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mama i feel like im about to have a panic attack. it's almost 8 pm and im home alone and i feel really horrible today. can you give me some distractions?? im sorry to be a bother

Hey bby! I’m sorry you’re alone and not feeling well! :( I sure can give you a few distractions. 

I find this post to be SOOO helpful bc it has so many links that you’re bound to find something that works for you. And just figuring out what you like best is a good distraction in and of itself! 

I hope this helps and that you’re feeling better soon, bby! <333


Soul Mate AU: Heterochromatic eyes

Based on this post

“Soul Mate AU where everybody is born with heterochromia- your right eye is your own natural color but your left is the color of your soul mate’s. And it’s only once you meet and recognize your own eye staring back at you that your eyes change to match “

I saw this prompt weeks ago and I was supposed to draw it earlier but I kinda forgot so here ya go :))

EDIT: Cut the first strip into two. It got blurred when I posted it as a whole. ;u;