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Does that mean I can send you a number? *hopeful eyes* Like I told moon, I may have a slight prompting addiction. Just a tiny, ity bity prompting problem. 88. Bucky/Tony?

Haha, you totally can! :) I have a group meeting - UGH - in like thirty minutes so let’s see if I can finish this by then… (I did not. Meeting has been going for thirty minutes.)

88. “Don’t panic but I think we might have accidentally gotten married…”


Bucky may be adjusting to… everything, and doing so pretty damn well if anyone asked him (which they did, all the time, which was actually really fucking annoying), but there was no way he could have felt prepared for winding up on some alien planet with half the team.

Natasha said something pretty vicious in Russian and Bucky murmured an agreement as he looked around.

It was them, Tony, and Col. Rhodes, which meant Steve, Clint, Banner, and the Fantastic Four were still back home.

At least, Bucky hoped that was the case. It was best for his state of mind to believe it so, instead of freaking out about all the other possibilities.

Thankfully, the planet they landed on wasn’t full of aggressive, xenophobic aliens, but friendly, helpful ones. Even if no one understood anyone else.

“Don’t you dare,” Natasha said when Tony began to raise his hand in a Vulcan salute.

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It’s my dream… my dream, which came true and I just have to keep working hard. I want more games like this. I am happy, I’ve been happy for every minute, every second I’m on the ice, and I try to do my best.
—  David Pastrňák about his NHL debut against the Pittsburgh Penguins