - if I have time, I may continue to watch subsequent cons.  It makes me wonder why Creation has 20 seats for J2, though…and wonder how high those prices would go if it was restricted to 10 seats. 

Running Women

High definition digital art by South Korean artist Minha Yang features a woman running in slow-motion, distorted beautifully with algorithms:

“Running Women” is the artwork made of numerous motion vectors that is generated by mathematical and physical algorithms. The moving image was taken by high speed camera and transformed into 129,600 vectors. These vectors are capable of controlling 2 million lines containing color characteristic values of rasterized moving images.

These regenerating and recombining processes applied exquisite visual modifications to the original video. The length of original video is 5 minutes long, and it is produced in 4K and 8K resolutions.

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B: Why aren’t you in Europe?

C: I was in Paris. But only to get your favorite macaroons from Pierre Hermé. 

B: And Germany? 

C: To pick up your favorite Falke stockings. You know how I adore them. 

B: What are you doing here then? 

C: You were right. I was a coward running away again. And everywhere I went, you caught up with me. I had to come back.

B: I wanna believe you. But I can’t. You hurt me too many times.

C: You can believe me this time.

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IF you're still taking fic prompts, I don't think there can every be enough hot single dad Derek fics, with him and Stiles meeting because Derek's kid thinks Stiles is awesome.

Stiles is awesome, okay? He’s the most amazingest, most awesomest thing to happen to this town since the birth of Lydia Martin.

Derek blinks dumbly at his daughter, crouched down in front of her so that they’re at eyelevel. “Who?

Rachel goes from condescending to exasperated in three seconds flat. Derek doesn’t have much experience with five-year-old’s outside of his own, but he’s pretty sure his kid is uniquely skilled at emoting with only her eyebrows. It’s ridiculously cute, but not very helpful right now.

Stiles,” Rachel says, like Derek is an absolute idiot. Derek can’t wait for her teenage years. Really.

“Yeah, Baby, I got that part. You may have mentioned him once or twice.” Or, you know, approximately five thousand times since this Stiles person started working at KinderCare a week ago. At this rate, declarations of Stiles’ awesomeness are about to eclipse belting out the chorus of “Let It Go” as Derek’s number one reason to start buying earplugs in bulk. “But I don’t think I know any Lydia’s.”

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