Blackhawk cellies
  • Kane:Always a surprise. Heart breaker, fists pumps, that little finger wiggle... Based on how many goals he scores, it's no wonder he likes to switch it up
  • Keith:Stands there looking badass with that shit eating grin while everyone freaks out around him
  • Panarin:Screaming while pointing at the person who gave him the assist
  • Shaw:Skates around the rink looking at everyone like "DID YOU GUYS FUCKING SEE THAT SHIT"
  • Toews:Tricks his teammates into huddling up by offering them hugs, then tells them they need to keep working

I am so proud of Patrick Kane. I am so proud of the season he had. I am so proud of all he has had to work through. I am so proud of his sobriety. I am so proud of the career he has had and he’s only going to get better. I have believed him since the day information was released about the investigation. I am so glad I stuck with him and got to enjoy the best season he has ever had. whether or not he wins MVP, which I would be unbelievably surprised if he didn’t, he’s gonna come back next year, after his first long summer since 2012, and give even more than he gave this year. loud and PROUD supporter of 88, and the Chicago Blackhawks.

1955 Oldsmobile 88 Gasser
Fast facts
Engine: A 394ci Olds engine from a ‘62 Starfire, Offenhauser intaketopped off with three '57 J-2 carbs from an Oldsmobile 317 Rocketengine. The original No. 23 Olds Starfire heads bolt up to a handbuiltset of fenderwell headers and cutouts attached to dual 21/2-inch pipes.
Power: Mark guesses it’s in the neighborhood of 360 hp now.
Transmission: A Turbo 350 had its head chopped off andreplaced with the Oldsmobile-specific bellhousing.
Frame: The frame and chassis are stock '55 Olds untiljust past the mounting point for the steering gearbox, where Jerry cutthe front section off. Jerry built the new front frame to optimizemounting points and geometry for the leaf-spring installation whiletrying to retain an era- correct appearance.
Suspension: The front suspension uses mostly '58 GMCpickup parts, including the solid axle. The rear retains the originalrebuilt axle with a 3.08 ratio, and the springs were swapped out for aset from a '55 Buick station wagon.
Brakes: The factory Olds drum brakes still reside onall four corners. The truck axle was machined down for fitment in front.
Wheels: 15x5-inch Torq-Thrust TOs roll on the front,with the original Olds steelies widened to 8 inches on the back.
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