Good Men Don't Become Legends (FMA/Fate Zero AU, 10)

So I kind of lied to you, Gio, when I said that someone died in this chapter. I decided it was time to end this chapter once it was close to 8k, because I’m ridiculous and the next scene is going to be long as hell and maybe the entire chapter. Look, it’s not my fault that Roy has some issues that are going to probably cause problems later (um, yes, I totally plot this stuff out…) and I really delved into them. On the bright side, this means I already have the next chapter planned out completely in my head and have started writing it, so it won’t be 10 years in between chapters. Also, points for Ling and May for somehow accidentally becoming my favorite pairing in this fic.

good men don’t become legends
to walk along the edge of all the light

The next few days are spent maddeningly in recuperation. Roy has been injured before, during his time as the Flame Alchemist in the Mage Wars, but nothing to this extreme. Just when he thinks his hands might be getting better, they throb painfully and leave him gritting his teeth to the point that he worries they might turn to dust. The fact that Riza heals quickly and is in peak condition by the end of the first day frustrates him even more. He hates this lagging behind and can tell that she’s protecting him in his time of weakness, just as she did all those years ago.

Roy tries not to growl furiously, but he can’t stop himself from flopping back down on the couch. The bandages on his hands are lighter now, so that he can flex his fingers and pick things up again, but blood still seeps out at random periods. Whatever Saber’s cursed swords did to him is still causing problems, like the dark magic was somehow able to seep into his blood and poison him.

It pisses him off, which in turn does nothing to help the mood of everyone in the house.

Winry is on edge, teetering around the house quietly, apologies on her tongue whenever she does something that she perceives as even the smallest of slights or inconveniences against him. In turn, Riza has become almost wary of him, keeping an eye on him almost as much as her own Master. He wants to tell her that he’s fine - maybe even make a joke or attempt to kiss her - but none of the right words come out of his mouth. Alphonse is upset, most with himself, seeing himself as a failure for not being able to heal Roy right away, no matter what Roy tries to tell him. He’s never been good at comforting and he feels clumsy at any attempt.

Then there’s Ed, who is a ball of anger. The first day, he was too weak to do much of anything save sleep and it caused Roy to be drained as well. By day two, he had enough energy to stomp around the house before having to devour everything in sight so that the two of them wouldn’t pass out. Under normal circumstances, Roy could survive on his own mana for days, but after transferring some of his to Ed in order to escape, his well was effectively drained.

Roy did not like relying on other people to survive.

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Ties That Bind Pt 1: Still Together

The Sequel to Never Say Never

Summary: After two years together you and Bucky still haven’t bonded, but why?

A/B/O Dynamics

Pairings: Alpha!Bucky x Omega!Reader

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1.8k

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“Still nothing?”

“Nope,” You flopped beside Bucky after your fourth time knotting that night. You guys had officially called it quits for the night. You and Bucky had been together for almost two years now and you both were happy and in love, but you still hadn’t bonded. For the first year of your relationship, you shrugged off the fact that you two were taking a long time to bond. No one said anything about it so you and Bucky didn’t think much of it. But as your second anniversary approached, more and more people asked about your bonding status and you became more insecure about it although Bucky didn’t bat an eyelash.

“Why aren’t we bonding?” you wondered while staring at your ceiling in the dark.

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It’s a new day and I’m more determined than ever. Probably not going to get much exercise in being a weekend I’m always being watched by someone - so instead, my goal is eat vegan for the day and try to get in at least 8k steps.

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I'm so sorry to bother you! There is a 7.8k victuri fanfiction where yuri goes to the dance studio and spills coffee on his tights and he's wearing a dancers belt and I was wondering if you could spread the word and try to find it please! Thank you!

hi!! u are not bothering at all!! i did a search but i couldnt find it as well. anyone here that knows this fic?


thank you @thenonnya !! fic is called Watch by suggestivescribe

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How long has it taken for you to gain 18k? I know you have had this blog for almost a year but when did things start picking up i guess :)

It’s honestly just steadily raised up, I think? Like there was never really a sudden jump from my perspective but I feel like its grown super fast. I like to make posts when I hit a bunch so looking back at them I hit 1K in March, 5K in the beginning of July, and then 10K in mid-September. And then I’m at 17.8K now, so it’s like a really fast climb but like at a steady rate? I guess in early Summer it went up, like I said in my ask about anons, I get as much as Bella works so whenever she has really busy spells things jump and she was sooooo busy then. I don’t know how quickly fanblogs usually grow because I’ve only ever had this one but it’s really insane to me how quickly we’ve all grown together lol but I can’t really tell when it “picked up”. 

Running Women

High definition digital art by South Korean artist Minha Yang features a woman running in slow-motion, distorted beautifully with algorithms:

“Running Women” is the artwork made of numerous motion vectors that is generated by mathematical and physical algorithms. The moving image was taken by high speed camera and transformed into 129,600 vectors. These vectors are capable of controlling 2 million lines containing color characteristic values of rasterized moving images.

These regenerating and recombining processes applied exquisite visual modifications to the original video. The length of original video is 5 minutes long, and it is produced in 4K and 8K resolutions.

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B: Why aren’t you in Europe?

C: I was in Paris. But only to get your favorite macaroons from Pierre Hermé. 

B: And Germany? 

C: To pick up your favorite Falke stockings. You know how I adore them. 

B: What are you doing here then? 

C: You were right. I was a coward running away again. And everywhere I went, you caught up with me. I had to come back.

B: I wanna believe you. But I can’t. You hurt me too many times.

C: You can believe me this time.