stuttering-jellyfish  asked:

Are there any fanfics with Team Red ??

Sedusa by Memi2501  

Welcome Home by thejenjen   

May I have this dance?   by  Memi2501        

Team Red Shenanigans (series) by  thejenjen

Watered down  by  freakpeak  

Vague Pitiful Restaurant Outings by LPB5446 (Saccharine_Ghosts)    

 What I See In You   by  KatHarkness_Katara  

Homeward Bound   by CrimesOfADeadpool  

The Maybe Not So Brilliant Idea  by  Atomics 

A Hard Day  by  WebbedUpKatanas  

Sleep is Better With Three by ArraFrost      

 Marvel Red Team - Walkthrough   by   8has                                                                                                                     

For @boueibu-advent-calendar-2015, December 8

Has Wombat ever seen snow? *What’s this playing in the background*

(So sorry the image looks kind of grey, I had to take a picture because my scanner wouldn’t pic up the lightest colors and even then I couldn’t fix the light properly without making the colors disappear >_<)


  • has my life path number add up with this years number making it equal 11. along with 2015 already equaling 8
  • has a 3 degree aries moon and the eclipse just happens to be @ 29 degrees pisces
  • has both my solar return and progressed moon in scorpio
  • has progressed moon & saturn transiting the 12th house
  • has current and natal north node conjunction
  • has current chiron opposing natal north node
  • + some other stuff that i cant be bothered writing