I didn’t think I would see my twenty first birthday and the reason why it stands out to me, is because I started it with Solar. It’s something I do all the time, really. Whenever I feel like it’s not worth it to make it to another birthday, I seek out Youngbae’s voice, playing through my headphones and with each track every worry, every problem fades away. I can’t really have the most personal birthday wish. I’m just a small insignificant fan, person really. I can’t give him a great gift, certainly not one that equals the hope and joy that his music has given me. But I hope that every birthday Youngbae has is a happy one, with all my heart. The same heart that’s inspired by every note in his songs, every smile in his pictures, every word of his quotes and every laugh that he brings me to keep going… from one birthday to the next. Thank you, Youngbae & Happy Birthday.

♥♥ Happy Birthday to Taeyang, the sun. awwww that name just suits him, his sweet sweet smile and not to forget his smiling eyes.. i just love the way he is, so i hope he will not change for anyone. And who could forget his lovely sweet strong beautiful voice. Even if i didn’t fell in love with him, i did with his voice. His voice is simply amazing just like him simply amazing..kekekeke^^
Wishing you a wonderful year filled with love and joy!
Happy Birthday again to Dong YoungBae!
and wishing you will find your one and only soulmate soon.