88 years old

88-year-old Russell Dermond and 87-year-old Shirley Dermond had enjoyed 68 years of blissful marriage. They lived in a $1 million, 3,300-square-foot home in a gated community on the banks of Lake Ocenee, Georgia, and regularly attended church together. Before Russell, a U.S. Navy veteran, retired, he had owned a number of restaurants. The couple were nothing out of the ordinary - they enjoyed reading, playing golf, going to the movies, and lunching with friends. This uniformity is exactly why it was so shocking when Russell and Shirley were brutally murdered.

On 6 May, 2014, neighbours made the alarming discovery of Russell, laying deceased and decapitated in his garage. They immediately called police who came to search the house and investigate the shocking murder. Russel’s head and Shirley were nowhere to be found during the initial search. It didn’t appear as though this was a robbery gone wrong as the house was not in disarray and nothing seemed to be stolen. The investigation uncovered that Russell had been bludgeoned to death before being grimly decapitated. 

Shirley’s body was eventually discovered on 16 May, by two fishermen on Lake Oconee. She was just five miles from the house which she shared with her husband. She too had been killed by blunt force trauma. Police revealed that they believed the killer or killers came to their home via boat. This would explain why they weren’t spotted on the security camera footage from the entrance to the gated community. Russell’s head was never found, nor were the killer or killers. Police were never able to uncover a motive.

We’re #thankful that our work gives us opportunities to help our fellow citizens! 

 John Joseph Scala is an 88-year-old Korean War veteran. He contacted the National Archives at St. Louis for help in getting medals he earned while in service. Our staff was able to verify the awards and order replacements to be issued by the Army. Mr. Scala sent us this photo of himself proudly wearing his medals, and we are honored to have helped him.

my grandmother is 88 years old so she was a child during the great depression, anyway, when she was a kid she got hit by a milk truck so the milkman pinned a note on her that said “sorry i hit your kid” and left her on her doorstep and drove away

Chief John Smith (died February 6, 1922), also known as Gaa-binagwiiyaas (which the flesh peels off)—recorded variously as Kahbe nagwi wens, Ka-be-na-gwe-wes, Ka-be-nah-gwey-wence, Kay-bah-nung-we-way, Kay-bah-nung-we-way or Ga-Be-Nah-Gewn-Wonce—translated into English as “Sloughing Flesh”, “Wrinkle Meat”, or Old “Wrinkled Meat”. He was a Chippewa Indian who lived in the Cass Lake (Minnesota) area and is reputed to have died at the age of 137. He was known as “The Old Indian” to the white people. He had eight wives and no children, but an adopted son Tom Smith.

The exact age of John Smith at the time of his death has been a subject of controversy. Federal Commissioner of Indian Enrollment Ransom J. Powell argued that “it was disease and not age that made him look the way he did" and remarked that according to records he was only 88 years old. Paul Buffalo who, when a small boy, had met John Smith, said he had repeatedly heard the old man state that he was "seven or eight”, “eight or nine” and “ten years old” when the “stars fell”. The stars falling refers to the Leonid meteor shower of November 13, 1833, about which Carl Zapffe writes: “Birthdates of Indians of the 19th Century had generally been determined by the Government in relation to the awe-inspiring shower of meteorites that burned through the American skies just before dawn on 13 November 1833, scaring the daylights out of civilized and uncivilized [sic] peoples alike. Obviously it was the end of the world… .”. This puts the age of John Smith at just under 100 years old at the time of his death.


This photo is of Polish surgeon, Dr. Zbigniew Religa. 

He performed the first successful heart transplant in Poland. 

This picture was taken in 1987. The man on the operating table, Tadeusz Żytkiewicz is still alive. He’s now 88 years old. He outlived Dr. Religa who sadly died in 2009 due to lung cancer. 

I’m posting this because I just got done watching an amazing movie about the topic. The film is called Bogowie (and yes to answer dxmedstudent’s question it does translate to Gods. It’s about a surgeon would you expect any less?).  

Anyway, because it’s not in English I’m sure it hasn’t gotten the press it deserves. But, if you get the chance check it out (subtitles aren’t that bad). It really is a great film and I promise you won’t be disappointed!

It never ceases to amaze me how far medicine has come and how much we still have to learn. This was only 28 years ago. What will we achieve in another 28 years? 

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Her name is Magaline Parker and she is 88 years old. Ms. Parker has dementia. She has officially been reported as missing as of May 2, 2015. She is from the Woodlawn area in Baltimore, MD.

Here is the link: This report is real. The report is posted on the official twitter of Baltimore County’s Emergency Management page.

For more information, check out Baltimore’s WBALTV news station’s twitter. They are also tweeting updates in regards to the rally that is currently underway in Baltimore. Please keep her in your prayers! Reblog and signal boost this please!


Because of the cultural differences of Japanese Americans, in 1927 a plan was developed to bring the general American population to be more familiar with that of the Japanese. 

Dr. Sidney Lewis Gulick originated the idea and developed the plan to have American children send dolls to Japanese children. He deeply believed that this gesture of giving dolls would foster international friendship and peace. Thus, the great 1927 doll exchange was born.

 As a gesture of thanks and friendship for the over 12,000 Blue-eyed Dolls received from America, Japan decided to make 58 Torei Ningyo (Dolls of Gratitude) to send to America.Each of the 58 dolls cost $200 in 1927, a whopping  $2,653 each today.

When the American Blue-eyed Dolls were received in Japan in 1927, the 88-year-old Eiichi Shibusawa, as a representative of the Japanese people, gave a speech thanking the Americans for their kind gift.  He discussed “the inseparable relation between children and dolls, and emphasized the thought that the goodwill and friendship thus cultivated in the hearts of children is lasting."  

He pointed out that the development of mutual understanding and friendship among the children of both nations in the future will be not only a tie between Japan and America, but good news to the whole world.

The story how my 88-year-old aunt scared away three robbers

So my great-great-aunt is an 88-year-old woman, who is barely 1.50m tall, is nearly blind and needs a cane to move around. One day earlier this year, three young guys forced their way into her flat, when someone was leaving. She took her money and hid in her kitchen. The three young men were roaming around her flat, searching for money, opening cupboards, looking into her stuff, etc. When they passed by the kitchen door my aunt just screamed at them: “Well, didn’t find anything? Then you better fuck off. Don’t look at me like that. Leave my flat!” She scared the shit out of them and they left immediately. Afterwards she called the police. 

Until now she didn’t tell anyone in the family, because she doesn’t want any of us to make a fuss. She might be old, but she can certainly fight her battles for herself. She’s a force to be reckoned with. Needless to say that everyone in our family does exactly as she says.

I want to be as badass as she is, when I am that age. Hell, I’d love to have just a pinch of her courage right now.

Queen Elizabeth II has been the queen regnant of the United Kingdom for 63 years, this February. She is the world's oldest reigning monarch, Britain's longest-lived monarch, and is the second longest reigning head of sate in Britain. She is 88 years and is still going strong. She is currently queen of  the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Barbados, the Bahamas, Grenada, Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Tuvalu, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Belize, Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.  She was made Ocelot of the Grenadier Guard in 1942. She served in the  Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service as an honorary Second Subaltern(second lieutenant). She was trained as a mechanic and a driver. 5 months later she was promoted to Junior Commander(Captain).

So, she has been a queen for more than half a century.

Oldest reigning monarch in the world.

88 years old and does not suffer dementia or anything that addles the brain.

Participated in the effort of WWII.

Is a mechanic.

Can drive.

Was a Second Lieutenant and a Captain.

Why can’t we make this woman someone to look up to? She’s obviously doing something right with herself.