((SKDJFSHKDJFHSD adorable art from Mar <3 More from the Skype shenanigans

Some of said advice:

[10:00:52 PM] Creeperpasta: Okay forget that all you REALLY need is the gas pedal! Just floor it and steer a little that’s how racing games work.

Also, you’re gonna want to try and build up your blue sparks.

..That’s this game, right?

[10:04:37 PM] Creeperpasta: Sometimes if you ram a corner hard enough, your car will clip through the level geometry and careen into the unproggramed void.

[10:04:47 PM] Creeperpasta: -looks at Situ very seriously- Take advantage of this.

[10:06:08 PM] Creeperpasta: Remember, just because someone’s in a car, doesn’t mean that you can’t run them over.

Just be creative.

[10:06:28 PM] Creeperpasta: If you hit brake and then boost immediately, you’ll do a boost jump!

[10:07:26 PM] Creeperpasta: Okay, well, what you gotta do then, is make sure to kill everyone else, before they can kill you.

[10:07:35 PM] Creeperpasta: Good motto in general, that.

[10:09:15 PM] Creeperpasta: If your car starts smoking, it’s fine. If little flames appear, that means it’s going to explode no matter what.

My personal favorite: 

[10:27:53 PM] Creeperpasta: Maybe you should try going sl-hkk.


SLOWW__WE_—- -glitches-

[10:27:56 PM] Creeperpasta: No I can’t say it

[10:28:32 PM] Situ: I AM TRYING TO GO SLOW

[10:28:34 PM] тυявσσρєя: you sorta said it.

[10:29:39 PM] Creeperpasta: -starts gurgling and shaking NO-

[10:29:54 PM] Situ: you okay?

[10:30:40 PM] Creeperpasta: -clips into the ground, glitching and twitching and foaming at the mouth-

-faintly- Sweet I found my car.

[10:31:03 PM] Situ: i think my driving instructor just had a meltdown

[10:31:04 PM] Situ: hm

[10:31:36 PM] тυявσσρєя: -scratches her head- Ah …nothing makes sense anymore. He had a /literal/ meltdown.

[10:31:49 PM] King Kandy: No he’s just allergic to Slow :}]]

[10:34:35 PM] Creeperpasta: -reappears-

Situ, you haven’t moved since I left. Go faster.))