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8 days. 88 hours. Rating: 8.6.
Will absolutely play again (far more leisurely). Now, back to writing I go! ✨

For my gamer friends, here’s a more detailed (SPOILER-FREE) review:
Rating breakdown: 8.6/10
(- 1.0) for inexcusably bad Character Creator
(- 0.3) for animation/lip syncing problems and related issues
(- 0.8) for shallow/unexplored/dropped plot threads
(- 0.3) for unnecessary filler content (the substantive game is quite complex and long; the filler made it get annoyingly long)
(+ 0.5) for truly stunning graphics and for creating artistic worlds and spacescapes to take advantage of them
(+ 0.2) for not ME3-ing the ending
(+ 0.3) for doing far better than merely not ME3-ing the ending, and finishing strong

The bulk of the rating comes from great combat and gameplay, memorable characters and a compelling storyline.

GAMEPLAY. Combat is far and away the best in the series. It’s FUN. You have tremendous flexibility in speccing across the 3 spec lines, and via crafting you have tons of options in weaponry.

CHARACTERS. Bioware had a tough hill to climb to escape the shadow of Shepard and crew. Did they succeed? …Almost, by the end. Fryda Wolff does a fantastic job as femRyder; she’s engaging, funny and likable (sorry I can’t really comment on broRyder). I’m very much looking forward to playing more of the character.

The shipmates are unique, varied and fleshed-out. It nevertheless takes a while to warm to them, just because. The loyalty missions help a lot—they are uniformly excellent. They reflect the personality of the squadmate, are often hilarious and occasionally moving.

Why only “almost,” then? Even after 88 hours, personal ties to the characters still felt a bit shallow compared to the trilogy. But the trilogy had 3 games with multiple playthroughs to build those connections, so it’s honestly an unfair comparison.

STORY. For the most part, Bioware did a good job of investing you in the fate of each planet. Some were better than others, but I suspect different people will have different favorites. The larger story—finding the other arks, stopping the Kett, understanding the Remnant—was kind of shallow in the ordinary gameplay but REALLY well done in the Priority Missions.

Many have complained that the first 10 hours are the worst 10 hours. I was having fun from the beginning, but I agree that the story improves over time. The last 3 (of 6) Priority Missions are all fantastic, and each one is better than the last. No spoilers, but the game finishes very strong.

Similarly, the most important sub-plot, uncovering the story of your family and its relationship with the AI, SAM, starts slow but gets really interesting. Anyone who’s read my books will see some common themes, issues and philosophical questions in the AI storyline 😊.


I cannot overstate how beautiful the game is. I quickly pulled out 26 screenshots worthy of showcasing; attached are 4 of them, but I could have chosen any 4. I expected excellent graphics, but I was frequently awed at the visuals.

This game is LONG. My 88 hours was thorough but by no means completionist. Unless your circumstances require it, don’t try to rush through—it’ll still take you forever to finish, you’ll end up skipping some very cool content, and you’ll probably get frustrated before you get to the end. Easily 80% of the game is quality content, so take your time and enjoy it.

Do the “Movie Night” quest. The hoops to jump through are many, but totally worth it. Do the loyalty missions, even for squadmates further down your list of favorites. They really are great.

If you want to romance a character, hit that “heart” option early and often (the filled-in heart—not the outline heart, which indicates the “empathetic/emotional” conversation choice). Feel free to flirt early on with a variety of characters, but be careful as the game progresses—there’s no cue warning you when it tips from flirting to True Love.

Don’t quit once the credits start rolling. There’s a real Epilogue.


Feel free to ask any questions you have–if it’s not too spoilery, I’ll try to answer!


Monopoly: Fallout Collector’s Edition Board Game 

Greetings Vault Dwellers. Play MONOPOLY: Fallout Collector’s Edition and rebuild civilization as you buy, sell, and trade your way through the Fallout Wasteland. Featuring iconic property locations from all four Fallout games, players can fortify their properties with Vault-Tec approved Shacks (Houses) and Vaults (Hotels). Feel S.P.E.C.I.A.L. with collectible Wasteland-inspired, distressed finish tokens and plan for the future with custom Fallout money imprinted with the Nuka-Cola bottle caps. MONOPOLY: Fallout Collector’s Edition is a perfect collectible item for the Fallout fan.   

List Price: $39.99     Sale Price: $33.88    You Save: $6.11 (15%)

In the week ending Dec. 29, Taylor Swift’s 1989 album (chart rank at number 88) broke the 6 million threshold, and its sales (as of the week ending Jan. 5) now stand at 6.005 million. 1989 remains Swift’s second-biggest selling album, behind only Fearless, with 7.08 million. In total, Swift’s catalog of albums have sold 29.92 million.
—  Billboard on Swift’s sales

It’s that time of the year again–crazy crowds, stomachs full of yummy food, and Christmas music blaring from all sides. And of course, Black Friday sales. Thankfully, you don’t even have to go out of your house to enjoy these early Amazon sales.

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Added Superman Barbie to list.

  • How Many Times A Day Sole (Jokingly) Threatens A Companion With "I will shoot you if you don't stop/shut up/do the thing."
  • Piper: 0-3, depending on if they've done anything to get her in a question asking mood or are withholding information from her, she can be persistent.
  • Cait: 1-5, if they're friends and she's complaining that Sole is wasting time talking to people when a good kicking would get what they need much quicker. If they're not friends, she'd only let that pass once before she told them to try it, see where that got them.
  • Curie: 0. They've only said it once, ever, and she looked so shocked and hurt because she didn't understand they were joking Sole swore never to do it again.
  • Preston: 0. As with Curie, it seems to upset him so Sole holds their tongue even when they honestly don't want to check on another settlement today.
  • Nick: 0-5, depending on how crotchety and sarcastic he's being.
  • MacCready: 1-6. Mac usually tells them to try it, they both know he's a better shot.
  • Danse: 0. Last time they tried they got a lecture on the consequences of threatening a superior officer.
  • Deacon: 100+. Sole loses count.
  • X6: Never. Would you?
  • Strong: 0. The last time Sole said it Strong told them to try, because puny bullets have no effect on Strong. He doesn't really get the joke.
  • Codsworth: 1-3, depending on how many puns Sole can stand. Codsworth reminds them that would invalidate his warranty.

2015 Ariana Recap: The Honeymoon Tour, Ariana’s 1st world tour and 2nd concert tour beginning February 25 in Independence, Missouri and ending on October 25 in São Paulo, Brazil. The tour traveled across North America, Europe, Asia and South America spanning 88 shows (6 legs) and grossed $41.8 million (from 81 shows) with a total attendance of 808,667.

Instead of mourning the end of summer, look forward to fall exhibitions! Members preview Carmen Herrera: Lines of Sight this Wednesday and Thursday before it opens to the public. Join today

Carmen Herrera (b. 1915), Irlanda, 1965. Acrylic on canvas with painted frame, 34 ¾ x 34 7/8 in. (88.3 x 88.6 cm). Collection of Pérez Simón. © Carmen Herrera

anonymous asked:

How tall is Nate?

Nate is exactly 205 cm (6'72) tall…

Niall (twin Brother) and Adriàn (synth clone) share the very same height, while Jason Blackwell (Nate and Niall’s biological father) is 210 cm (6'88) tall.

These nearly unnatural heights are the result of Jason’s DNA being manipulated first, as an experiments of the U.S Army.

The manipulated DNA was transmitted from father to sons, resulting in Nate and Niall (who shouldn’t be taller than 180 cm [5'9]) in having an exaggerated height, that always gives away their prewar origins.

Thank you, nony! <3