So as I mentioned on a reblog earlier, I participated in a Splatoon Spring themed zine :D and this is my entry! You can check out the zine and all the amazing arts right here!

I really love cherry and almond like flowers and trees, and as the huge weaboo I am I obviously had to kiss kiss fall in love a spring themed ilustration c’:

im such a weaboo i even got my mom three years ago to buy a cherry tree so i could feel the kiss kiss fall in love.

I’m a-okay with my art being reposted, just make sure to source to this blog or my art blog c: thank you! (or you shall suffer my rage)

I don’t know why the more I work on an Undertale piece the more I dislike it… I still like way better the first one I did tbh

edit: I was really hating this drawing and the fact that it’s being so rebloged, so I decided to do something about it. Fix most of the stuff I disliked about the drawing. Now it looks better imo :D I hope ya’ll get the new version when you reblog ;;


I was gonna wait to post but I can’t c’: here’s my splativersary piece! (plus a smol step by step)

I hadn’t made him a design yet, but this would be Rampage, the inkling I play with online (even if I use a girl avatar usually, lol)

I decided to use my old anime like painting style but also combining it with the new way I colour, and I p much like the result! I hope you guys too c:

ps: I really love and appreciate all the likes and reblogs and tags <3 thank you <3

This is a present for my drear friend @892art , who finally found a cool flat!

Despite a Home isn’t a place (and I know you know it very well), now you can build a place to create your art even more Beautiful and memories filled with happiness and, of course, DETERMINATION!
I hope you like this little thing as much as I do!