So, this is the original post mortem daguerreotype photograph featured in Crimson Peak. It has been floating around the internet for years and I recognized it right away.

The dag dates to around 1850, so quite out of date for the film, which is set in 1901. 

Sold at Be-Hold auctions several years ago. I wonder who owns it now, and if they realize a photo in their collection was featured in a major blockbuster?

Original auction details:

Carleton (Portland, Maine)
Post mortem with quilt

Daguerreotype, 1/6 plate
Courtesy of Larry Gottheim - Be-Hold (46 / 43)


8859) I'm a lesbian, I love girls so much, and I feel dirty for it.

I feel like a pervert thinking of women sexually or even in a romantic sense. I realize this is an experience lots of cis lesbians go through too but somehow I feel even creepier since I’m trans, especially if the attraction is towards cis women.