Joe Biden just checked out the greatest Corvette ever made at the Detroit auto show

(Joe digs Vettes.Matthew DeBord/BI)
DETROIT — Vice-President Joe Biden is a known Corvette fan.

So it makes sense that he would want to check out the Greatest Corvette in Human History — the Corvette Grand Sport.

We can understand why the Veep would want to have a look: the GS’s 6.2-liter V8 and overall stupendous speed and handling blew us away. It would blow anyone away. Even Biden, who doesn’t blow away easily.

Biden was squired around the GM booth at the Detroit auto show by GM VP Mark Reuss, a Vette man himself who is often spotted at race tracks worldwide with Corvette Racing.

(That’s GM’s Mark Reuss on the left.Matthew DeBord/BI)

The Vice-President was mobbed by reporters.

But he had a security detail that kept everything under control.

Here’s the car:

(The mighty Vette GS.Matthew DeBord/BI)

Biden knows a bargain: the GS can be had for a mere $70,000, making it perhaps the best value in high-performance cars on the planet. Certainly in the USA.

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