Black Widower (8f20)

Ooo… we get a suprise visit from a previous character…

Blackboard Gag: “Funny noises are not funny”

Couch Gag: Two robbers have robbed the living room, sans the television when the family rushes in. The family tries to sit on the couch, but the robbers throw them off and make off with the couch.

The episode begins with Homer, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie wearing formal clothing and watching a tv show similar to Dinosaurs. 

Basically a dinosaur version of The Simpsons. 

Marge and Patty then come into the room, also in formal wear, and Patty warns that Selma’s new boyfriend is an excon.

However, when they meet Selma’s boyfriend it’s…

Yep. However, Sideshow Bob doesn’t hold too much of a grudge on Bart, despite the fact Bart cracked the case on who robbed the Kwik-E-Mart.

At the dinner table, Bob explains how life in prison was. He was abused by other cell mates and the guards due to his fame. He then joined a cellmate penpal program and gets paired with Selma. Things go well, and Bob promises not to hurt anyone again. And here’s the juicy part: Sideshow Bob proposes to Selma, and she agrees to marry him! Bart on the other hand is none too happy since he still doesn’t trust Bob.

This is followed by a montage of Selma and Bob doing romantic things together accompanied by themselves singing Frank and Nancy Sinatra’s “Something Stupid.”

While The Simpsons watch Krusty’s Marathon for Motion Sickness, Sideshow Bob gets invited onstage. 

While Krusty forgives him, Bart is told by the family that he should forgive him too, but Bart is still stubborn.

Next, Homer and Marge help with wedding preparations. 

When it comes to appetizers, Selma doesn’t care what they serve, all food tastes like styrofoam to her. Why? When she was a child, she got a bottle rocket stuck up her nose. Hopefully it was removed, but due to the accident, she no longer has a sense of smell or taste.

A few days later, we come to the first clash between Selma and Bob: During a date, Selma realizes that they’re late for the next McGuyver episode! They rush home, and Selma joins her sister on watching the episode. 

After the show, Sideshow Bob says he hates the show and makes a harsh criticism on it.

Selma comes crying to the Simpson family about it, much to Bart’s delight. 

However, this problem is quickly solved: Bob doesn’t have to watch McGuyver; instead he should go for a walk or visit friends.

The wedding day finally arrives. Maggie gets to be the flower girl, much to Lisa’s chagrin.

At the reception/party, Patty depressingly points out that she’s the only single girl left in the family. Gee, Patty and I have a lot in common, don’t we? I’ve never had a boyfriend/girlfriend before, and probably never will.

Marge tries to get Krusty to tell a joke, but he almost tells the one about the small piano player. 

You know what I’m talking about…

Selma then makes an announcement: She is going to cut back on smoking and only do it after meals and McGuyver. 

Bart then asks Chief Wiggum if Bob is going to commit another crime, but Wiggum is not so sure.

After the wedding, Selma and Bob drive away. Bob then secretly shows his true colors: He plans on murdering Selma!

A few days later, Selma and Bob are on their honeymoon in Shelbyville and they send a tape to The Simpsons. Geez, that was awfully fast, wasn’t it? During the recording, Sideshow Bob is berating the bellhop because he wanted a suite with a fireplace. 

Anyway, they do, and Bart wonders why Bob wanted a room with a fireplace. Marge suggests it’s too suggestive for Bart to understand.

During one of Selma’s foot massages, 

Bob mutters, “soon I will kill you.” Selma asks what he says, and he replies that he said, “Sa pied sentit beau,” French for “Her foot smells lovely.” Then he says “prepare to be murdered,” I mean, he said “your toes smell like perfume” in Sanskrit. Then he says, “voy a matar a usted,” Spanish for, “I’m going to kill you.” Nevermind, McGuyver is coming on.

While Selma watches, Bob turns on the gas from the fireplace and sneaks out for his walk.

Meanwhile, Patty comes over to the Simpsons house and they watch TV together. 

When McGuyver comes on, it dawns on Bart: Selma has one hour left to live!

With Bob, he lounges near the hotel pool when… BOOM!

Bob then calls the front desk in panic and tells what happened. Then he goes into the room and expects to see Selma’s corpse, but instead he sees…

Selma then comes into the room and angrily shouts that she wants a separation. 

Bart then tells everyone how he knew what was going to happen. Here’s how he found out…

Sideshow Bob wanted a room with a fireplace because it uses gas. Selma couldn’t tell if the gas was on due to her lack of sense of smell. All the gas needed to cause an explosion was flame, ie from a cigarette. Selma kept her promise to cut back on smoking, and after McGuyver was one of her smoke times. Bart then tried in vain to warn Homer 

until he told Marge. 

The family then rushed to Shelbyville hotel right in the nick of time!

But why did the room explode despite the fact Selma was saved? That was Chief Wiggum’s fault. He accidentally threw a match into the room while celebrating a job well done.

Anyway, Bob is sent to prison and the family watch him get escorted out.

The End

My thoughts: A great way to reintroduce Sideshow Bob, and I like how it continues Selma’s everlasting wish to marry the man of her dreams.