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How do each of the companions show their affections to sole? Romance or not is fine!

I’m probably working on:

  • Companions react to Sole wanting anal
  • Companions taking care of ill Sole
  • Companions react to spanking.

Cait (Platonic) - A firm hand on their shoulder and a big grin, sometimes with a nod.

Cait (Romantic) - Almost the same, with the exception that her hand is on their arm, rather than shoulder, the whole moment lasts longer and her smile is more gentle, while the grip a little firmer.

Codsworth - Usually by words, sentences like ‘Marvelous work, sir/mum!’ normally.  He wishes he ive them a pat on their back, but since most of his legs have quite dangerous ends, so he rather give them compliments and things they need, such as clean water or stimpaks.

Curie (Platonic) - She knows a lot about people’s customs, so she usually closes her arms around Sole for a second and pats their back, with a huge smile on her face.

Curie (Romantic) - Since Sole told her that they didn’t mind any sort of physical affection coming from her, she enjoys every moment she is able to show this affection, by a lot of hugs and kisses and tender, chaste touches, which Sole relishes in deeply.

Danse (Platonic) - He doesn’t get too physical, ‘Nicely done, knight’ with a pat on back is as far as he really goes, though a simple smile and nod is more usual.

Danse (Romantic) - He isn’t sure how far he can go, where is the border of things that are appropriate and the hug he usually gives them is rather awkward at first, but as they don’t pull away, he, insted of patting their back, closes his arms fully around them, pulling them towards him even closer.

Deacon (Platonic) - He isn’t the one to show affection much, but when he really wants to, he doesn’t confront them about it straightly, but instead does something nice and minor, such as leaving an extra box of snack cakes in their back pack, or pushing some caps in their pocket when they cannot afford something. They always get the idea and smile at him.

Deacon (Romantic) - He calls them and points to some building with his head. When they get there and are sure they’re alone, he pulls them close, his hands on the side of their face, their forehead resting against his, Deacon lets his guard down for just a while, just enjoying that they’re together.

Dogmeat - Obviously a lot of doggy-kisses and cuddling, but he also brings them all kinds of things. Sometimes, they are very useful, such as a canteen of purified water, or a huge stash of caps. Sometimes, well, a severed arm of a feral ghoul doesn’t have much of a use these days.

Hancok (Platonic) - Hancock isn’t ashamed or anxious to pull them close and rest his head on their shoulder, because he knows they won’t protest or pull away, which makes him even more grateful. Sometimes, when he’s feeling very daring, he places a soft peck on their cheek, but that is truly not very often.

Hancock (Romantic) - It has been said before, but Hancock is shameless. And when he openly pushes his tongue into their mouth, it isn’t only his way to show them that he cares, but also his way to show everyone who Sole belongs to. It’s that at least, Sole forbid him to grope them in middle of Diamond City. Not that he doesn’t do that anymore.

MacCready (Platonic) - One lazy arm draped over their shoulders as they walk together and a smile playing on his lips he pulls them even closer a few times, so the side of his head touches theirs, before releasing them from his grip.

MacCready (Romantic) - He approaches Sole from behind and closes his arms around them and buries his face into their shoulder, breathing in their scent. His eyes are closed and they intertwine their fingers with his own.

Nick Valentine (Platonic) - His intact hand on their back, or their shoulder and a sweet smile is his forte, but sometimes, if Sole lets him, he ruffles his hand through their hair, then gives their head a few soft pets.

Nick Valentine (Romantic) - Two gentle, but firm hands on Sole’s sides and a kiss on their cheek from behind. Nick doesn’t even pull away after that anymore, for he knows that Sole is going to turn their head and capture his lips anyway.

Piper (Platonic) - She is a little awkward, but when truly happy, she jumps into Sole’s arms without thinking, giggling into their shoulder. She pulls away after a while, and pardons herself, with red cheeks and a smile on her face.

Piper (Romantic) - Very similar, but she doesn’t pull away and rather stays in the embrace as long as they allowe her to. She had learned rather fast that Sole never feels in a hurry, when it comes to this.

Preston (Platonic) - He usually just tips his hat a little and smiles, sometimes compliments them, but there are moments in which he cannot resist but close his arms around their form in a quick hug, his grin staying on his face the next ten minutes after that.

Preston (Romantic) - He smiles and sighs softly, before pulling their face into a quick, chaste kiss, then holding it still, so their noses and foreheads are touching, before running his finger along their jawline.

Strong - Showing affection isn’t exactly his forte, when you don’t count the times Strong tells Sole that they are a ‘Good fighter’ and that they’ll kill many of his brothers, rather joyfully, but Sole knows that they can count on Strong, when he utters that he will follow the human. That is one of the biggest compliments that can be given, super mutant, or not.

X6-88 (Platonic) - He doesn’t get physical and rather shoots them a mild compliment and drops some caps or ammo their way.

X6-88 (Romantic) - He would act the same, in public, but as soon as he and Sole were alone, he would show them how much he cares, usually by baring their shoulder and placing kisses along them and their neck, taking it into a whole different level and place soon.

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how do you defend astrology to those who say there's no rhyme or reason behind it, that it's all nonsense?

World famous witch and astrologer Sybil Leek once noted, “All human beings have magic in them.  The secret is to know how to use this magic, and astrology is a vital tool for doing just that.” Access to astrology in the past was restricted largely by demonizing it, while the informed elite continued to use its services in secret; today advocates of “hard science” routinely debunk astrology, applying “objectively reasoned” test conditions in a context that does not adequately apply to the dynamic functionality of the art.   Astrology is the one discipline that can unite the cognate, sensate, emotional and intuitive realms with the phenomena of physical manifestation, not only as pertains to earthly affairs but as connected with the larger cosmos.  However unless one is strongly motivated to get past reading daily sun sign predictions, the personal empowerment available through utilizing astrological technique often goes untapped.(Marguerite Hafeman)

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Are you have hc about companion's height and weight? С:

Weight? Not really. Weight isn’t something I like estimating on anyone real or fictional. Not to mention a lot of people have a very skewed views of how much people typically weigh.

Heights, body types, and general body headcanons? Yes.


5′6, and ripped as hell.

Her arms are super thick with muscle, and her back is toned as hell. She has abs. It’s from all the fighting.

When sole picked her up from the Combat Zone she was actually pretty skinny due to the drug use and a diet lacking any nutrition. After she went clean and moved to sanctuary she started gaining weight and putting on some body fat, and is now finally at a weight she feels is healthy for her.

Has super broad shoulders, and a relatively narrow waist.

After moving to Sanctuary she was outside a lot more often. She’s a shade lighter and covered in freckles after a year of being there.


Has never shaved once in her life. Doesn’t plan on it.

Her hair is always a little greasy, and is covered in cowlicks.

Has dirty fucking feet.


5′2, pear shaped, soft as hell, with like zero muscle. She’s not very strong, she was made for science not fighting.

Has a cute tummy pouch, and most of her weight  is on her bottom half (thick thighs, wider hips).

Her top half is small, and very petite in comparison to her bottom half.


Has tinytinybarbiedoll feet. Can point them like a goddamn ballerina.

Her nails are always clean and neatly trimmed. Perfect clear skin 24/7. She is very prone to sunburn though, so she uses sunscreen.

Her hair is very thin, super wispy, grows slowly. 


5′10. But somehow this seems short to everyone because he’s even taller in the power armor.

Study as hell, made of muscle. Thick muscled arms and back. Thick thighs. Bubble butt.

Big Bara Man Titties.

Has a lot of scars from fighting all over his body.

Covered in body hair. Doesn’t have a happy trail, it’s a fucking love jungle. Needs to cut his hair and shave weekly, or else he grows a beard and his hair starts to get a bit curly. Has the thickest eyelashes in Sanctuary: everyone is confused and a little jealous.

Has enormous hands that are always dry. Has probably never heard of moisturizer. Almost always has chapped lips.



Literally works hard to keep himself as average and indistinguishable as humanly possible.

Actually controls his activity and food consumption so he doesn’t become to muscular or too chubby he’s just trying to blend in and stay average.

Very little body hair, except in the obvious places.

He shaves on the reg. King of manscaping.

Has a long red scar wrapping along his abdomen to his back. When you ask him about it he makes up a new ridiculous story about how he got it every time. He really just doesn’t want to talk about it. Probably will never tell anyone what actually happened. 



Lanky as heck. Skinny arms, skinny legs, skinny everything.

He has no butt. It’s just super bony, and he hates sitting on things without any cushioning. This man has no butt.

His legs are a bit long for his body.

Is double jointed. Likes to freak people out with all the weird tricks he can do because of it.

He’s basically a hairless cat.

Slouches a lot because he wants to look cool. He’s gonna have back issues.



He has some muscle, but everyone has muscle in the Commonwealth, you won’t survive without it.

On the smaller side in general. Dad bod. Has a bit of a tummy and some muffin tops. 

Big hands that are covered in callouses from working with his guns. He has short fingernails that are always sort of grungy from all of the gunpowder he deals with. 

Has a hair on his arms, legs, armpits, tummy, and groin. Has a happy trail. It’s pretty cute. Hates how he looks without facial hair, trims and shaves every other day to keep it looking nice. His arm hair gets singed off a lot from moltovs. He’s a mess.

His hair is never greasy, it looks clean from afar. It isn’t. The amount of dust and dirt that gets in his hair literally absorbs the grease making it appear clean. It’s a lie. A horrible lie. Throw him in the shower.

Constantly has a bruise on his shoulder from gun recoil. It’s probably permanently there.



You know those guys that go to the gym too much and are constantly posting photos of them at the gym getting swole? That’s him. That’s what he looks like. He’s that guy.

Very in shape. He trains everyday. Takes one day off a month to chill out. Never actually takes the day off. He has abs, and that crazy v-line going on. 

Is shaped like a dorito. Who is he?

Hairy. So hairy. How does this 20 year old child grow a beard within a week of shaving? Arm hair. Leg hair. Chest hair, and a happy trail. Doesn’t do any upkeep on any body hair below his chin.

Always looks a bit sweaty. 

Has resting bitch face.


5′9. Pretty tall for a woman.

Piper started out without much muscle but when blue started taking her around the Commonwealth with them, she started getting really toned legs. Her legs are longer than her torso, so they are super long and are very shapely. 

Has an hourglass figure but her waist doesn’t go in that much. 

Her ass is small, and she’s sort of self conscious about it. That’s part of why she wears her long coat.

Has bigger feet. Sometimes wears men’s shoes instead of women’s because of it.

Hair is super thick, and super healthy. She keeps it clean, unlike some people. Solid C-cup. 

Has a bunch of small moles all over her body. 

Small hands, perfect for getting into small places and picking locks. 


6′0. He is a tall man.

Preston’s body is very long and lean. He’s slim, but he’s toned from all of the work with the Minutemen. Great pecs.

He has little body hair. He’s smooth as a babies ass. It isn’t on his arms, of his legs, or his stomach. Not even his armpits. It’s only at his crotch. 

He can’t grow a beard. Even if he could, he shouldn’t.

His skin is always well moisturized. He doesn’t use lotion even. It’s just constantly soft and smooth. 

Dermatologists hate him. 

Big feet. You know what they say about big feet?


6′3. All male courses are 6′0 and up standard

He’s a rock. Probably not an ounce of synthetic body fat on him. So muscular. Running into him is like running into a brick wall.  Abs. So many abs. He doesn’t even have to flex to look as ripped as he does. He just is.

He has no hair anywhere except his crotch and armpits. 

He hardly sweats. It’s unnerving. Everyone in sanctuary is scared and worried.

Always clean. He could walk through a dust storm and he’s still look like he showered less than an hour ago.

Nails are always neatly trimmed.

Could beat me up.


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CTA 8 on an Evanston Express train in the Loop


June 22, 1988

Photo by John Smatlak

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i know you said that you'd stick to rereading old ff but do you have any "newer" ones that you do enjoy or undiscovered gems?

Yes, here you are! I hope you’ll enjoy them and please don’t forget to subscribe, upvote, leave comments and kudos! ^^

The Saltwater Room

fluff, friends to lovers!AU

one-shot with ~17+k words

This is one of Hokaidos’ works and it’s absolutely beautiful. I cried, I confess. 

Description: Jongin, who has been in love with Kyungsoo for as long as he can remember, decides it’s time to get them out of the grey area.

Glass of Water

fluff, domestic!AU


Very beautiful and heart-warming! 

Description: This was Jongin’s day and Kyungsoo had decided that he would cater to his lover for today, more than he usually did, because Jongin deserved all the love in the world and Kyungsoo was willing to give it to him.

Good Graces

Fantasy!AU, assassinator!soo, telepathic!jongin, mentions of mpreg (For those who don’t like mpreg - guys I mostly avoid stories like that but I don’t think you would mind it in this story, it fits perfectly and it’s beautiful), carrier!soo

Trigger Warning: Ksoo’s grace is killing so you should prepare for some scenes like that 

ongoing; chaptered with 24/? chapters

I love this story so much, it’s very unique and beautiful and it really deserves more attention!

Description: In a world where those who have two different colored eyes are graced with a special gift, Kyungsoo is graced with the ability to kill with his bare hands. Used as his Uncle’s own personal assassinator, he has no other reason to live than to kill. But then he runs into Jongin, a telepathic soldier, and everything he has ever known seems to fall apart.

Burning Sun 


one-shot with ~21+k words

smut: mentions of topsoo with Sehun but otherwise topkai

This is actually a story from Kaisoo’s Valentine Project 2015 but I haven’t read it before so it is a newly discovered gem for me! 

Description: Jongin didn’t expect an ambassador to ever be or act like Kyungsoo

The Apple of My Eye


smut - blowjob, rimming, barebacking, sex toys, voyerism, daddy!kink, topkai

ASDFGHJKL, this is for sure one of the kinkiest smuts I have ever read, I love it

Description: Jongin wants Kyungsoo to read to him but not in the conventional way.

Anything But Clothes

collection of different pwp, fluff


smut  - a LOT OF SMUT (topkai)

Same author who wrote The Apple of My Eye!

Description: Jongin and Kyungsoo loving each other is as simple as ABC. ABC meaning, anything but clothes. A collection of Kaisoo PWPs for your reading pleasure!


ANGST, FLUFF, friends to lovers!AU

smut without penetration

I know I’ve talked about this story in past but it’s not ongoing anymore but finished chaptered story with ~88+k words (6/6 chapters) and I know that some readers prefer reading finished stories 

Description: When his friends organize a reunion trip to the mountains during winter break, Kyungsoo is forced to come face to face with the person he’s never really managed to forget about.

Spaced Out

highschool!AU, fluff, bullying, homophobia, space brownies (bc highschoolers make mistakes but they regret it later so)

Also Zerrin’s story and I believe I’ve mentioned it in a past but I think it’s very underrated story that deserves attention!

finished chaptered story with ~31+k words (3/3 chapters)

Description: Turns out Jongin needs to get high first in order to admit that he might have feelings for Do Kyungsoo.

Go Down, Sunshine

royalty!AU, slavery!AU

smut (rough sex) top!kai

one-shot with ~5k words 

I really wanted to rec this story because it’s a story that made me read Captive Prince trilogy since it’s inspirated by it. 

Desciption: In the end, being a slave for a reliable man is better than a beheading in public.

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a weird request but what tanks from WOT would the companions be?

The headcanon post is coming don’t worry, a somewhat strange request but it was fun!

Ada: T-26 Pershing (Highly reliable and excellent engineering)

Cait: T-34-85 (Rough around the edges and hard as nails, can take anything down)

Codsworth: Churchill VII (Excellent engineering and British)

Curie: Renault FT-17 (Small and cute but also dangerous)

Danse: Tiger 1 (Like Danse it’s weak point is it’s ass)

Deacon: Panzer IV All variants (Like Deacon’s disguises there are too many versions to count)

Dogmeat: M4 Sherman (Loved by all)

Gage: King Tiger (Tough but too complex for it’s own good)

Hancock: Stug.III (Smol but you wouldn’t want to piss it off)

MacCready: JagdPanther (Sniping for days)

Nick: Centurion MK.V (Reliable, all round good and still going)

Old Longfellow: TOG II (The old man but packs a punch)

Piper: M18 Hellcat (Small, fast and will kick your ass)

Preston: Sherman M4A3E8 “Easy Eight” ( Tough but not invincible, always helpful) 

Strong: T-28 Super Heavy Tank (Tougher than a 200 year old sweet roll)

X6-88: IS-6 (Will kill you before you even think)

Maxson: Maus (Overly ambitious and a failed experiment)

companion appearance headcanon

so, i saw one of these the other day and i thought it was a great idea for reference and all, so i decided i’d make my own. (i didn’t do codsworth but, if someone asks i will add him)

cait: 5'7 or 5'8. scary af. looks like she could literally fight a deathclaw with her bare fists. probably has never washed her hair or shaved, couldn’t care less about her appearance. covered in freckles from head to toe. (especially on her back) and has extremely rough skin, plus plenty of scars from her past. weighs a steady 140-150 and is hella muscular. 

curie: 5'2 or 5'3. small woman with little dimples in her cheeks. very petite, but one hell of a fighter. her hair always looks freshly washed and she is always fully groomed. cares a whole lot about her appearance. she keeps her hair short for her own protection. literally, has perfect skin. smooth milky white with a few freckles around her chest and always has silky smooth hands. everyone thinks she has a secret lotion stash. around 105-110 pounds, once again, small af. 

danse: 6'2 or 6'3. tall and thicc af. probably has the nicest ass out there (you can’t disagree). surprisingly barely any blemishes, but is littered in battle scars all over his body. shaves on a daily basis, or he’d look like more of a bear than he already does. has extremely rough hands and a few burns from laser weapon malfunctions. has some hella cute back dimples. perfect for big hugs. covered in body hair that requires a ton of effort to keep short. around 180-190 pounds. mostly muscle. hot damn.

deacon: 5'9 or 5'10. tries to keep himself as unnoticeable as possible. a natural ginger, but shaves his head and wears a black wig to blend in better. there’s no dye in the commonwealth, so his eyebrows remain ginger. has some rough skin, probably from all the surgeries. tries to keep himself cleanly shaved, not only for the obvious reasons but also because he enjoys personal hygiene. weighs around 140-150 pounds. bases his whole diet around staying in an average shape. has absolutely no ass, once so ever and has a really adorable chin dimple. never takes off those goddamn sunglasses. not now, not ever. 

dogmeat: 3'2 or 3'3 on all fours. covered with the softest and cleanest fur ever, and is completely untouched by radiation (surprisingly). has a scar on his leg from before he met sole and is always well fed. weighs 75-80 pounds. also, has a super wet nose he’ll nudge into anyone who is up for cuddles

hancock: 5′6 or 5′7. tiny af, just like maccready. has absolutely no curve. his skin is really cratered and rough. eyes are completely jet black and his skin is a crimson red. can’t really tell if he has scars or not because of his irradiated skin. he doesn’t have to shave anywhere around his body for an obvious reason. he weighs around 125 pounds, mostly because he’s all skin and bones. but, he is filled personality. looks aren’t everything folks. 

maccready: also 5′6 or 5′7. probably has the worst teeth you will ever see in the commonwealth. (besides anything with no teeth.) he has extremely calloused hands, along with a reoccurring bruise on his right shoulder because of his work as a sniper. plenty of scars scattered across his body after his work as a merc. weighs around 135 pounds (a bit more than hancock since he’s not irradiated and all). has a super cute chin dimple. super dirty hair and rarely shaves.

nick valentine: 5′11 or 6′0. for some reason all gen.2 synths are pretty tall. lanky but looks like he could take on a fight. dull grayish skin that feels like leather. exposed robotic parts in all different places. glowing yellow “eyes” and wrinkles around his eyes. weighs around 165-170 pound (with a little added weight since ya know, he’s made of metal.) 

piper: 5′7 or 5′8. A tall and curvy woman with long black hair. Freckles litter her face and back and she has an almost perfect hourglass figure. has some pretty thick thighs and has gained some muscle after being out with sole for so long. weighs around 150-155 pounds. her skin is mostly clear despite a few wrinkles. tries to keep herself as clean shaven as she can but, when she is out with sole for a long time she starts to grow some hair. 

preston: around 6′0. broad shoulders and a generally large body. super smooth skin with freckles that litter his shoulders and the top of his back. has a general baby face and has little blemishes or wrinkles. has some muscle from his work with the minutemen, and has started gaining some healthy fat from finally having a abundant food supply at sanctuary. weighs about 170-175 pounds. pretty healthy as his time with the new minutemen continues.

strong: 6′8 or 6′9. a tower of foul smelling green skin. extremely rough skin because of the FEV exposure. not too much to say about him besides big and green. weighs about 345-350 pounds.

X6-88: 6′0-6′1. super tall and built like a goddamn brick wall. not a single scar nor blemish because of the institute’s programming. has very light body hair, so he doesn’t have to shave very often. great for piggy back rides (if he allows(which is never)). weighs around 175-180 pounds. built like a fuckin’ brick wall.

this literally took me a month to write. i’m pretty happy with it though, and i think you can guess who my favorite is.

  • How Many Times A Day Sole (Jokingly) Threatens A Companion With "I will shoot you if you don't stop/shut up/do the thing."
  • Piper: 0-3, depending on if they've done anything to get her in a question asking mood or are withholding information from her, she can be persistent.
  • Cait: 1-5, if they're friends and she's complaining that Sole is wasting time talking to people when a good kicking would get what they need much quicker. If they're not friends, she'd only let that pass once before she told them to try it, see where that got them.
  • Curie: 0. They've only said it once, ever, and she looked so shocked and hurt because she didn't understand they were joking Sole swore never to do it again.
  • Preston: 0. As with Curie, it seems to upset him so Sole holds their tongue even when they honestly don't want to check on another settlement today.
  • Nick: 0-5, depending on how crotchety and sarcastic he's being.
  • MacCready: 1-6. Mac usually tells them to try it, they both know he's a better shot.
  • Danse: 0. Last time they tried they got a lecture on the consequences of threatening a superior officer.
  • Deacon: 100+. Sole loses count.
  • X6: Never. Would you?
  • Strong: 0. The last time Sole said it Strong told them to try, because puny bullets have no effect on Strong. He doesn't really get the joke.
  • Codsworth: 1-3, depending on how many puns Sole can stand. Codsworth reminds them that would invalidate his warranty.

hey everyone !! i’ve never rly seen plus size fc masterlists around, and as a plus size girl myself i feel like we definitely need more representation in the rpc, so under the cut you’ll find 36 plus size fcs under 40. hope u enjoy !! this list will be updated in the future.

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Ada: 5ft (152cm)

Cait: 5ft 6 inches (167cm)

Codsworth: 5 ft 5 inches (165cm) while hovering

Curie: 5ft 2 inches (157cm)

Danse: 6ft 4 inches (193cm) without Power Armour

Deacon: 6ft 1 inch (185cm)

Dogmeat: 2ft 6 inches (72cm)

Hancock: 5ft 7 inches (170cm)

MacCready: 5 ft 10 inches (177cm)

Nick: 5 ft 11 inches (180cm)

Old Longfellow: 5 ft 11 inches (180cm)

Piper: 5 ft 7 inches (170cm)

Preston: 6ft (182cm)

Strong: 7 ft 7 inches (231cm)

X6-88: 6 ft 2 inches (187cm)

Maxson: 6ft 2 inches (187cm)

I’d Still Choose You

Ed pushes reader away after he gets sent to Arkham, then shows up at her work, hoping to be forgiven.


You’re such a good writer!! Could you please do Ed x female reader with 6, 7, 88, 98, 111, and 116? Like Ed goes to Arkham and she tries to visit him and he totally pushes her away and says really hurtful stuff so she’ll stay away from him. And then he shows up at the GCPD while he’s the mayor’s chief of staff and tries to act like they’re still bff’s?

A/n– Thank you anon! I really like writing this!! Such a good idea

Warning- Ed says hurtful things

Rating– angst

Title– I’d Still Choose You

“Will you just look at me? Please?” You tried to reach forward and touch his clasped, handcuffed hands but a loud rap on the glass jerked you back.

“No contact.” A gruff voice barked.

“I told you not to come.” Ed finally spoke, but still refused to look at you.

“I just like proving you wrong.” You twisted the silver bracelet on your wrist.

More silence.

“Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.” You whisper tears pricking in your eyes.

Ed now looks at you for the first time. He always hated when you cried. He always strived to make you happy. There were dark shadows under his eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, then closed it, resolutely turning away from you again.

“Don’t shut me out.” You tried again, determined to let him know he wasn’t alone.

“Y/n.” He says. A flutter of hope burns in your chest. “This is where I belong. You just drag me down. This is who I am. Who I’m destined to be.”

With that everything inside collapses. You stare at him, despair clear on your face.

“I want you to leave. I don’t love you anymore.”

“Time’s up.” A guard comes inside the room and pulls Ed to his feet. Ed puts his head down and follows him to the door.

“Ed…” Your voice cracks. “After everything… I’d still choose you.”

That was the last you saw of Ed.


“Of course Alvarez, I’ll have that on your desk tomorrow. “ You say, breezing past him, a stack of files in your hand. You worked in the Records Room at the GCPD. You got the job a few weeks ago. You had to find something new to do after Ed got locked up. You thought about him everyday and missed him terribly. But he made his choice. You were so caught up in your thoughts, you ran into something tall and solid. It was a man in a green suit.

“I’m so sorry sir, I-” The man turned around. It was Ed. You dropped your stack of files, the paper fluttering around you like birds taking flight.

“Y/n.” He breathed, his hand falling to your cheek. He wrapped his long arms around your unmoving body. He let go of you. “I missed you so much.”

All of the pain and agony he put you through rushed through you. All the hatred and love you felt towards him ran from your chest to the tips of your fingers. And you punched him. Hard.

“You son of a bitch!” You screeched as Ed doubled over in pain. “You can’t just hug me and think everything’s okay.”

You begin crying as Ed finally stands up.

“You broke my nose.”

“Well you broke my heart! Do you even know, even understand what you put me through? I’ve been to hell and back because if you. I hate you Ed Nygma. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you.” You hit his solid chest with every word.

He grabbed your wrists and pulled you to him as you started to cry harder.

“Sweetheart. Y/n. Im…Im so sorry. Everything I put you through. You don’t deserve this. I don’t deserve you. If you never forgive me, that’s more than I deserve. I said all those things to drive you away. While I was at Arkham I didn’t want you to get hurt. Y/n I love you more than anything in the entire world. I am so sorry and I will spend everyday of my life making it up to you.”

You looked up at him, still in his arms.

“I broke your nose and I’m sorry for that. But what you’re doing isn’t fair.” You wipe your tears. “You are just going to leave me again. You will hurt me again.” You say pulling away.

“Y/n.” He pulls you back. “I will never leave you. Ever. And I would never hurt you again. It broke everything in me to do it the first time. I thought I was protecting you.”

“Please darling. I can’t live without you.” Ed strokes your cheeks.

You close your eyes, giving in and leaning into his touch. “I choose you. Ed I promised. After everything, I’d still choose you.”

philinda in every episode series [6/88]: 1x06 FZZT

P: This piece of paper is telling me everything is fine, but I don’t feel fine. I feel different.

M: Take off your shirt.

P: Excuse me?

M: Your shirt, unbutton it. Whether it was 8 seconds or 40, you died. There is no way you can go through a trauma like that and not come out of it changed. You know how long it’s taken me to–

P: I know.

M: The point of these things is to remind us that there is no going back, there is only moving forward. You feel different, because you are different.