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FNaF 4: You Play as Bite Victim’s Older Brother

As many of you know, The Game Theorists’ latest video stated that you play as the victim of the Bite of ’87. Truthfully, it came off as quite arrogant, considering the amount of evidence that had (or, more importantly, had not) been cited, when MatPat claimed that Scott Cawthon just didn’t do enough research.

Game Theory’s most recent FNaF theory video was proven wrong by Scott Cawthon himself, through this comment:

Game Theory had bashed Scott for putting forth an impossible scenario, as a victim of frontal lobe damage would not be able to register the kind of fear and concentration that your character in-game displays, but as the community is starting to figure out: you may not be playing as the bite victim at all, but actually his older brother, guilt-ridden and traumatized by his own actions.

There are multiple aspects within the game that shed light on this concept and make it extremely plausible:

The room you play in is clearly different from the little boy’s room you see in the mini games. First of all, the in-game room opens up into two hallways, both of which are not shown in the mini games. The in-game room does not lead into the hallway with a grandfather clock. Additionally, most aspects of the two rooms don’t match: while the floors in one are checkered, one is plain. The selection of toys are different, as well as the arrangement of the furniture. We never got to see the in-game room in the mini games, and we don’t get to see the room to the left of the living room area.

As we know, the older brother feels remorse for his actions, as he apologizes to the victim of the Bite before he dies in the post-night 6 mini game.

In an Easter Egg throughout the game, you can see flowers, pills, and an IV bag. Your character’s older brother, upon looking at his own bed in his nightmares, sees iconic items commonly found at the side table of a hospital bed.

The older brother of the victim is plagued with guilt, and now sees the animatronics as terrifying, nightmarish versions of themselves. As a common tactic regarding blame and guilt, the brother may have made the animatronics out to be more ferocious, deadly, and malicious than they were to help cope with the fact that he and his friends were the whole cause of his younger brother’s death.

One of the biggest points is in the trailer: the phrase “what have you brought home?” Many speculated that at first this meant Plushtrap and the evil made it into your home. With the newly realized information presented to us, we can now shift the focus to the big brother’s mindset. He brought home his guilt and trauma. He brought home death. The guilt overcomes the big brother and it makes him hallucinate about the demons he made the animatronics out to be and they attack him in his head throughout the nights. But to him, they are far more real than hallucinations.

The line “What game do you think you are playing?” also seems to address the older brother, who, throughout the course of the mini games, seemed to always be playing a sick game of hide-and-seek. Everything to him had seemed like a game, up until his little brother had gone limp in the jaws of Fredbear.

This would also provide an explanation for the “Nightmare” animatronic we see. Nightmare is the embodiment of his fears and regret for causing The Bite and Fredbear was an iconic tool in what he and his friends did to his little brother. Fredbear appears before him, horrifying, transparent like a shadow with a prominent frontal lobe, relentlessly attacking him—just like the guilt he endures every night because of his actions.

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