I’m taking traditional commissions right now since my tablet is broken. It’s USB port is loose, so it won’t stay on, and Wacom wants $100 to fix it! So, $100 is my goal. These will Be done 7in by 10in paper and can be mailed to you if you live in the US! If you can’t commission, please reblog. More detailed text below.

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Commission info update!!!

Prices for Digital:

Lines: $10; Colour: $15

Lines: $20; Colour: $25
+$10 per character (applies to lines and colour)

Lines: $28; Colour: $35
+$15 per character (applies to lines and colour)

Paintings: $60 (minimum)

“Selfies”: $40

Colour Palettes: $20

Prices for Traditional:

Sketch: $5; Lines: $8

Sketch: $10; Lines: $15
+$5 per character (applies to sketches and lines)

Sketch: $15; Lines: $20
+$10 per character (applies to sketches and lines)

(All examples for traditional art are photos from my phone but I do have a working scanner so they’ll be higher quality than what’s shown here! Additionally if you live in the US I can send you the actual drawing if you’d like!)

I will draw anything except for extreme gore and nsfw (mild is okay). Please provide accurate reference for OCs!!

10% off if you are commissioning a present for someone!

I can accept payment through paypal at anyssacolettepc@gmail.com. If you’re unable to commission me, reblogs are super appreciated!!

art (and writing) but mostly art commissions

so, i need some help.

i’m in an awkward stage of life where i’m only staying in the town i’m in for another 2 months. just when i had managed to get a job to help buffer my rent and living expenses, i went through a bad couple days where i had to admit myself into the hospital for suicide watch, because i knew i wouldn’t last the night and quit my job for that very reason. i thought i wasn’t going to survive, i had in fact planned to not survive, and i came very close to not surviving. 

now that i don’t have a job, i’m in a dire financial state. i would like to try and live a bit longer, to see if anything in my life improves. i don’t know what to do for these 2 months - finding that first job was hard enough, this time of year is not treating job hunters nicely. i can’t even buy food very often because money’s so tight. i’m starting to consider options which would offer quick cash, but would serve to destroy my mental health further, and so i just want to test the waters here before i start going down that shitty path.

i need help - it’s due to my own idiocy and self-neglect, but even still, i do need help so i can keep going just a little longer. what i’ve decided to try is “donation art commissions” that i’ve seen some artists & writers do in the past:

thus, i think this is roughly how i’ll do this:

  1. pitch an idea that you want me to draw.
  2. tell me how many characters, what pairing (if any), if you want no colour (just the outline), b&w, or colour, half body, full body, backgrounds, settings, etc.
  3. we can negotiate a price based off what you want.
  4. i will try to keep the prices as fair as i can but i’m pressed for time and money, so if it’s too high, we might have to downgrade your request.
  5. of course anyone is free to donate as much as they’re willing and i greatly appreciate the help if you can spare it.

generally this is how i’m looking at pricing of, say, one character art:

  • half body ink: $5
  • half body shade: $8
  • half body colour: $10
  • full body ink: $10
  • full body shade: $13
  • full body colour: $15
  • backgrounds will be extra and will depend on intricacy, shading, colour, etc.
  • mini comics are an option! i’ve got some experience in this area. i’m not sure how i would price it, it’s a lot of work, so if you want a mini comic be prepared for a higher price. i’d probably set myself a wage per hour for this one.
  • i can also attempt rough sketches/backgrounds/colour/shading to knock down the price. it’s something that can be discussed.
  • a lot of this can be discussed as long as i don’t feel like i’m being jipped. 
  • i might just set an hourly wage in general, it’s probably easier this way

i hope it’s not too steep! i think it probably is a little. i honestly don’t know how to go about setting prices in this situation because i think the idea behind this is less about fair price and more about donations/helping me out, unfortunately. i would like more than anything to be fair, but i don’t have a lot of time to work with here, and i need to make this as efficient as possible.

oh drabbles and oneshots are also on the table but just a forewarning that i am less likely to take up commissions for that because writing is more taxing on me and takes more time. but if the price is right i may go for it. it’s another thing to be discussed if anyone’s interested!

all of this is generally geared towards the One Piece fandom, as this is the fandom i’ve been developing my drawing skills in for years, but i would be open to trying just about anything. :)

if anyone is interested, please like or reblog or both and i’ll see from there whether or not to proceed! thank you to everyone who might’ve read this far. i hope i can get myself back on my feet again.

Hiya! I’m Juno! I really need money to buy gifts for Christmas so please commission me!

Here are the rules~

  • Please pay using PayPal (my email is gon122333@yahoo.com)
  • To commission me, send me an ask off anon and clearly state what you want (if you would like a character from a show or series, please clearly state the full name of the show or series)
  • Please don’t pay until I have approved you commission
  • I will not start drawing until I have been paid (in your commission, state your email so I know who has paid)
  • If you would like, I will update you as your commission progresses (if you want me to do this, please say so in your commission)

Here are some example pieces~

(Note: If you request a commission to be done in highlighter, please state whether it should be done in the style of the first highlighter pic, or the second one)

(Also note: Any commission requesting to be done in color-this includes commissions requesting to be done in highlighter-must state the colors to be used, thank you ^-^)


Here’s what I’ll draw~

  • Humans
  • Humanoids (including supernatural/mythical beings ranging from simple witches and vampires to demons, dryads, faes, etc)
  • Anthro characters (characters with ears, tails, wings, etc, but not furry)
  • Androids (human like robots, no transformers I beg)
  • Original characters (OCs)/fan art
  • Light/mild pda (no nsfw)
  • Light gore (such as small amounts of blood)
  • If in the case of, say, a mermaid, dryad, fairy, or such, light nudity is negotiable
  • Death is negotiable but still falls under hard gore so

Here’s what I’ll add in for an extra cost~

  • Extra characters
  • Backgrounds
  • Color

Here’s what I’ll add in for free~

  • Household pets (dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc)
  • Animals other than household pets and number of said animals is negotiable
  • Hand held items (weapons, potions, books, toys, etc)
  • Floating objects (for example, if you wanted something floating around your character, stars or hearts, or even bottles or dolls, just whatever you want really)
  • Text bubbles (no nsfw or slurs, cursing is ok)
  • If you want your character inside a bubble or bottle or something I can do that
  • Literally anything not listed in what I’ll add for an extra cost

(Note: The outfit and design of any character is NOT extra and will not be any extra expense)

(Also note: The hands at the bottom of the fourth picture count as a FREE add on)

Here’s what I will NOT draw~

  • Just animals
  • Nsfw
  • Hard gore/torture/etc
  • Anything homophobic/transphobic/racist/ableist/etc
  • Abuse
  • Incest
  • Robots (transformer type robots)


  • Full body- $8
  • Half body- $4
  • For every extra character- $1
  • Background- $2
  • Full color (see last pic)- $2
  • Minimal color (see first pic)- $1
  • Color in highlighter (see second and third pic)- $1

Example Pricing~

  • First picture (contains full body $8 and minimal color $1)- $9
  • Second picture (contains one half body character $4, one extra half body character $5, color in highlighter $1)- $10
  • Third picture (contains one half body character $4, color in highlighter $1)- $5
  • Fourth picture (contains one half body character $4, one extra half body character $5)- $9
  • Fifth picture (contains one half body character $4, full color $2)- $6

Note that all my art will be signed, DO NOTCLAIM MY ART AS YOUR OWN. If you post it, be sure to CREDIT ME.

Commission me @cottonkandyboy off anon, and be sure to include in your ask clearly what you want

Thank you very much and have a wonderful day!!! ^-^