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What did you eat and do to lose weight? Any tips?

I eat really boring foods. Foods I won’t get excited for, so eating is just making the bad stomach feeling go away lmao. Like those 88 cent lean cuisines. Like who wants to binge on frozen smiley-face hashbrowns? No one. I’ve come to realize I am addicted to food. When you eat when you’re not hungry, you’re just eating because it feels good. It feels nice, it makes you feel content. Addiction. My advice is 88 cent TV dinners, and corn. Its in season and super cheap

A Low Budget List of Altar Supplies

This list was submitted by Solardata, and has some really good ideas. Go at it, fellow LBW!

Broom: make your own! I have both a large and small besom I made. You can even find scented yarns to tie with (though I’ve found a tightly pulled rope to be best).
Wand: a stick! Or you can get creative with cutting down a dowel and decorating it.
Censer: you can get a stick incense holder for $1 at the Dollar Tree. Same with a cone incense holder for $1 at some walmarts. Falling that, a small bit of folded aluminum foil works for me and my cone incense when needed (just make sure it’s stable and flat!)
Cauldron: a metal bowl might be suitable? I actually found a metal cauldron at a thrift store for $2, but it took a lot of looking (and I very rarely use it in my work honestly).
Athame: typically black handled, you can get a black handled paring knife at Walmart for 88 cents. It doesn’t 100% fit the description but it works if you don’t have much money.
Chalice: thrift stores. I got mine for 69 cents at goodwill.
Pentacle: draw one on paper, or you can get a piece of wood or metal from a craft store and draw/engrave/burn it on that.
Book of Shadows/Grimoire: tumblr! Or if you want a physical copy, a lined notebook or blank sketchbook works.
Bell: craft stores. You can get all kinds of bells there, choose whatever feels right.
Bowls: again thrift stores. I got my offering bowl for 49 cents.
Snuffer: mine was a gift, but I’ve seen some at thrift stores for $2 and less. You can snuff any fire with something fireproof and that which blocks oxygen to the fire. I used to use tops to old jar candles, depending on the size of the candle.
Mortar & Pestle: mine was $2 at goodwill (after months of looking through thrift stores). A makeshift mortar & pestle could be a small ice cream scooper & a bowl. Other than that, there’s a $6 - $10 white set on Amazon if I remember correctly.
Candles: birthday candles are 24 for $1. Seek out pagan shops for other candles, my local one sells chime candles for 30 cent each. Thrift stores also have candles for cheap sometimes… Just make sure to cleanse them and look for non burned candles. Thrift stores also have fancy shaped candles sometimes. Also, white candles are catch-alls and can be substituted, so don’t think you need every color of the rainbow off the bat. Walmart sells 50 white tealights for about $3 where I live.
Candle holders: my only advice is for birthday candles, which is metal sewing bobbins. For chime candles I have chime candle holders, and for taper candles and votives, you can find holders at thrift stores and dollar stores. Walmart also carries votive glass holders for around $1 each.
God image/goddess image: print out a picture from the Internet or copy a picture from a book at the library or friend’s house. Walmart sells picture frames 5x7 for about $1 (though I prefer hobby lobby’s predone frames more personally, but they cost a little more)
Knot magic: you can get embroidery thread for 15 cents or so at craft stores, and it comes in a variety of colors. Baring that, you can also get cord by the yard at craft stores for cheap too.

Note: a lot of craft stores have 40% coupons on their websites, so you can save even more.

The income gap between people from rich and poor backgrounds almost has almost doubled
The adult pay gap between those born into wealthier families and those from less well-off parents is widening, according to new research.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies estimates that in 2012 a 42-year-old man whose parents were among the richest fifth of households earned an average of 88 per cent more than those from the poorest families. The equivalent gap in 2000 was just 47 per cent.

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Working at will of goods (idk what to call it 😅) is absolutely terrible. A bunch of old white people shop there, not to mention how terrible they treat us. A girl tried to get a discount on a .88 cup. 88 FUCKING CENTS. And the parents who come in with their children treat them so horribly, a woman yelled at her son for falling and crying. Wtf is wrong with people.


I took a cheapie (.88 cent test) today and got a faint line after 1 minute. I then took a digital and got a “not pregnant” but I was still curious why I can’t a faint positive to begin with.. so I took another cheapie. Again faint positive. I was told to take apart the digital and see if it had 2 blue lines and if so it’s a positive but just not enough for it to read it. Then I took a negative of the 2 cheapie because I was told it would show better. The lines are still there. I bought a first response and it also shows a line! Am I pregnant or are these too faint?? They all showed up under 3-4 mins.

Back To School Haul Thing?

So many of you wanted to see some of the things I got for college! I honestly didn’t get a lot of clothes and stuff? So hopefully you guys still want to see what I got haha! :)

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack 

  • Ox Red
  • 13 inches
  • From Amazon for about $75

Mickey Mouse and Chicago Bears Sweaters

  • XL Oversized Sweaters 
  • Thrifted for 88 cents each 

Striped and Adidas Long Sleeves 

  • Super long and baggy
  • Also thrifted for 88 cents each

Adidas Superstars 

  • #Bless
  • I also ordered the black version with white stripes online
  • About $80.00

Denim Playsuit

  • Kind of stretchy and super comfortable, hugs the body basically 
  • Makes me look thicc af
  • From Old Navy’s Clearance section for $17.49

Skinny Jeans 

  • Ripped and light-wash
  • Also have some super cute zippers at the end 
  • Originally from Old Navy for about $24, but got them for $13.99

RIPNDIP Lord Nermal Pocket Tee

  • I cant really say much, it is an awesome tee obviously
  • Middle finger cat ftw
  • $29.95

Baggy T-Shirt Dress

  • Hella comfy
  • From H&M
  • Originally $14.99, but on sale for $7

Striped Ribbed Long Sleeve Tee

  • Cropped
  • Definitely gonna pair it with high-waisted bottoms
  • From H&M for $12.99? I think?

Basic Dresses 

  • One word.. pockets!!!
  • Got two in forest green and pastel pink
  • From H&M for $17.99 each


  • What can I say? They were $1 each!!
  • From H&M

Pins and More Earrings

  • I mean, they are cute af so 
  • Both were $6.90 from Forever 21

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I really like your blog! 💕 I'm just curious what would your personal style be like what would you usually wear? :)

ah thank youuuuuu~ and well I usually wear pretty basic clothes! I like to be comfortable most of the time! But I guess it would be best to add a few pictures of stuff I tend to wear so you can get a feel?! 

Black tees and Converse/Vans

-All 5 tees shown are thrifted for 88 cents each…bless…

-I also have a lot of other regular tees in other colors, but I tend to wear these the most!

-Usually wear them with black skinny jeans or ripped jeans and a pair of black sneakers.


-I wear baggy hoodies and sweaters all the time

-Usually paired with skinny jeans, sneakers, and a beanie

-This is my favorite hoodie! YOUNGJAE ALSO HAS THE SAME ONE! 

-Hoodie from H&M; about $35? (i cant remember..)

-Beanie was a gift; maybe from forever 21 or H&M?

Casual Dresses

-I tend to wear tee shirt dresses or dresses like this one! 

-Pair them with sneakers or platform sandals and a necklace/choker 

-Can throw on a flannel or tie it around the waist

-Dress from H&M; about $14.99?

-Platforms from Payless; got them on sale for $18-ish

Layers and joggers

-The jacket and button up give a more dressed feel while the joggers dress the outfit down a bit

-idk man… joggers are nice

-Joggers from GAP; idk how much it cost

-Button Down from H&M; got on sale for $15

-Army Green Jacket from Old Navy; got on sale for around $28?

15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 145)

1. brilliant mathematician Paul Erdös took amphetamines daily to fuel his intensive work schedule. A concerned friend bet he couldn’t quit. He went cold turkey for 30 days to prove he wasn’t an addict and then started up again saying “you’ve set mathematics back by a month.”

2.  There is a New York City hot dog vendor who pays $289,000/year for his location.

3. In 2013, someone hacked the Emergency Alert System in Montana. They sent out an alert that the “dead bodies are rising from their graves and attacking the living.” Several people believed it and called 911.

4.  Megan Fox cannot ride a motorcycle, so when she shot her riding scenes someone had to…

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can we talk about ronan growing his hair out i need to talk about this i NEEEEED to talk about adams reaction to the aforementioned phenomenon

y talk when we can cry

  • because im Me lets start this off with adam at university 
  • *ahem* its going well. hes Well™ and nearing the end of his freshman year
  • the gang has kept in contact with him over the year but he hasn’t been back to see them since the year started —-
  • so the gang flies out/drives out to see him.
  • at his very own dorm.
  • (he has a roommate but its summer and he’d fled to the coast.)
  • it’s one of those apartment esque dorms with two bedrooms, a bathroom, tiny kitchen and small living room.
  • and when adam opens the door to let the gang in he just. looks so happy. and content. and healthy! and relaxed!!!!!
  • and ronan.
  • ronan possibly, mayhaps…. has let his hair grow out over the last year
  • its curly
  • is ronan wearing a backwards snapback you tell me
  • ive started crying at this point because adam,,, has never seen ronan without his buzzcut
  • adam;; who is staring at the single curl that has fallen through the hole in the hat onto the edge of ronan’s forehead
  • ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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How to Deal: Grocery Shopping


* Set a realistic budget of what you can spend for the week.

* Make a list of things you know that you’re out of. If your budget doesn’t allow for you to afford everything at one time, go over the list to determine what’s most important. 

* Print/cut out coupons for items you know that you’re going to buy. Put them in a plain envelope and write across the front which coupons you have inside. ($1 off Kraft, for example.) You can easily fold it up and stick it in your pocket, or put it in your purse, before heading out.


* Pre-cut items, such as bags of lettuce, carrots and chopped salad mixes, always cost more than whole fruits and veggies. If you have time to dedicate to cutting them up yourself, you can save up to half the cost.

* Do your best to stick to your list. Grocery stores of all kinds like to try to sway customers into spending more than they need to with in-store coupons and un-advertised sales. Unless something you need has an offer on it, skip it.

* Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I know, talking people can be scary and some of us don’t like doing it. Simply try to find the most friendly looking employee you can to help get something off a high shelf or point you in the direction of an item you’re trying to find. With a bit of practice, this will become much easier.

* Try to keep tabs on how much you’re spending. Keep your calculator out and keep a running total. Always round up, too! (Ex: Rice is 88 cents. Input it as $1 instead.) This will help you stay on track without being overwhelmed.

* If the grocery store you frequent has a “membership”, sign up. A lot of stores such as Safeway and even Dollar General have a section on their website where you can add coupons to your online profile without having to print them out. All you have to do is manually load them to your membership and, when you’re checking out, sign in to your account (most use your cellphone number). Discounts will automatically be taken off so you don’t have to carry physical coupons on you.

* Check the expiration dates on items that have them. Though most store employees do their best to assure only up-to-date items are on the shelves, a few can get past them. If you find out of date items, please be sure to alert someone to them so they can be taken off the shelf.

* Check your cans. Cans that have dents in them can compromise the food inside. Also, never buy food that has broken seals.

* If you’re a causal milk user, look into buying organic milk verses regular milk. Half gallon organic milk has a much longer expiration date (sometimes up to a month!) than regular. The price difference is only a few cents so, in my opinion, it’s worth it.

* Don’t forget to bring your own reusable bags! Some stores charge an extra tax for having to bag your groceries in plastic.


* Keep a rotation of canned goods in your cabinet. The older cans should be stored at the front while the newest should go in the back, just to make sure you use your items before the expiration date. In fact, be aware of printed dates on items in general. Use your own judgment to determine whether or not something is good if the “best by” date has come and gone.

* If you can, put open cereals in containers instead of leaving them in boxes. This will not only look awesome on your counter but, it also keeps it fresher longer.

* Store open bulk meats (such as beef, chicken and fish) in freezer Zip-locks. Make sure the bag contains little/no air before zipping. Mark the date on the bag before popping it into the freezer. Frozen meat is okay to eat for up to six months.

* Try not to thaw meat out in the microwave. Instead, run a sink of hot water and place the package of meat you want to defrost in it. Leave it for a few hours (perfect if you want to eat it after work) and it will be good to go without the weird microwave taste.

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Some of our clearance products are now 75% off. Shoes are 88 cents and such. This woman today wanted to argue that some fireworks that were ringing up 25 cents were supposed to be on the sale. I said "Yes ma'am. It was originally a dollar" she said "I thought it was supposed to be 75% off of the now price" this bitch wanted 75% off of a quarter! She wanted to pay half a penny. Greedy ass people out here I tell you what

Abortion Realities

TW: Abortion, pregnancy, and all the stuff that comes with babies.

I want to get real for a minute.

Today I am regretting my abortion.

Those who have followed my tumblr for any length of time will have noticed that this is not something I say often, but I felt it needed to be said. Maybe it’s the rush of people in my mommy groups posting excited “do you see what I see?” photos of faint lines on the exact same 88 cent walmart pregnancy test I used when I found out I was pregnant with Elliot. Maybe it’s the cute bumps, talk of baby kicks, labor announcements, or pictures of squishy newborns. Maybe it’s all the opinion pieces floating around about the merits of Planned Parenthood.

Whatever it is, today I regret my abortion and you know what? That’s totally okay. It doesn’t invalidate my pro-choice stance or that most days I don’t regret my decision. It doesn’t mean that the statistics thrown around about abortion regret “prove” anything. It just…is. It’s a part of healing from everything that came together in a perfect storm that I’m not entirely sure where it started and that ended with me at a clinic in Spokane.

More than anything, I need healing and that’s something I’m finding in a variety of ways - keeping this tumblr, sharing my story on PASS boards, talking to Partner and Silly Boy as need dictates, giving Elliot an identity and a memory box.

Today my decision hurts.