Saudade (1)

Bucky x Reader

Saudade: (n.) Portuguese for a melancholic nostalgia for someone or something from the past.

Summary: She’s willing to do anything to keep Bucky out of harm’s way, that’s why she’s so expendable, and expendability is dangerous.

Word Count: 1.8k+

Warnings: swearing, violence, angst


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She fell off the train first.

She died, or she at least thinks she did.

She remembers hearing Bucky scream after her as he clung to the loose metal bar on the train. She remembers him fall off right after she did. His screams echoed off the mountain tops as they both plunged further and further to their deaths. She wanted to scream out to him. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him, how much he meant to her, but her voice was gone. Instead, it was filled with gut wrenching screams.

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Hi. Today’s the anniversary of my Tumblr account. Last year, 27.3.2016, I posted my first picture on my darling-with-no-probs blog. Now I have more than 36k followers. I posted 4 884 pictures. So it’s more than 13 posts a day. I never expected that my blog could be that big, I founded this blog for me because I can’t have 4,8k pictures in my gallery, you know.😃 But I’m so glad for your amazing support, amazing questions that you give me and the things you write me. It’s important to support everyone. The world is not the most beautiful place here, people could make it better with their care, but people often don’t care. So make people feel good about themselves, you never know what’s happening in theit lives. ❤ Thank you. ❤

Onsra | Part III

(v.) – to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing a love won’t last

Read: Part 1 | Part II | Part III

Words: 7.8K

Genre: Demon au, soon-to-have: some angst, maybe fluff, smut(?)


“Won’t you be mine instead?”

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Finding the Words

8k words, G rated

Scorpius is being weird – more weird than normal, that is. He’s spending longer than ever in the library, he hasn’t spoken to Albus in weeks, and he keeps forgetting to do his homework. Albus is determined to find out what’s wrong with him and help. That’s just what you have to do when your best friend is upset. 

Thanks to @abradystrix for being a stellar human being and beta, and thanks to @the-eighth-story for nudging me to add the last scene. <3 

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In Sickness And In Health

Hi! I bet you weren’t expecting a oneshot today, eh? I was rewatching Phil’s ‘‘Why I Can’t Go Back to the Gym’‘ video and inspiration came to me. I gave it a more dramatic tone than Phil did on the video, but you know how this goes, we love drama.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it and as always, every type of feedback is welcome!

summary: Dan takes care of Phil after his gym incident

word count: 1.8k

trigger warnings: vomiting

The sunlight streaming from his bedroom curtains woke Dan up. He turned his face away from the light before picking up his phone and looking at the time it was. He flipped down on his stomach and started browshing his social media, liking some posts on Tumblr… It was a nice start to his day to be honest.

His eyes flicked up to the top of the phone and decided that it was time to have some proper breakfast, probably some fruit and cereal… Yeah, it sounded good and healthy. Now that he and Phil had signed up to the gym he should start at least eating a few more fruits and drinking more water.

Speaking of Phil… He got up and exited his bedroom, the carpet tickling his feet as he walked towards the kitchen only to find Phil filling a water bottle. And was he wearing his sportwear…? “Morning Dan” he heard him say, offering him a small smile.

“Are you going to the gym now? You are all dressed up for it at least” Dan commented, pointing at his colourful sneakers that said “cool shoes”.

“Yes, just grabbing this water bottle before I go” the blue eyed said, putting the cap back on the bottle and walking to the bag that was sitting on the counter, throwing it inside and picking his belongings. “Well, see you later Dan!” and he made his way out of the kitchen, making his way down the stairs a bit faster than he intended.

“See you! Don’t work yourself up too much!” Dan shouted, knowing Phil was already at the end of the steps.

“I wont!” were Phil’s last words as he closed the front door.

It was going to be a lonely morning…


Dan had just finished his breakfast and was about to switch on his laptop to check some emails when he heard a clinking of keys and the front door open. It had to be Phil, no one else had the keys to their flat… But Phil was at the gym, right? He checked the time and saw that not even half an hour had passed since he had left for the gym, it was impossible that he had worked out that fast on his first day!

“Phil?” Dan asked waryly, pocking his head onto the hallway not really knowing what to expect.

But he didn’t receive any response, he only heard the quick steps Phil made to the toilet and the fast closing and locking of the door. Dan was about to go back to his sofa crease when he heard retching sounds coming from the locked door. Phil was feeling sick…

Dan ran to the toilet door and knocked a few times after the vomiting sounds had stopped, “Phil?” He didn’t hear any response, just the flusing of the toilet and the closing of the tap.

He was about to knock again but he heard the familiar sound of the lock and stepped back a bit so Phil could properly open the door. “Dan… I…” a croacked voice called him once the door was fully opened, a slighty green-faced and shaky Phil walking towards him, his blue eyes a bit watery.

Dan grabbed his forearms, stilling him a bit so he wouldn’t lose his balance.

“Hey, c'mon, let’s go to the bathroom so you can clean your teeth” Dan softly told him, guiding him towards it, “I will bring you your pjs so you can change those sweaty clothes, okay?” Phil just nodded and sat at the edge of the bathub so he could untie his shoes.

The brown haired rapidly made his way up the stairs and grabbed Phil’s pjs making his way back to the bathroom faster than he thought he could run. Just as he entered the bathroom again he noticed Phil was finishing cleaning his teeth, the green of his face fading a bit but he was still shaking.

“Here,” Dan handed him the pjs, which Phil took with trembling hands, “I’ll make you some tea so your stomach can settle down. Just go into your bedroom when you have finished changing, okay?” Phil just nodded and Dan walked upstairs again thinking what could have made Phil feel so sick.

He started heating the water and taking out one of Phil’s favourite mugs hoping it would cheer him up a bit. Dan was deep in thought while preparing the tea, thinking what could have made the blue eyed feel so sick. They had a heavy dinner last night, that was true, and maybe due to the exercise… But he was just running on a treadmill, it couldn’t be that bad. Maybe it was just a stomach bug…

He checked that the tea wasn’t too hot and started walking towards Phil’s bedroom, where he found the owner under the blue and green duvet, shaking still.

“Hey, I brought you some tea” he announced as he closed the bedroom door and put the mug on the nightstand, sitting on the side of the bed so he could put a hand on Phil’s shoulder as comfort.

Phil slowly sat up, rearranging the pillows so he was comfier and took the mug that Dan had made for him, “Thank you” he said with a hoarse voice, drinking a a few sips of the tea, feeling the instant warm through his body.

“Feeling better?” Dan asked a bit worried, hoping the tea was helping.

Phil nodded slowly, setting the mug on his beside table again, “Yeah, the tea helped, at least I’m not green anymore, right?”

“No, you have your usual white porcelain skin back, don’t worry” Dan reassured him, giving him a smile but soon a concerned frown appeared on his face “Do you think you are getting sick? A stomach bug maybe?”

Phil slid down so now he was lying on his left side facing Dan but not looking at him, just mindlessly drawing patterns on the mattress. “No, I’m not getting sick… It’s just…” Phil was really hesitating if he should tell Dan what really had happened. He would be grossed out for sure, and he was a bit embarrassed about it but he trusted Dan.

“I arrived and Leon was waiting for me,” Phil wanted to continue but Dan interrupted him.


“The guy who was going to teach me how to use the machines… Anyways, I told him I just wanted to do some treadmill running or cycling but he didn’t listen and he practically pushed me to lift a giant tire.”

Dan frowned at this, “I suspect you did tell him no, right?”

“Must admit it’s in my nature not to deny things and I ended up lifting it. I tried to say no but it was too late.” Phil mused, still distractedly making patterns on the bed.

“Phil, you need to learn how to stand up for yourself! You cannot be polite everytime!” Dan told him, a bit annoyed by Phil’s behaviour but more at the personal trainer for not listening to him.

“I know Dan, and I’m trying too but for me it’s too hard!” Phil groaned, frustrated at his politeness in uncomfortable situations.

“Well, don’t worry about it,” Dan put a comforting hand on his forearm as support, “continue please.”

“I started feeling dizzy and I tried to stop but he was shouting to ‘keep going!’ and I was so scared that I kept lifting it, and it was just the warm up Dan! The warm-up!” the blue eyed lifted his voice, emphasizing the last words.

“Tell me at least he took you to the treadmill after it.”

“No… He made me do burpees, I didn’t even know what that was!” Phil groaned again and rolled so now he was lying on his back, his head hitting the soft pillows. “And that’s when I started feeling pretty nauseous…”

“I guess you stopped doing the burpees, right?” Dan inquired.

“Yeah I did, I was not really feeling well and my stomach was getting more upset so I finally told Leon that I just wanted to run on the freaking treadmill and he finally listened and brought me to the machine room.” Phil explained, looking at the white ceiling.

“Why do I feel this story is not done, yet?” the brown haired said, repositioning himself better on the bed, lifting his left leg to the matress so he could look at Phil’s face.

“Because it’s not…” Phil sighed before continuing, “I was already running on the treadmill and he was explaining the differen modes and everything but then I started to feel really really queasy and wanted to throw up…”

“Please Phil, tell me you stopped running and went to the bathroom not to puke all over Leon” Dan said, running a hand through his curls.

“I… I just…” Phil started saying, his lips trembling a bit at the thought of what had happened, “I threw up, but not on Leon… I threw up inside my mouth and he asked me a question so to answer him I had to swallow it.” Phil rushed his words, hoping Dan wouldn’t understand what he said and turned around not to face him while grabbing the duvet higher so he could hide inside.

“Phil…” Dan sofly said. Yeah, it was a gross situation but he didn’t need to feel embarrassed about it. But apparently Phil wasn’t listening to him and continued his story.

“And then I excused myself to go to the bathroom and finally vomit and then I left. As I was coming back home I was so horrified about what had happened that I just wanted to throw up again so as soon as I entered the flat I headed to the toilet… and that’s it.” Phil finished his speech with a loud sigh as he curled into himself more that he already did, hoping that way it would all go away.

“Phil…” Dan called him again, this time lifting up the duvet a little bit so he could also lie down next to him, facing Phil’s nape, “It’s okay, it happened and now you are okay.” but he only heard a grunt and then a frustrated moan coming from the other human.

“Hey, come here.” Dan moved closer and put his hand over Phil’s stomach, lifting his t-shirt a bit, slowly posing his palm over the soft skin before starting to caressing it gently.

Dan instantly felt Phil relaxing at his touch, “better?” he said in a whisper, his breath near Phil’s ear making him shiver.

Phil just hummed and moved back a bit so his back was touching Dan’s torso. “Stay here, please?” Phil’s soft voice filled the room, making Dan tighten his grip on him a bit as if it was possible.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Dan responsed in the same tone, feeling how Phil was slowly falling asleep, ‘‘you know what they say, in sickness and in health.’‘ making both of them chuckle.

‘‘We are not married, you know? Even though our audience believes we are.’‘ Phil commented, his voice even and calm. 

‘‘Touché, Phil Lester. Touché.’’ 

“Thank you.” was the only thing the blue eyed could say before completely falling asleep in Dan’s arms, not really knowing if the sensation of a few kisses on his nape were part of reality or not.

What’s Left of Us

“Why did you do it?” Aaron asks, and Robert’s heart clenches.

It’s the question he has been asking himself since it happened, since he cheated on Aaron, since he decided that the pain was too much, and he needed to lash out. It was the question whose answer was too painful, made his stomach churn and his chest ache, but if there was ever a time to say it out loud, it’s now. 

Teen and Up, Angst, 1.8k words. 

This idea has been stuck in my head since the accident. This is the conversation I would like them to have. 

Godfather Godson Moment

Sirius, Harry

Summary: Sirius want to learn more about Harry, but Harry barely has to tell him anything for Sirius to make discoveries all on his own.

A/N: This is short and feels rushed, but it’s based on a simple prompt, so I’m not gonna sweat it (and I think I deserve to post something shorter after last week’s 8k monster). One day I hope to write something longer and better for those two, but today is not the day.

Words: 1 063

Looking forward to something yet dreading it simultaneously was strange. Sirius had spent the majority of summer aching for company, longing to meet his godson again, praying that he was doing somewhat okay where he was stuck with the Dursleys. But in the midst of all this wishing, he realized that the thought of seeing Harry again scared him a bit. He was never too sure of how to act, but knew that the kid needed some sort of father figure. Sirius had never been a role model of any sort, but he vowed to do his best. James and Lily’s son deserved nothing but the best.

When he spotted Harry entering the hallway all his worries melted away, for the time being. Ever since he’d been born the kid had taken a part of Sirius’ heart, and he didn’t mind it at all. Having missed out on so many years of his life made Sirius even more determined to be there for the rest of them.

The others must’ve noticed, must’ve understood, that Sirius and Harry needed to be alone, if only for a short while. So they left them, claimed they had things to do and told Harry and Sirius to remain in the small sitting room and catch up because neither of them were needed right now. Harry probably saw through them easily, but he didn’t protest. In fact, he seemed rather happy to get to spend time with him, which made Sirius happier than he could explain in words.

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tfw you have too many wips and you want to work on all of them at the same exact moment so you spend three weeks toggling between tabs and adding two words to each one in a day and never have an update for anything ever and mostly just waste all your time. Snippets time!

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Tagged by @hisoka-the-unicorn-wizard. Gotta list 11 facts. Fuck I know nothing about myself

1) I have written more in the past month than I’ve written in years and i’m very proud of myself. 8k in a month. holy shit.

2) I didn’t get to play video games for like. forever. The first game I ever played was Ib when I was like 16.

3) I fucking ritualistically check the viktuuri tag on ao3 at 9:30pm every day. I check the tumblr tag daily at midnight.

4) My eyesight is ridiculous and questionable at best. So like every time I get a check up at the doctor’s and they’re like “okay here’s a vision test” I always fucking fail that horribly, and the doc’s like “yo you need to see an eye doctor and get your ass some glasses” and then. without fail. I go to the eye doctor and do all his fancy tests and he’s ALWAYS like “yeah no if I gave you a prescription it’d be the lowest prescription I’ve ever given anyone you’re fine.” How bad is my eyesight? Idk man I just know sometimes I can’t fucking see shit my guy.

5) I like to think I have a good control over my temper.

6) First anime was Yu-Gi-Oh cause that shit was always on kids wb when I was younger. 

7) I have watched Yuri!!! on Ice a grand total of 11 times and that number is only going to grow.

8) I’ve been reading fanfiction since I was ten. I have seen some shit my guy, let me tell you. 

9) My favourite character ever is Elliot Nightray, and I have been crying over him since March 18, 2011. I’ve loved him since before then, and surprisingly I fucking hated everything about him at first because when I first met him he like. verbally destroyed Oz in a way that felt like he was personally calling me out. and my 13 year old self wasn’t having that. He grew on me with every reread I did while waiting for the next chapter and here we are. 

10) a few days ago, I got really bored so I was playing smash or pass on this anime character database (I am ace as fuck this should tell you how bored I was) and apparently I spent too much time doing it because they blocked my IP for like 24 hours for suspicious activity. so there you go.

11) I am literally always ready to be salty about ace attorney. always. I could be over my head in my latest fixation but you could come to me like “they fucking wronged Klavier” and I’ll be like “THEY FUCKING DID HOLY SHIT” and rant with you for 800000 years. 

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kajuned  asked:

Can you give me an example of your sense of humor? :3

oh my gosh. Probably everything I write?

My Story Time tag, which is largely True Things from my personal life that for whatever reason crack me up.

I think reading a few select short(ish) works of fic can tell you everything you need to know about my sense of humor, in increasing length so if you don’t think I’m funny you can stop after the smallest possible number of words read and spare yourself:

Oh, Hell No  (1.4k)

Rule 34 (2k)

I can’t believe Dean and Cas are STILL making out! (4.8k)

Until I Know This Sure Uncertainty, I’ll Entertain The Offered Fallacy  (13k)

Hurry Up And Wait  (22k)

Or… pretty much everything in my AO3. I think I’m hilarious. :D

But if you’re looking for something other than fic to get an idea of my sense of humor, have this ridiculous anecdote:

Yesterday Mr. Mittens  did some grocery shopping. Among other things, he bought a jar of honey roasted peanuts. Possibly because I hoarded the last jar of honey roasted peanuts he bought last week.

I’d been nibbling on peanuts for several days by this point, going through an entire pound of them one handful at a time. There’s like one level of peanuts left at the bottom of the old jar, chilling on what looks like a salty, honey-flavored sandy beach.

I don’t think he knew what happened to that old jar, because I’d stashed it beside my Comfy Chair; not out of malice or with any sort of devious desire to prevent anyone else from sharing them. It was a combination of laziness and convenience. But when I saw the brand new jar sitting on the counter yesterday afternoon, I thought it would be FREAKING HILARIOUS to just swap the brand new, full jar out for the nearly empty one.

I figured Mr. Mittens could have a O_O WTF moment wondering how I could’ve possibly eaten an entire pound of honey roasted peanuts in, like, an hour, and not died or whatever…

Long story short, he didn’t notice.

Nobody ever laughs at my jokes, so I don’t expect anyone else to assume I’m funny at all.

The end. :P