88 years old


88 years ago today my icon, idol, inspiration, role-model, etc., etc., etc., was born. Audrey you have no idea just how much you have shaped the lives of me and countless others! Even in death you’ve continued to inspire me and I doubt I’d be the person I am without you—and I know many can say the same!

Thanks for everything Audrey! Happy birthday and Rest In Peace! 💗

I’d keep watching b99 even if like only two cast members are left because all the others died of old age like I could watch a 88 years old melissa fumero and a 92 years old andy samberg still portraying jake and amy and they just do old people stuff like bingo, cards games, watch some old people tv programs, but they still hold hands and act like they’ve been together for only a month, even if nearly 60 years have passed, and they’re still two dorks in love

Let’s talk about generations

Because so many people on Tumblr are grossly informed on who is a part of what generation (eg. the prevailing mentality of “Everybody who is over forty is an icky, mean Baby Boomer!“), I thought that I’d provide a handy cheat sheet of all of the generations that include currently living people, along with a couple of micro generations.

The Greatest Generation/G.I. Generation (birth years range from early 1900s to mid/late 1920s)

The youngest members of this generation are roughly 88 to 90 years old as of August 2017, so there are still plenty of them still alive and kicking. They grew up during the Great Depression and served in World War 2. Even people who didn’t serve were profoundly impacted by the war. Their relationship with Baby Boomers is a mirror image of the Baby Boomers’ relationship with Millennials.

The Silent Generation (birth years range from late 1920s/early 1930s to early 1940s)

The oldest members of this generation are in their late 80s and the youngest are in their early to mid 70s as of August 2017. They tend to get lost in the shuffle between the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers. A lot of the so-called Baby Boomers that you all complain about are actually a part of this generation.

Baby Boomers (birth years range from roughly 1945 to 1964)

Be prepared for a longer blurb and a lot of me defending this group. The oldest members of this generation are roughly 72 years old and the youngest are 52. Contrary to popular belief, most of their offspring are Gen Xers or Xennials. This generation is defined by social and cultural upheaval. The civil rights movement, Summer of Love, second wave feminism, sexual liberation, black power movements, and the Vietnam War shaped this group’s identity. They are responsible for society’s major steps in becoming more progressive and liberal, so think about that when you accuse them of adhering to “traditional” values or being responsible for enacting laws that they were too young to enact in the first place. The Greatest Generation gave them a lot of grief for being absorbed in technology (said technology being television, as they were the first generation to be raised on it from childhood) and wrote them off as being entitled and “soft”. Sound familiar? Like a lot of people, some did become more conservative as they aged, but this will happen with each coming generation.

Generation Jones (birth years range from roughly 1958 to 1964)

A subgeneration of Baby Boomers consisting of people that were really too young to fully experience the upheaval of the 60s. They didn’t reach teenagehood until the 1970s.

Generation X (birth years range from roughly 1966 to sometime in the early 80s)

Now here’s where the generations start having less defined starting and ending ranges. The media has put the ending birth year as early as 1977 and as late as 1985. But overall, the oldest members of this generation are roughly 51 and the youngest are in their mid 30s. A lot of your parents are actually part of this generation and not Baby Boomers, as you’ve been led to believe. They’re often known as the “slacker” generation and defined by their cynicism. For some reason, they’re escaping blame for all of the criticism hurled towards how Millennials were raised, despite being primarily responsible for parenting them.

Xennials (birth years range from sometime in the late 1970s to roughly 1985)

A new term that has started to gain more steam recently and also the microgeneration that yours truly is a part of, so this might be a lengthier entry. Xennials are in their 30s as of August 2017 and reached teenagehood at some point during the 90s (sorry late 80s babies, you can’t sit with us). We have a blend of Gen X cynicism and Millennial optimism. Our lives are basically summed up as analog childhoods and teenage years and digital adulthoods. As an example, we’re the only group of people that went from records to cassettes to CDs to digital music formats within the first eighteen years of our lives (though some of us embraced digital music a bit later). Cell phones and social media didn’t become part of most of our lives until we became adults. We remember what life without the internet was like. We tend to be extremely hard on Millennials, probably because we’re often lumped in with them and some of us hate that.

Millennials (birth years range from sometime in the 1980s to early 2000s)

This generation’s starting and ending birth year ranges is even harder to pinpoint. The media has placed the starting years as early as 1978 and as late as 1986 and nobody can seem to agree on whether or not the ending range is the late 90s or early 2000s. Overall, if you were born between 1986 and 2001, or are between 30 and 15 as of August 2017, you are pretty firmly in the Millennial camp, although you 2000s babies might be on the cusp, especially if you were born after 9/11. Most of you reading this are probably Millennials, so I don’t need to explain what defines your generation, other than the fact that you and the Baby Boomers are basically clones of each other and both generations refuse to admit it.

Generation Z (birth year ranging from the early 2000s to present)

Today’s youth. This generation doesn’t have many defining traits yet, other than the fact that they were born after 9/11.

Generation ??

The generation after Generation Z. Nothing is known about this unborn generation, although their relationship with Millennials will almost certainly mirror Millennials’ relationship with Baby Boomers.

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Hey I'm just curious, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but how old are you?

Originally posted by descepter

Old enough to know better.   Also old enough to not care.

88-year-old Russell Dermond and 87-year-old Shirley Dermond had enjoyed 68 years of blissful marriage. They lived in a $1 million, 3,300-square-foot home in a gated community on the banks of Lake Ocenee, Georgia, and regularly attended church together. Before Russell, a U.S. Navy veteran, retired, he had owned a number of restaurants. The couple were nothing out of the ordinary - they enjoyed reading, playing golf, going to the movies, and lunching with friends. This uniformity is exactly why it was so shocking when Russell and Shirley were brutally murdered.

On 6 May, 2014, neighbours made the alarming discovery of Russell, laying deceased and decapitated in his garage. They immediately called police who came to search the house and investigate the shocking murder. Russel’s head and Shirley were nowhere to be found during the initial search. It didn’t appear as though this was a robbery gone wrong as the house was not in disarray and nothing seemed to be stolen. The investigation uncovered that Russell had been bludgeoned to death before being grimly decapitated. 

Shirley’s body was eventually discovered on 16 May, by two fishermen on Lake Oconee. She was just five miles from the house which she shared with her husband. She too had been killed by blunt force trauma. Police revealed that they believed the killer or killers came to their home via boat. This would explain why they weren’t spotted on the security camera footage from the entrance to the gated community. Russell’s head was never found, nor were the killer or killers. Police were never able to uncover a motive.


This man leaves everyone who says: “I’m too old to start something new like karate. ” without any excuses.

This gentleman STARTED at age 74(!), in this video he is 88 years old. He started after his retirement. Nothing is impossible of you set your mind to it.

Kuro-obi-world is one of my favourite Youtube channels. Not for my Wado Ryu Karate-do studies, but for my overall karate studies. After all, style differences exist.. but, we all do karate.


Buffon set for fresh Juve record

The legendary stopper is second only to Giampiero Boniperti in number of minutes played for the club. With 65 minutes needed to break the record, Buffon could overtake the 88-year-old Piedmont-native this Saturday, or may have to wait until the opening minutes of the next fixture away to Napoli.

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How old is benny?

“ A little familiar, calling me Benny, but I’ll move past it. That’s a complicated question.

How old is my demon soul? Its an ancient malevolent spirit bound to ink to this world by a human soul. So, that human soul would have been about 60ish, I don’t remember exactly any more.

But how long have I existed as Bendy, here in the human world, and by extension the toon world? I guess that’d make me 40. Apparently Kat likes older men, heh! 

But, in that logic, Mickey would be 88 years old, but he’s still a young man. So in other words, no fucking idea!”- Bendy

The Bat-Signal Will Light Up Los Angeles in Honor of Adam West

Hollywood lost its original Batman over the weekend with the passing of Adam West, and now Los Angeles is planning what can only be described as the coolest tribute imaginable. Tonight at Los Angeles’ City Hall, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti and LAPD Chief Charlie Beck will join the good citizens of LA to light the iconic Bat-Signal in tribute to the late star.

READ MORE: Ben Affleck Pays Tribute to Adam West: ‘Thank You for Showing Us All How It’s Done’

Special guests will be in attendance at the ceremony, and fans are encouraged to attend and pay tribute. The Bat-Signal will be projected onto the tower of Los Angeles City Hall at Spring Street.

Adam West, whose lighthearted take on the Caped Crusader endeared him to fans for more than half a century, passed away at 88-years-old after a short battle with leukemia. He became well known in recent years for his voice work on “The Fairly OddParents” and “Family Guy,” where he played none other than Mayor Adam West. His passing inspired countless tributes, with Ben Affleck even thanking West for “showing him how it’s done.”

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So I loved that one with the romanced companions where they got turned into 10 year olds. What if it happened to Sole? Sole helped the Institute with an experiment which made them temporarily 10y.o. Bonus points if sole calls companions mom and dad!

Haha yeah that was a really fun post! It’s actually pretty fun to imagine seeing the companions interact with children since they didn’t really get to in game. I do love myself some good old bonus points so I’m totally going for the extra credit on this one prof <3

Ada: “Mom is a term of endearment typically reserved for your primary caregiver or birther. I am neither of those things and thus the term ascribed to me is causing me to register a great deal of confusion. Error. Error. Error.” Sole had to jump up to reboot Ada’s system.

Cait: “Dammit. Why’d ya have to go and turn yerself into one of the things I hate the most?” The fact that it was Sole made the whole ordeal tolerable but *cringe* why kids? Sole made extra sure to cling to her leg and even drool a little while the corners of her eyes tweaked up in disgust.

Codsworth: “D-Dad? Oh heavens no. Young master, I’m afraid you are experiencing mild delusions in addition to your transformed state!” Sole was teasing him, they knew everything that was going on. They just wanted to see him squirm when put in a situation outside his “program parameters.”

Curie: “Oh come here mon cheri, Mama Curie will protect you!” When pipsqueak Sole got beamed back in their baggy blue vault suit, Curie immediately knew it was them and scooped them up in her arms. Shhh little baby, Curie was mama now.

Danse: “I-um, Paladin… as involved soldiers of the prominent Brotherhood of Steel, it would be improper to refer to one another with such terms.” Sole’s eyes were too large for him to say no to. Sole got a once in a lifetime opportunity to climb up on his power armor and get a shoulder ride.

Deacon: “Ohhhh, I thought I would like that but now I feel old…” He’d wanted kids before but man now he felt like the age he was not ready to admit he was. Plus it was totes weird since they had y’know kissed and stuff. He did however snap a picture for safekeeping and definitely not future blackmail.

Dogmeat: *tackles Sole to the ground with the same intensity as before* Sole’s the good boy/girl now.

Hancock: *elongated groan*  “I think I prefer cool uncle instead of dad.” He was trying to be the cool uncle, he even carried Sole supposedly until the effects wore off. It was fine until Sole stuck their fingers into his nose cavity, causing him to sneeze and drop them accidentally. *super elongated groan*

MacCready: “Oh gee… boss? y’know.. only my son calls me that. It kinda feels weird hearing that from someone I like… in a 10 year old body.” Dealing with kids was almost second nature to him as he found himself taking Sole to the playground (something he’d do with Duncan) but he couldn’t shake that really weird feeling.

Nick Valentine: “I’m not that old kid…” He said as he picked up his 10 year old companion, who was affectionately playing with his face plate. He’d honestly given up on the idea that he would ever be taking care of kids, let alone his lover that got turned into one.

Piper: Sole… was… so… CUTE! I mean she loved them before but how could she resist their absolutely squishy cheeks? When they called her mom she felt the driving need to fiercely protect their existence. Also she put bows in their hair.

Preston: “Don’t worry General! I’ll save you!” He went full PTA mom for Sole. He picked them up and refused to put them down until his precious little general was ready to save more settlements again.

Strong: “HUMAN TURNED INTO SMALLER HUMAN! STRONG PROTECT TINY LEADER!” He carried Sole around like a small kitten in his arms and on his back.

X6-88: “Ma’am/Sir, I assure you no matter what body you are in, I will remain by your side.” He bowed down on one knee and put his fist to his chest as a sign of respect to the 10 year old director. Sole could totally see him cringe whenever they called him dad. So they of course did it as much as possible.


Maxson: *in hushed whispers* “we agreed you’d only call me that in the bedroom” he hissed, not wanting any possibility of any soldiers over hearing his conversation with the 10 year old Sole who was hellbent on embarrassing him. When Sole turned back to normal they were so getting a spanking.

Father: “In all of the times I’ve imagined our interactions, this definitely never crossed my mind.” He said as Sole zoomed around his private quarters making airplane noises. To be clear, their psychology hadn’t changed, only their body had. This was the parent that was supposed to be scrounging the wasteland for him. Joy.

Desdemona: “Come here, I will take care of you. Shhh” very quickly forgot that this was in fact a railroad agent and not some helpless child but no one wanted to argue with Des so they just let her stroke Sole’s head and back while she hummed a tune.

Glory: “Ick, no. Not that. Anything but that.” She was young, WAY to young to even be considering herself as the word ‘mom.’ so she pushed Sole away by the forehead a couple feet. She was all about kicking ass, not tender love and care.

Photographs From Historical Archives

James Naismith, the inventor of basketball, with his wife Florence B. Kincaid.

Surfers in 1922

Bikers in the 1960s

Graduation ceremonies looked like this back in 1895

The ocean liner S.S. Normandie tips over on February 9, 1942 at New York City’s Pier 88.

A 16-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger flexes at his first bodybuilding competition.

Fawzia Fuad, Princess of Iran and Queen of Egypt, in 1939