its like i can sense the tony stark peter parker discourse resurfacing from civil war  already ‘omg how can tony enlist a minor to fight for him what kind of child abuse’ li k e damn u right, all these comics with teen heroes? blatant reckless endangerment, why are they not in school? Teens doing exciting things in fiction? No. who wants to watch that. Teen wolf? banned now. Harry potter? cancelled. 

                             THE child ——  had been quite busy recently with his study’s. To the point he had ended up spending a few days reclusive AWAY from everyone else. [ It was a harmless act  ———— the boy just simply grew focused on his own work ]

He had broken away from it now.Once it had slowly returned to him that he actually had other duty’s to do  —— that it wasn’t all about doing his study’s and trying to write reports. So carefully, one step after the other he makes his way in direction of the GREY ROOM. Not before catching a glimpse of hair belonging to someone all to familar to him.

                  AT THE VERY LEAST before he sees them turn and there’s
                                    something unfamiliar on their features.

                                              —    “…Saix?” @khasuf

My mom keeps the Hallmark channel on all the time, and they’re showing cheesy Christmas rom-coms nonstop, and most of the time I’m not really into that, but I just saw an ad for one starring Amy Acker. And Amy Acker is so ridiculously lovely and I love her face and I love her voice and I love her mannerisms, and I looked it up and

When her niece is cast in The Philadelphia Ballet’s production of the Nutcracker, a jaded ex-ballerina is forced to come to terms with the life and love she left behind.

Do I want to watch jaded ex-ballerina Amy Acker find love and the Christmas spirit??


“At some point in the picture, a kindly female friend of Laura, who knows the facts of life, removes her glasses. It turns out, suddenly, that she can see perfectly well without them, and our hero falls passionately in love with the now-beautiful Laura and there is a perfectly glorious finale.” - Isaac Asimov’s essay “The Cult of Ignorance”


EDIT: I found the full article for anyone who wants to read it. The “Girl With Glasses” trope is mostly contained to the photo above, though.