Damn Kimani for this irresistable temptation...

I’ve visited BH Cosmetic’s website everyday since she mentioned purchasing her 120 Color palette from them.

Each day, I’ve tried to resist the urge to get one of my own in the 3rd edition.  Mainly because I just purchased an 88 Warm palette from Coastal Scents.

I can’t resist the colors!  Help!  Well, it’s too late.  They’ve pulled me in.  I can’t wait for it to get here!


[Requested] The Black-and-White: Soft gray-scale smoke with graphic Black and White Liquid Liner

This is a simple white-and-black smoky eye with a more dramatic graphic liner twist. The eyeshadow isn’t hard to do, and is something that you can easily wear out, but the liquid liner is slightly trickier and it’s also not always hard to locate a very strongly pigmented white liquid liner, so it’s optional whether you want to follow the look exactly or just keep it simple and either skip the liquid liner, or only do the black.

For a basic liner application guide, look here.

The same rules apply when you are applying liquid and gels/creams. 

Products used:

  • 88 Warm palette (3 shades used; matte white, black, and a deep metallic grey)
  • Lime Crime Uniliners in Quill (black) and Lunar Sea (matte white)
  • Black mascara (L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black)
  • White eye pencil (Revlon Khol pencil in White)

If you’re looking for budget white liquid liners, Prestige used to have one, but I am not sure if it is still available. Unfortunately, most of the good matte whites I know are from more expensive brands like Illamasqua, Stila and Lime Crime. 

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Soft Platinum Neutrals Eyeshadow Tutorial (88 Warm Palette)

Here’s a simple but still polished and defined look that would take you from work to casual settings. I worked with a pale platinum-gold, a charcoal and a dark brown. The only shade that isn’t matte is the pale yellow-gold, but even that is a satiny texture rather than very sparkly or metallic.

Great for:

  • Mature lids
  • Hooded lids
  • Mono lids
  • Widening close-set eyes

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Coastal Scents Collection! Requested.

88 Warm Palette Review and Swatches.

I’ve been meaning to do this post for a long time now and finally got around to it. You’ll notice a difference with some of the pictures, I took them on two different days, one extremely sunny day and then today which ended up being over cast/slightly sunny (please excuse the goosebumps, it was freezing in my room).
The swatch pictures also look a bit awkward, I apologize but it’s really hard to swatch and photograph your own arm - well for me anyway haha.
I’ve had this palette for 1-2 months now? So I think I’m able to give a good review and opinion on it.

88 Warm palette: around $9 on eBay + free shipping.

Row 1:

Row 2:

Row 3:

Row 4:

Row 5:

Row 6:

Row 7:

Row 8:

The 88 Warm palette is an absolute steal in my opinion. Sure there is a ridiculous amount of white/highlight shades but other than that I think that there is a really good range of colours.
A lot of the shades in here are very powdery and the darker colours have quite a substantial amount of fallout but the colour pay off for most are fantastic, especially for the price you pay.
Row 8, the last row in the palette is definitely the best quality wise, it’s very pigmented and has the least amount of chalkiness and fallout.
The first few rows hold the majority of the lighter shades and are of the lowest quality but a lot of them are still salvageable, use them with a sticky base or wet and they’ll be okay. 
I really do like this palette, I got this for around $9 NZD and use it a lot.
I think this would be great for beginners so you can get a feel for different textures and shades as this has a wide variety of colours and also has matte, satin, shimmer and glitter finishes. 
I also think a pro artist could get a lot of use out of this, it’s travel friendly, it’s not bulky at all and the packaging is actually quite sturdy.

The 88 Warm palette is worth picking up because at such an affordable price you can’t go wrong.

Soft Neutral Smoky Eye For Work or School

Step 1: Apply a mixture of matte black and brown (88 Warm Palette) to outer half of lids.

Step 2: Apply a medium bronze brown to inner 2/3 of lids, overlapping with the black-brown on the outer half. I used the ever-lovely MAC Patina.

Step 3: Apply a soft warm-gold pigment in the inner corners of lids, extending to lower lid slightly. I used the 88 Warm Palette, but you can use MAC Vanilla Pigment if you’ve got that.

Step 4: Apply natural looking lashes. (I highly recommend Ardell 121s or Miss Eylure Olivias.)

Step 5: Finish with black gel liner or liquid liner along the lash line to conceal the strip. (I used Maybelline Gel Liner.)

And there you have it!

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Coastal Scents 88 Warm Pro Palette

Coastal Scents 88 Warm Palette

First Impressions My first impressions of this product were not so great. When I received my product in the mail, the palette was broken; as was an eyeshadow. One eyeshadow may seem a little picky, however, I am picky!!! I stuck my finger in the black, swashed it, and there lied a nice, soft, gray pigment on the back of my unprimed hand. I was so angry. I made sure to keep all of the original packaging to send it back. Then later decided to give it to as a gift. What a great friend I am, right?

Turning Point A couple days of it lying next to our game systems, I was applying my make up and was feeling a little lazy. I didn’t want to go through the hassle of sifting through palettes to get to my Mac. I was going for a soft grey; as the “black” I earlier swashed onto the back of my hand. I grabbed out my eyeshadow brush, for the second time, opened the broken palette, dabbed it in the black, applied it to my eyelid, and sat there in awe. I could not believe, my simply light, but elegant, smokey eye had just turned……….. JET BLACK!!! I sat there with a sour, but dazed, look upon my face. I was so mad, I forgot to realize how pigmented my new eyeshadow was with a little bit of primer. In the end, still feeling lazy, I decided to finish the JET BLACK look and change up my outfit of the day.

  Final Review I started comparing my Mac palettes with my new CS palette. All in all, I was amazed at the color pay off. The majority of my Mac colors were no comparison to that of CS. I couldn’t have been happier with my purchase. I have used my Mac eyeshadows once or twice since I first used my Coastal Scents.

What I have learned:

  • Buy directly from the cosmetics brand site.
  • First impressions don’t last a life time.


  • Apply a primer before you apply eyeshadow. (DUHHH)


Coastal Scents Spring Fling Sale: 30% of All Palettes!

Click here for the sale page!

If you missed the last round of sales, here’s another one for you! And even though they say 30%, some palettes like the 88 Original and the Warm, are almost 50% off, so do take a close look at individual items.

@urbadhabit  Of course they are! Coastalscents was one of the first sites to make OEM palettes like these famous, and I’ve bought makeup and brushes from them for years, so don’t worry about them not being legit. They aren’t a fly-by-night ebay seller.

Wearable (and Cheap) MAC Viva Glam Gaga 2 Look

This look is ALL about contouring using a soft, warm color (a warm brown-tone instead of the usual dark crease color), and reverse lining. The biggest mistake you can make is to try to use the exact same colors as Lady Gaga. Unless you are exactly the same coloring as her (and walk around with your own lighting crew.)

Make sure the shadows you choose are lighter or darker accordingly, or you will not achieve that effect.

And there are only 2 items you need for this look.

  1. The 88 Warm Palette (or any other collection of warm neutrals containing a lighter matte/satin beige, a dark smoky brown, and a slightly reddish or pink-toned medium brown)
  2. Your favorite beige-nude lipstick (no pink, no peach, no shimmer)


1. Apply a pale ivory beige on the inner corners of upper lids. Make sure to pack it on and re-apply whenever it looks like it is getting muddied by other colors. This shade should be just 1-2 shades lighter than your skin color after powdering.

2. Sweep a warm terracotta brown, from other corners and inwards ¾ along the socket line.

3. Reapply ivory-beige to brown bone and inner corners for a little more contouring. This is where your lashes start to disappear and you start to understand what rabbits feel like.

4. Apply matte beige or pale yellow liner to the water-line. (White will work only if you are extremely pale.

5. Brush black liner along the lower lashes to set the foundation for the reverse liner look.

6. Here comes the reverse lining. Using a pencil brush or smudger, apply deep smoky matte brown along the bottom lash line and wing it STRAIGHT out at the ends (not too obviously upwards). Just be careful not to let the line droop.

7. To keep the look softer, I used matte powder as liner on the upper lids, rather than liquid liner. You can use creams and liquids as you like, for a stronger look.

8. Apply black mascara. Again, you can replace with false eyelashes, which Lady Gaga wore. I prefer just lots of mascara.

The Finished Eye:

And how could we forget the flat, caramel lips? Gaga 2 is not that easy a color to wear (it’s got an ochre undertone which can be unflattering on almost everything except very pale or olive-based skins.) I prefer a more neutral brown like MAC Fresh Brew (below), or Sephora Lip Attitude #G20 for pretty good neutral beige.

But same rule applies if your intention is to recreate the effect rather than duplicate the product shades. Look for caramel browns/nudes a shade deeper than your skin tone. If you’re NC50, Viva Glam 2 is not going to “look” like Viva Glam 2 on you.

Have fun!

Other products recommended:

  1. Matte foundation like Colorstay (her skin is VERY matte)
  2. Light, sheer powder over it so you don’t cake on too much pigment and lose the glow
  3. Brow gel or mascara a little lighter than your natural hair color
  4. Brown lip liner just a tad deeper than the nude lip color you choose
  5. If you must, use a matte bronzer or darker powder for the cheeks. If you have the bone structure, just ditch the blush!
Smoky Brown Day Look

Just a quick look I did a few days ago (shown above in natural light) when I got a little tired of subtle eyes for work. It’s a subdued smoky brown eye with a warm flush on cheeks and pale lips.

Product Used:

  • Metallic brown eyeshadow base (MAC Constructivist Paintpot)
  • Any deep shimmery-chocolate shade all over the lids and up to sockets.
  • A darker matte brown in the outer corners.
  • A pale, matte cream shade swept all around the edges of the color to mute and give an interesting grey-out effect. (All shadows from 88 Warm Palette)
  • Metallic brown liner on top and bottom lash lines (Bourjois Brun Inoxydable), and black mascara (Rimmel Sexy Curves).

Also worn here, are staples that I’ve been going back to again and again lately:

  • Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer (I’m really growing into the sheer matte texture for under the eyes)
  • Hot Mama Blush by TheBalm. Flushed, glowing peach-pink cheeks, without the Nars Orgasm price tag.
  • Pale, translucent, peach-pink shimmery gloss by Kate (PK-1).
Request: Night-Out Look Using the 88 Warm Palette

[For Fallon]

This is a smoky eye using just 2 main shades for color. You’ll need the matte black near the bottom-left of the palette and the shimmery golden-olive above it. It’s also quite a bit deeper in real life than in the pictures due to the flash.

Step 1: Apply a good base so you get maximum color intensity. (If you’re using concealer or foundation as a base, let it set first.) I’d advise doing your eye makeup first as there may be a fair amount of fall-out with the 88 Palettes.

Step 2: Fill in inner and outer corners of lids with the matte black in the palette, leaving the center bare. Go over a few more times if your brush isn’t applying the black evenly. Matte is tricky to work with.

Then sweep the same black all along the lower lashes as well, using a stiff pencil or smudge brush.

Step 3: Pick up the golden olive and press it onto the center of the lids between the black. Go over once or twice more to intensify. Don’t even bother with blending it into the black. We want the contrast.

Step 4: Then with a fluffy blending brush, gently run only along the socket line a few times in a wind-shield wiper arc (see where the brush is below).

KEY: AVOID TOUCHING THE MAIN PART OF THE LID! You don’t want to muddy up the black and olive there.

Step 5: For the lower lashes, mix olive into the black like you just did at the socket line.

Step 6: Apply black mascara and kohl along the water- and tide-lines. If you want to wear false lashes, you may need liquid liner instead. I chose not to, since I wanted maximum lid-space for the gorgeous olive shimmer.

Extra tip: At the point, you may want to take a clean brush and one of the matte flesh-toned shades in the palette to go around around the edges of the shadow, your brow bones, etc to clean up the look.

And the finished look again:

After you’ve done this a few times, I swear you can do this and get it down in 5 minutes flat.

Other shades in the 88 Warm Palette you can use in place of the Olive:

  • shimmery teal (bottom-left)
  • pale gold (near the center-left of the palette)
  • silver (there are several near the top-left of the palette)
  • any of the other metallics (the mattes are harder to blend nicely into the matte black)