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How do you make your notes so neat? I have a really hard time doing that. Did you ever do calligraphy?


I never did calligraphy. I don’t know which post in particular you are referring to - if you mean my summaries, that’s just my normal tiny handwriting in block letters. It helps if you put grid paper under the blank paper you’re writing on, because the lines will shine through and your notes will be more organised. 

For lecture notes and other homework, I write in my normal cursive handwriting. If you’re unhappy with how yours looks, it’s never too late to start practising and changing it! For example, I changed how my lowercase “r” looks in cursive only about a year ago, because so many people were getting it confused with “v”. Just write it about 100 times, then practise some words with the letter in it, and at some point your brain will adopt the new form. 

There are also practice books for cursive writing. Yeah, most are for second-graders, but who says you can’t do it as well? When I taught myself Sütterlin (an old German way of cursive writing), I also practised with one of those books. It helps. 

To make your notes overall neater (apart from handwriting): 

  • cool header ideas by @studypetals
  • actually just go through their banner tag i’m so in love
  • colour-code your notes, for example like this
  • use a good pen!! No smudging, no bleeding through the pages etc. I can recommend Stabilo .88, Staedtler pigment liners, Muji gel pens.. Try out what works for you! 
  • Paper: Depending on your subject, you might prefer lined, grid or blank paper. Blank paper is the hardest to write on, grid is probably the easiest.
  • use headings and subheadings and if necessary sub-subheadings, and separate them visually from one another (indents etc). 

Obligatory reminder that neat notes aren’t everything! If messy notes work, don’t waste your time rewriting them to meet an “aesthetic”. I rewrite my notes because I’m a visual learner and I need everything super organised and easy to read - if you don’t need that, there’s no point in putting so much effort into it. 

However, if you do want to put effort into it, I hope this post helped! Let me know how you get on. :)

Love, Meike x

Last minute trip to Ulta, literally was like oh hey I’m gonna run out real quick, for there half hour before they closed.. Oh well it’s something!

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Opi x4 . 45

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175 prompts based off conversations I've been a part of this week so far

I really like these. Tag me if you use, I like to read!

1. They’re so sweet.
2. When could we do a sleepover?
3. I have to drive my man around.
4. Saturday would work. The evening.
5. Lord knows I don’t feel bad about it.
6. I’m jealous, you get the good stuff.
7. I’ll see you in the morning.
8. It’s really not a big deal.
9. Did you watch it yet?
10. It was a puke-in-your-mouth kiss.
11. She must be in it for the money.
12. It’s a ghost story!
13. There’s always cleaning to do.
14. Maybe in two weeks.
15. I didn’t think a romantic weekend away would fix everything.
16. Chase your bliss.
17. I’m sorry I’m deep in my head.
18. I intend to wake up to you every day.
19. You’re crying, I’m not just going to start chomping down on my sandwich.
20. Oh, I’ve got great fart stories.
21. We are rarely by ourselves.
22. How is work going actually?
23. I am the big boss.
24. Do you think your tattoos matter to them?
25. Did you skip over Drake?
26. Did he make it up to you?
27. It took you a month, but you redeemed yourself.
28. Let me buy you a damn coffee.
29. Some people think that’s normal and not “freaky”.
30. Okay, well, you completely misunderstood because that’s not what I meant
31. You don’t really want to see her dance
32. Got to figure out what’s going on in that head of his
33. I know I say it a lot
34. You’re scaring me these days
35. She’s excited you’re coming
36. It doesn’t feel good to hear you only think positive thoughts about us when you’re high.
37. How much time do you think we have?
38. I’m breaking out
39. It’s nice to be the best.
40. You got to talk to your doctor about that.
41. Do we have to talk about this?
42. Did you bite my butt?
43. Quiet. There’s people around.
44. The first six months is always great.
45. How do you think I pay for all this?
46. What if I am just who they say I am?
47. Did you have to put it up on the TV for everyone to see?
48. It’s just two weeks.
49. I think he’s just done
50. If this breaks you guys then you didn’t have much of a relationship to begin with.
51. Let’s go to the cabin and just be alone.
52. How dare you!
53. It was very elaborate.
54. It smells and it’s you.
55. Just wanted to stir the pot a little more?
56. He is being attentive even he is being shady.
57. It’s the fame that she finds sexy.
58. You two have to sit together.
59. The Olympics is background noise.
60. Well, he wants to go back to school.
61. This was the perfect lunch.
62. Now get the fuck out!
63. You’re a bad driver so of course I worry.
64. Be nice to yourself.
65. Was I a bad idea?
66. If you think that’s hard…
67. Maybe get rid of the costumes.
68. It’s really good but also really bad.
69. Your time management skills are terrible.
70. I couldn’t give a shit.
71. I can still save the day!
72. You like to paint so paint!
73. You drew blood.
74. How did the meeting go over?
75. I’m going to steal you.
76. She’ll be back
77. If I can avoid it, I will.
78. Please stop talking about vaginas.
79. Those girls will never forget me.
80. Hopefully I’ll see you before you go
81. I shouldn’t have to ask.
82. You look like a ghost. Or like you’ve seen one.
83. I don’t know if you’re ready to understand science yet.
84. You’re so freaking cute.
85. I’ll see you bright and early, girlie.
86. You’re okay for now.
87. Is that brown lip liner?
88. Thanks for thinking of me like that
89. That’s how you almost get hit by a boat.
90. I’m learning the facts now.
91. Do they drive you crazy?
92. What’s on your lips?
93. I’ll be checking that out later.
94. I’m so sorry, you don’t have to leave.
95. I am not going to be the reason you get no sleep.
96. She asked about you.
97. I know I’m hard on people.
98. I really want it to work here.
99. As if you sent me that.
100. You blacked out.
101. He is quiet until you know him.
102. What are you doing on Friday?
103. Who doesn’t like to flirt?
104. You do it for you.
105. Don’t tell me about his penis!
106. I hope she didn’t feel like she had to go.
107. It did it for me.
108. My body remembers.
109. You’re just making horrible choices.
110. Why did you put it in my hair?
111. Did you just make that up?
112. Bring me a kitty.
113. It’s not a bad salad, it’s just that it is a salad.
114. Who is fucking who over?
115. If you need help, I am helpful.
116. It gets jumbled up in my head.
117. It’s payday.
118. Would tea help?
119. Not if I see you first.
120. Was this better?
121. Everything is Spanish, I don’t understand.
122. They all thought I was nuts.
123. Word on the street is that weddings are a lot of work.
124. Who wants to know?
125. Stop being such a pacifist
126. You have weird priorities.
127. I’ve done my part.
128. We can’t all just hop a plane when we want to.
129. Oh, that explains the frown.
130. I thought it was nice cause it’s a free weekend night.
131. This is about a bunny?
132. Just thinking about it makes my stomach crawl.
133. You’re not mine though.
134. I know it’s bad, but I really wish them the worst.
135. I’m in a lot of therapy.
136. I’m running late.
137. That’s too far.
138. Thank you for sharing your sexually explicit tale with me.
139. I’m not going because it’ll hurt.
140. Do you want to do it right now ?
141. I apologize if this is awful to hear.
142. All my dreams are super sexual or really scary.
143. You need to grow.
144. You know what he wants from you.
145. Quite literally the worst person I’ve ever met.
146. It was just a hug, but his hands lingered.
147. I don’t know my own strength
148. Stop pretending this is a big deal.
149. I haven’t seen her in three weeks.
150. I wish we never met.
151. We work here, don’t worry.
152. I’ll let you know if the feeling passes.
153. It’s hard and messy and I hate it.
154. Do you have a lighter?
155. Why the fuck did I do that?
156. I’m disappointed but that’s not exactly new.
157. I have never seen you this happy before.
158. Will you have time tomorrow?
159. We are going to go camping.
160. I’ll have time eventually.
161. You’ve really improved.
162. We have very different approaches
163. Golf isn’t my idea of fun.
164. You looked stunning up there
165. Have you been at all this week?
166. I deserve this headache, to be honest.
167. Your nerves got the best of you.
168. I’m never going to fault yo for being positive and kind.
169. You have good reason to be salty.
170. I’m an idiot. I know better.
171. Why did I give him my number?
172. I was hysterical the whole flight.
173. You’re asking for trouble.
174. There might be glass in the soup. Be careful.
175. Did you blow the candles out?

Planner Pens Recommendation.

The pens I recommend will be personal to me, in the sense that the paper I write on are inserts I made myself with better paper quality than most inserts found included in planners such as a Filofax or a Kikki. K.

The pens I highly recommend are:

-> Stabilo Point 88 (fine 0.4) Fine liner.
-> Sharpie Twin Tip permanent marker. (I prefer the fine tip, when writing over washi tapes)
-> Frixion pens.
-> Crown Pen (0.5)

These are the pens that I use everyday either decorating or jotting things down, in my planner. I swear by these pens and although I’m a hoarder of pens these are the ones I go back to and use time and time again.

The things that I like about these pens are the fact that they can be bought in packs which contains many colours giving a variety of colour options to choose from. I also love how fine tip they are, as it helps make my handwriting neater looking. However it’s not a surprise how costly the pens are but I do feel that you get your moneys worth in the end.


Studyblr challenge 1/30 : a photo of your supplies

{photo one} many many Stabilo point 88 fine liners, lumina highlighters, uni laknock pens, pencils from Japan. These are the things I take to school each day!
{photo two} all the cute extra things I keep in the drawer of my desk, plus my typo pencil case

Thank you so so much for 200 followers!

Stationary essentials

Hey! A blogpost about essential stationary was highly requested, so I figured it was about time to finally sit down and write about my stationary essentials in my studying process. I would like to disclaim that this is very personal, and it’s different for everyone, but here’s a list of stationary I need while studying. 

  1. My laptop. I don’t know if this is actually considered stationary, but I consider it essential because without my laptop, I basically can’t do anything for school. I’ve been using my MacBook Air since last summer and I recommend it to everyone. The battery life is excellent, it is easy to carry around, but most importantly: its productivity is so high and using my MacBook for anything school related is very efficient. 
  2. A notebook. Even though I work 100% digitally for school, meaning that I use my laptop for homework, during class, writing papers and studying, I like to have a notebook with me to write down anything I’m likely to forget or to create an overall overview of the subject material, for instance by making a mind map. You could use a plain one but there are also really cute notebooks with nice prints and efficient appliances.
  3. Pens, preferably fine liners. Fine liners write so easily and smoothly, and my handwriting looks ten times better when I’m writing with a fine liner. I use them in several colors, varying from black to pink to lime green, and I absolutely love them. I’d recommend the Stabilo point 88 fine liners to everyone: they go a long way, they are pretty and write easily and smoothly. 
  4. Markers, markers, markers. Studying a summary without any markers? That is a no go for me. I need to underline the important information when studying, otherwise I’m likely to forget this and lose overview of the important subject material. I use different colors for this, which gives me an overview of what belongs to which information. I like using both highlighters and felt-tip pens. Again, the Stabilo ones are my favorite: so effective, such pretty colors and they go such a long way. 
  5. Bookmarkers. When reading literature I know I’ll have to write an essay about later, I use bookmarkers on pages with important and relevant information, for instance examples of symbols, style and mood, or important information about for instance characters. When writing my essay, I can easily go back to these pages and process the relevant information in my essay, without having to search through the entire book. 
  6. Sticky notes. I use these for a number of purposes. For instance, when studying a summary. Sometimes, I like adding some extra information that will clear things up, and I’ll just write it down briefly on a sticky note and stick it next to the text. I also use these in my textbooks or literature which, again, I need to write essays about. A quick and efficient way for adding information you will need to know in your exams, essays or homework assignments. 
  7. Memos. Memos are utterly convenient for studying vocabulary and concepts. I’m sure most of you already use this method or are familiar with this, but for those who aren’t: write the word on one side of the memo and the meaning on the other. Study the vocabulary or concepts by taking a look at either the word or the meaning and in your head, giving the matching word or meaning. Check by turning the memo and revise a couple of times and voila, there’s the knowledge you need for vocabulary or concepts!

I really hope this was helpful. There is more stationary I use which I don’t consider essential, but which I really like using and make studying much nicer and motivating. If anyone’s interested, let me know and I’ll write a post about that as well. 


1/100 days of productivity:

after staggering into school with a migraine, having what i now think may have been a minor panic attack, and crying over how much i hate high school, i decided that doing the 100 days of productivity challenge would be a helping hand in my studying.

i’m currently out of school due to health problems so i’m trying to handle year 10 (9th grade) GCSE studies on my own at home with my mum to help.

today i covered one section of my maths revision for a practice test.

stationary used:
- staedler point 88 fineliners
- staedler pigment liner fineliner in 0.3

Fan Account of Nine Muses in Singapore

30th December 2013

After waiting for hours, Nine Muses’ flight landed at 6.08pm. the first two members my friends and I saw were Erine and Eunji, the ’88 liner~ We guessed that both were heading to the washroom while the rest were waiting to collect their luggage. The ’88 liner showed up again and Erine probably heard her name being called and turned at the direction we were at. She then called out for Eunji and pointed at us. Both were amused to see us with our fanboards. We frantically waved at them. They then left to collect the luggage and probably told the rest about us as some of my friends saw a few members looking at our direction and waving at us(?). 

Later on, Hyuna leaded them out of the departure hall, followed by Sera, Kyungri, Hyemi and Eunji. I couldn’t remember the order of the other members as my eyes were fixed on Kyungri. YES, MY BIAS IS KYUNGRI. I ran after her as she walked too fast. I almost bumped into Hyemi so I apologized and said hi~ to her. After she walked off, I called out for Kyungri, who was walking behind Hyemi, and passed her the gifts. She went “Oh! Gamsahabnida~” and smiled at me!! OMG HER SMILE ♡_♡ Btw, she wore her cap so low and tried to cover her no make-up face. Still so gorgeous. You know… it’s really different seeing your idols on screen and personally. They look prettier when they are infront of you. I have always thought that Kyungri was a little chubby but she’s definitely not. Her face is small and slim). Nevertheless, still better than on the screens. Any screen.

So after Kyungri smiled at me, I spazzed and watched her go. Sigh seriously, I planned to ask for an autograph and a picture together. I literally went arghhh when my sister asked if I got Kyungri’s signature because she got Minha’s. Then, I rushed to the direction Kyungri left hoping to get her signature but she’s nowhere to be seen. Then, I saw Sunga and asked for an autograph (Sorry Yan). Erine was behind her and I took that opportunity to get her’s too. So yeahh, they were the only members that I got autographs from.

All of them headed to the pick-up area and the manager asked us not to follow them. The group of us there was like “ahhh okaayy” and just said goodbye from far. There was no barrier but we stood further away from them. HAHA INVISIBLE BARRIER. We were so well-behaved *thumbs up*. We inched forward to the vans they were in. Tinted windows so I couldn’t see Kyungri clearly but I just stood infront of the van she was in, holding my Nine Muses fanboard. I stood there for a while before running off to the van infront as Sera and Eunji was taking a picture of my friends. 

I headed back to Kyungri’s van. Wayne wanted to give bracelet(?) to Minha. So Kyungri rolled down the window and I was excited for a moment. But she only rolled it down a little just nice for her hand to take the bracelet. A while later, the vans left to hmm.. actually I’m not sure if they left for the hotel or crab lol. So that’s all for the first day of seeing Nine Muses in Singapore. 

31st December 2013

We reached and stood near the hotel entrance when we saw Eunji and some staffs were having breakfast. Then, Minha and Kyungri appeared. Again… she’s wearing a cap~ Actually I took some pictures but all came out blur -.- So all were deleted. The manager approached us and said they wanted to have a peaceful breakfast(?) and said no taking of pictures. We managed to pass him the food support for Nine Muses though. After awhile, they went up to their hotel rooms. 

We were standing there for quite long when I turned to the hotel entrance and saw a tall lady. It was Eunji! I was like “Eunji.. Eunji..” to my friends. Actually she was with Sera and a manager but they walked so fast that I only noticed Eunji. Lol the way she walked *claps* catwalking. Oh then she noticed and waved at us. After that, the group split; most of us sat and waited at the hotel lobby while the rest kept a watch from outside.

After an hour or so, Sera and Eunji returned to the hotel. She was about or already starting to say “Yo~!” to us when my friends shushed her. HAHA wth seriously. Which fans shushed their idol? We did. Her reaction was funny though and she asked if we had our sleep or not. How thoughtful of Sera. Both SeJi waved at us before going up to their room. We waited for quite a long time till J, another Kyungri fan, fell asleep. WE ARE THE ONLY TWO KYUNGRI FANS. Lol I wonder if Kyungri has seen that picture of J sleeping! XD

Anyway, we were then asked to leave the hotel lobby -.- But that’s like a hint for us that Nine Muses will be leaving soon. And we’re right as Sera tweeted “Let’s go for rehearsal”. Something like that~ W and Y went back in the hotel to look out for the 9 goddesses. At a point, we were told by them that a lift was at the 9th level for a very long time. Bingo! They exited the lift but lmao all 9 members plus staffs squeezed in that one lift XD

We wanted to approach our biases but a hotel staff was firm and stopped us. After their vans left, we then cabbed to MBS. The cab I was in with F, J and C, was directly behind their vans. We told the cab uncle to follow them but taxis are not allowed into the loading bay. So yeah, that’s all I guess because I left early and didn’t get to see them back at the hotel after their first day concert.

1st January 2014

Met with the rest and sat at the hotel lobby till three/four and then went up to level 8 (just a level below Nine Muses’ rooms!) Malaysian Mines’ room actually. So we joked about having a #17muses fan meeting. Lol actually there were only 16 of us. It’s kinda creepy that we miscount >.<

So yes, all 16 fans in that small hotel room. Some left to buy lunch and the remaining chillax in there. Again, Sera tweeted and we decided to wait at the lobby. Waited at 6.30pm or so and again…. A lift at 9th level for so long. Bingo! They were in that lift. The outfit for the second day concert was the one they wore for SBS Gayo Daejun. Yes, damn sexaayyy~

I fixed my eyes on Kyungri. She saw me and waved (Omg she remembers me?! I’m not being delusional, right?) So I waved back at her and passed my phone cover. Actually the hotel staff tried to stop us from approaching the members. But Kyungri stopped to sign on my phone cover. Aww, so sweet Kyungri unnie~ J and I asked for handshakes and OH YEAH. She wiped her hands before she shook our’s. She then apologized because they were rushing and couldn’t stay longer to communicate.

So after their vans left, cabbed to MBS with my sis and F. Before entering the concert venue, we SG Mines took a photo together. We tweeted it to Nine Muses’ members and know what… Hyemi retweeted it! *_* Thanks Hyemi unnie~

Wth, there were so many senior citizens in the ballrooms who went to see Rain. There was not a single Mine at the section I was at -.- So when the 9 goddesses were performing, my sis and I screamed our lungs out but we couldn’t beat other friends who were sitting at the other sections lol. The concert was really happening.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCXM_-z1srw (Introduction)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHCR1cXXPFg (Talk)

For your information, I only stayed in the concert venue just for Nine Muses’ performances. When they bid goodnye, my sis and I left the ballroom and met the other SG Mines. As we know that Nine Muses are not heading back to the hotel right away, we decided to split up and try our luck to find them around MBS. Unfortunately, I have to leave early as I had class the next day. So yeah, that’s all for the first day of 2014~

2 January 2014

So once my class has ended, I rushed to buy some tidbits and lozenges for my beloved unnie~ And a marker for myself as I have forgotten to bring one. Then I cabbed to the hotel from school. When I reached, I was told that Eunji was the only one in the hotel as she was unwell. Hope she feels better now!

Awhile later, they returned from shopping(?) and obviously my eyes were only on Kyungri. Passed her the gifts. J was trying to tell Kyungri that they share the same birthday but the latter didn’t understand. So I helped by telling Kyungri something saengil and she was like “Oh oh k” I don’t even know if she really understood what I have said.. 

Ahh then they returned to hotel rooms to get their luggage and all. In a while, they were down again and Kyungri looked at J and I, and she waved! Together with F, W and C, I ran out of the hotel premise to catch a cab to the airport. Most of us were tired. F fell asleep and even dreamt of something which he couldn’t even remember ._. We reached and suddenly three black vans passed our cab. C and W were like “Omg it’s them guys”. So I told them to alight first while I settle the cab fare.

Ran to Gate 4 of departure hall and luckily they’re still in the vans. Some were sleeping and some were fixing their make-up(?) I forgot which van Kyungri was in so I just stood near the van Erine was in. She took a photo of us and yeah, she tweeted it on 140103. Eunji who was sitting at the front seat in one of the vans, started giving fan service! She was literally writing ‘Thank You ♡’ on the van window and erase it off afterwards lmao how funny and cute of her^^

Then, J called out for the CEO of Star Empire and thanked him for coming and that he has created the best girl group. He said thank you too and made a heart over his head. Lmao, it was hilarious. Even Eunji was laughing in the van!

Later, they alighted the vans and yaaa… Kyungri tried hard to be a ninja. She wore striped shorts, slippers and really trying to look like a passerby (Actually she just wants to dress comfortably). When she saw J and I, she waved at us and I asked for another signature. This time round, I have written my name earlier on the photo she signed.

Then, I asked Kyungri for a picture together and she went “Ne”. I asked for a hug and YES I GOT A HUG FROM KYUNGRI UNNIE~ Even though it was a short one, I was enjoying it hehehe. Kyungri smells good~ Oops, sorry! So we went into the airport. We were just loitering at the luggage check in area and took some pictures of them.

It was time for them to check in into the departure hall. Awww.. Eye-contacted, waved and bid goodbye to all 9 goddesses~ Ahhh I really miss them right now.

Soooo guys, thank you for reading my fan account of Nine Muses. I hope all you will support and show more love to all 9 of them! Thank you~~ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡