Ace strode into the TARDIS confidently. Suddenly, she came to a halt, “Hang about then! This isn’t my TARDIS! What’s going on?” She walked over to the console, “Did you redecorate Professor?” She smiled as she walked around “Wicked.” She whispered under her breath.

the-eighthdoctor started following you

My clever, strange, wonderful Doctor. I smiled, letting my warmth soak into the rooms. I’m not sure I’ve entirely forgiven you for, well, throwing the Master into the Eye of Harmony and injuring me, but there are worse things. After all, I wouldn’t want my thief to end up dead, now would I?

I grinned, humming just loudly enough to hopefully demand your attention. I’m meant to travel time and space, and I demand a flight soon to soothe away these jitters. So, where shall it be?