I don’t know why the more I work on an Undertale piece the more I dislike it… I still like way better the first one I did tbh

edit: I was really hating this drawing and the fact that it’s being so rebloged, so I decided to do something about it. Fix most of the stuff I disliked about the drawing. Now it looks better imo :D I hope ya’ll get the new version when you reblog ;;


2 - Cuddle

Here’s number 2 to the 30 day kevedd challenge :D This took me longer than I expected <_> I’ve been working on various shit at the same time (final project, gifts, my own shit…) plus being the weekend out and all. Ugh.

So I’ve decided it’s best if I don’t do them in order :/ so I’ll just do which ever I feel like doing, and I’m tagging them on the Kevedd 30dkc list :D

I really couldn’t decide the background colour orz I’m still not happy about it, but oh well, I just didn’t feel like brainstorming anymore.

I decided to try a different style, a bit more cartoonish and try not to blur so much the shades, I guess it looks pretty decent.

Think I like the most about this drawing, Edd’s shirt. Idk why.

30 day Kevedd challenge
Day 7: Cosplaying

Today was such a lazy day -yawns- tho I had to do hella tons of home chores oTL I’m too tired to colour the lineart, so I think it looks good enough.

This one is dedicated to my dearest Ziki-Zai, I know he loves TF2 and Kevedd, and I think the character designs fit them pretty well~

Sorry Medic’s alien bazooka fire thingy looks weird… I really couldn’t understand the shape.. oTL

30 day Kevedd challenge
Day 6: In each other’s clothes

I barely have any time at all to draw because of school and my job… it’s really stressing and tireing to not have a little of time to draw, so instead of sleeping I decided to draw on the bus rides, since they’re 4 hours total, so even if it’s just an unfinished sketch I can keep publishing my challenge.

I really wanted to do rev!kevedd, and I thought they’d look adorbs in each others clothes.

Sorry for the so fucked up anatomy and perspective, drawing on a bus while being poked and laughed at while the bus shakes like crazy and makes unexpected turns is quite hard… heh

rev!kevedd was created by (a god) Asphyxion

Nathan’s shimeji is ready!!

So, I decided to pack up together Nat and Rave so you don’t have to download both of them seperately if you haven’t downloaded Rave yet (and I shall update Rave’s links as well with these ones), and if you already have Rave just copy Nat’s picture folder where Rave’s is located (NOT IN RAVE’S FOLDER. IN THE IMG FOLDER).

It’s a rar. file so you need winrar in other to extract it.

So here’s the link with the mischevious one

And here’s the one with the calm one.

Both include the shimeji program, but I must warn you! If you use windows 7 you’re gonna need java version 6which link you may find attached to this link~

As for mac… I dunno where to find that D: sorry! But I know it’s somewhere out there ;v;

I tried out the links but if they don’t work let me know!

ps: YES NAT HAS KEVEDD DOLLIES IN THIS SS mwaqahahahahahahhaahahahahahahaaaa


“Imagine person B dying in person A’s arms, but person B’s final request is for person A to sing them a song. Person A proceeds to sing the lyrics in between sobs and chokes, and person B gives a little smile before dying.”


Fuck my life, I can’t stop crying, I’ve been crying while writting and doodling that shit, sorry it’s so shitty.

Nathan belongs to Acid
James/Rave belongs to Eyugho