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six things i wish he knew.

i. i knew that we wouldn’t have the chance of being together. the chance of us watching the fireworks display while holding hands in winter snow. i knew all those little sweet romance i always think about spending with you are just imagination of mine, as if it was only a dream, for she still holds a special place in your heart. 

ii. call me crazy or obsessed but i always find myself smiling whenever i re-read our late night summer conversations. oh, how close we were those nights, like the cheerios cereal that seem to like each other. 

iii. whenever i try to open up myself to you, it almost always seem like you don’t care. well, how do i even know whether you care or not right? i just asked myself an obvious question. of course you wouldn’t care, even though sometimes i feel like you do cause’ of the way you question me sometimes but you just try to hide it. i shouldn’t believe such false hope, though i wish you would care and tell me comforting words that “everything will be okay,” simply because you’re the only person i feel comfortable with. i wish you knew that.

iv. frankly speaking, i think at some point, even a tiny bit percent, you’d like me if you knew that all these notes and thoughts are about you. if you knew about my blog and how it’s all filled of my writings about you, would you end up liking me too? cause’ i can honestly write a whole essay about your imperfections that are perfect to me. 

v. i wanna get to know you. i wanna know not only your favorites, but all those little things that can make you smile and make your heart thump so loud you won’t be hearing the words “I love you,” when i’m about to confess. i wanna know what makes you laugh so hard, what your blood type is, what your hands feels like when we’re holding hands, what position you sleep in, what saddens or breaks your heart and what you think about our world, the universe, puppies, cherry blossoms, poetry, art and perhaps the word “us”? i wanna know all these things. i wanna love you, and how i wish you’d love me too. 

vi. i was gonna end this little love note about you, but it’s 2:20 am and i suddenly remembered those long call records we’ve had and how you would always play the piano. i suddenly remembered how softly you spoke my name when i took a 5 minutes nap that turned into a 15 minutes nap. your voice sounded so sweet to me through those phone calls. your voice, oh, how you sang to me keeps on playing in my mind as if it was a movie i have yet to watch. i miss those nights, those phone calls, and you. it’s funny that i miss you even though you’re here, we’re just not really close in person. i wish we are though, cause’ i always have this urge of hugging you and not letting go. 

i wish you’d knew at least these six notes. 


Request: Hi! Can you write Lin x prenant, single!reader, who is his neihbor, and they are friends and he is helping her, and goes with her to hospital. And they got together? Also 87? She’s an artist, and she came from europe and was alredy pregnant. Thank!

Words: 2236

Prompt: 87- I just tell myself things will get better

Pairing: Lin x Reader

When you walked into your apartment complex and saw the lift was broken, you wanted to cry. This was just your luck. You went out to a local flea market to see if you could get any art supplies for cheap and you thought your luck was taking a turn when you found a plethora of supplies for dirt cheap. But of course luck couldn’t stay on your side for long. There you were, a box full or art supplies in your arms, a very pregnant stomach, and feet so swollen your socks were practically cutting of circulation.

“Well, nothing’s gonna happen by just standing around, isn’t that right little one?” You asked, looking down at your stomach. A small fluttering in your stomach caused you to smile. Your smile faltered, however, when you began walking to the stairs. Waking up five flights wouldn’t be fun in the slightest.

“Ma'am! Hold on!” A male voice came from behind you and you turned your head, surprised at the sudden exclamation. It was the guy who lived in one of the apartments next to yours, you’d seen him around and often heard him playing the piano and singing. It never bothered you though, it was always strangely comforting, it had become a constant in your whirlwind of a life. Everything had been such a storm since you came to America, but you could always count on your neighbor to let his musical genius flow. “Let me carry that for you, we’re going to the same floor anyway." 

"Thank you so much.” You said gratefully, letting him take the box from your hands. “My name is (Y/N), I don’t think we have been properly introduced.”

“I’m Lin-Manuel, you can just call me Lin though!” He said, a hundred watt smile illuminating his tan face. He was cute.

“It’s funny, we’ve lived next to each other for two months now but we’ve never talked.” You commented, making small talk as you slowly made your way up the stairs.

“That’s New York for you.” Lin laughed. “So where are you from?”

“London, my accent makes it obvious does it?” 

“Just a bit, I feel like I’m talking to the Queen.” You both laughed but you immediately winced when your baby gave you a harsh kick. “Are you okay?”

The concern in Lin’s voice warmed your heart. He was so nice, it was so refreshing. People in New York were so cold, so uncaring. Not all of them, of course, but it seemed like the majority. “Yes, she’s a fighter this one.”

“So you’re having a little girl?”

“I am.” You replied with a smile, placing a hand affectionately on your stomach. “Won’t be long until she makes her debut, three months left.”

“Wow, she’ll be here in no time.”

“It’s nerve wracking, I feel like there’s a million things to do before she gets here but every day it gets closer and closer and I’m not getting anything done.” You confessed, feeling that you could tell the man next to you anything. It had been so long since you felt that way with another person. You didn’t exactly have any friends in America, you had coworkers who were nice enough to you, but the relationship didn’t extend pass business hours.

“Well, I’m always around if you need help with anything or if you just want someone to talk to.” He offered and sparing a glance at him you saw his cheeks tinted a shade of red.

“I think I’ll take you up on that Lin-Manuel.” You said with a bright smile.

And so you did. If he wasn’t at your apartment you were at his, the two of you could talk for hours about anything and everything under the sun. He was so intelligent it blew you away. You learned that he wrote an entire musical and it was currently running off-broadway. He learned that you worked in a small coffee shop but dreamed of being an artist.

The one thing you didn’t talk about was the subject of your baby’s father. He didn’t ask and you were grateful for it, it wasn’t something you wanted to talk about. It was still too painful despite it being half a year since he left you for another woman, left you alone and pregnant in a new country.

“You should come see the show.” Lin finally offered one night, grabbing your attention from the canvas in front of you. 

“It took you long enough, I thought you would never offer.” You replied with a sly smile, leaning back in your chair and wincing at the pain in your back. Being pregnant wasn’t all cute maternity pictures and rainbows.

“Hey, just the thought of you watching from the audience makes me nervous. I feel as if I talked the show up so much you’ll be disappointed when you see the real thing.” He said sheepishly and you rolled your eyes.

“I’m fairly certain it will live up to my expectations. I’m already in love with it.” You waddled over to your couch and took a seat next to Lin, propping your swollen feet onto the small coffee table.

“Do you want me to rub your feet?” Lin offered sincerely and a blush spread across you face.

“You don’t have to do that.”

“Nonsense. You have a child growing inside of you, the least I can do is rub your feet.” Sure enough, he jumped up from the couch and went grab a bottle of lotion. Lin was too good. You couldn’t believe someone so sweet and considerate actually existed. He had been constantly at your side the past two months, at your doctor’s appointments, stopping by the cafe you worked at, buying baby supplies with you, running to the store to satisfy your weird cravings. He even introduced you to his mom and Mrs. Miranda had been a godsend, helping quell your fears and giving you all sorts of advice.

“How are you so perfect Lin-Manuel?” You asked when he came back and began giving your feet a heavenly foot rub. “You should be out there charming girls, not rubbing some pregnant woman’s feet.”

“Do you want me to stop rubbing your feet?” He asked, quirking an eyebrow at you.

“Well of course not, but I feel guilty keeping you all to myself.”

“Don’t feel guilty, I’m here because I want to be.”

“Fair enough. So when am I coming see your show?”

“Whenever you like. Considering I wrote it and I’m the star I think I can get you a relatively good seat, I might even be able to sneak you backstage.”

“Lin-Manuel, I’m eight months pregnant, you are not sneaking me anywhere. I’m the size of a parade balloon.” And it was true, you long ago lost the ability to even see your toes. It was just plain uncomfortable.

“We’ll be careful.”

“The last time I heard that phrase uttered I ended up pregnant.” You said, laughing so hard you had tears in your eyes. The laughter turned into sobs before you could stop them. Whether it was the pregnancy hormones or just the stress you didn’t know. 

You’re baby girl was almost here and you weren’t ready. You weren’t ready to be a mother, especially a single mother. Things weren’t supposed to be like this. You ended up spilling everything to Lin. How your boyfriend of three years landed a job in America and you decided to go with him. How you accidentally got pregnant. How when you told your boyfriend the news he confessed to be sleeping with one of his coworkers. How he told you he wasn’t ready for a family and left you, alone and pregnant in New York. How you didn’t have any family left. How you were scared.

“I just tell myself things will get better in hopes that they will but she’s going to be here in a month and I’m scared Lin-Manuel. I don’t know how to be a mother.” At this point Lin had moved to sit beside you and had an arm wrapped around your shoulder in comfort.

“(Y/N), you are going to be a wonderful mother, and you know how I know that? Because you’re scared. It means you care about your child, it means you want your little girl to have the moon and more. You are the most caring and compassionate person I have ever met and it’s why I love you. Your child is going to be so loved and cherished, and at the end of the day that’s what matters.” Lin’s speech helped calm you, but once particular phrase kept repeating in your mind; ‘and it’s why I love you.’ Lin loved you? 

You didn’t get a chance to elaborate on the phrase long though because a wetness in between your legs made your blood run cold. It wasn’t possible, it was too early, your due date wasn’t for another month.

“Lin-Manuel, I-I think my water just broke.” You whispered, your wide frightened eyes looking up into his equally wide brown eyes.

“A-Are you sure?”

“I’m quite positive.”

“Okay, don’t panic.”

“I’m not panicking.”

“I was talking to myself.”


“Okay, no problem. I’ll get the delivery bag, wait here.” He said and jumped up, running to your room. Mrs. Miranda told you to have a hospital bag pre-packed, she said you would be too panicked to think of the things you needed when the time actually came. She was certainly right. Lin ran back into the living room looking a frazzled mess.

“Breathe Lin-Manuel.” You said despite the fact you were on the verge of a breakdown.

“Right, okay, breathe. We have to get you to the hospital.” You nodded and grabbed your purse, your hands shaking. It was a month too early. So much development happens in a month, you had been reading everything you could get your hands on.

The ride to the hospital passed in a blur. Lin almost wrecked when you screamed out in pain, the first of many contractions passing through. He called his parents despite your protests. 

“My mom would kill me if she missed the birth of this child.”

When you arrived at the hospital and you were ushered into a room and put into a hospital gown. From there it was a waiting game, the nurse told you it could take hours before you were dilated enough to start the actual birthing process.

“I can’t believe this is happening now. It’s too early.” You said before grabbing the railing of your bed as you doubled over in pain. Lin jumped up from the hospital chair he was nervously fidgeting in but you waved him away. 

“You’ll be fine, she’ll be fine.” He said with such confidence you couldn’t help but believe him.

“Ahh, there she is! The soon-to-be mamá.” A familiar female voice exclaimed and you sighed in relief when you turned to see Lin’s mom rushing into your hospital room.

“Mrs. Miranda, I’m so relieved to see you.” You said as she embraced you.

“What have I told you niña? Call me mamá. 

“Leave the poor girl be querido.” Lin’s father chided as he walked in behind his wife. “Look at you, so it seems the bebita is finally ready to make an appearance.”

“It’s too early though right? I’m not due for another month.” You questioned worriedly, Lin’s mom putting an arm around your shoulder affectionately.

“The bebé come when the bebé is ready to come. You and your bebita are muy fuerte, you will be fine.” The Puerto Rico woman’s words comforted you immensely. The whole family had a way of doing that to you.

“Lin-Manuel, you seem more nervous than the mother-to-be.” Luis teased, causing Lin to blush a bright red.

“Ah, stop teasing him Luis.” Luz said with a laugh. A cozy warmth filled you and you felt calm in that moment before another contraction hit and you remembered where you were. It was going to be a long night.

Seven hours later you were sweaty and exhausted, but you had an armful of healthy daughter and that made it all worthwhile. 

“Wow.” Lin whispered, staring at your baby in awe. He didn’t leave you side once during the entire seven hours. He was there, holding your hand through it all.

“Do you want to hold her” You asked and he looked at you in shock.

“Are you sure?”

“I’m positive Lin-Manuel.” With a smile, you gently handed over the newborn. He was awkward at first, not knowing how he should hold such a delicate thing, but once he settled in the sight was heartwarming. How did you not notice sooner how in love you were with the man standing in front of you?

“What are you going to name her?” He asked quietly, not wanting to disturb her.

“I fancy the name Elizabeth, Eliza for short.”

“A name fit for a princess.” He said with a smile. 

“She already loves you.” You commented as your daughter slept peacefully in his arms.

“What about her mom?” His eyes met yours, hopeful, nervous. The answer was simple.

“She loves you too.”

Díos mio! Look at la bebita, ella es muy precioso!” Luz exclaimed, rushing into the room, Luis trailing behind her. The warmth from before filled you again as you looked at the family, your family. Maybe luck was on your side.

A/N: Lin with a baby makes me feel various emotions. Hope you enjoyed!

What Are You Afraid Of?-Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf Imagine:#3 Prompt:#87

Word count:1,227

Warnings: Talk of fears

A/n: So I wanted this to be up yesterday but I went to my moms for the day to help get ready for my sister’s birthday party today but it’s now 5:15am and I have finished this, hopefully I will finish the next one tonight when I get home from the party. I had no idea where it was going until I finished writing it, so I hope you enjoy it. (The response on the Brett imagine (and even the Isaac one) has been amazing. Remember you can request things, or just message me to tell me what you think about an imagine, I always enjoy opinions.


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I Know I'm Not Sleeping

Fandom: Harry Potter

Link to story

Author: TiniTinuviel 

Summary: Harry has nightmares about his recent kidnapping and wakes up to face the horrible truth.

Words: 87,302 (WIP)

Genre: Angst, tragedy

Main character in turmoil: Harry Potter

Comment by reader: I just started reading this, so it’s a bit of a risk to recommend it not knowing where it’s going, but I just had to share. I tend to stay away from WIP stories ‘cause they leave me in torment for days, but I made the mistake of reading the first chapter, and that was that, I fell for it hook, line and sinker… The author has a talent when it comes to describing the tormented thoughts inside someone’s head you almost feel it’s your own. So far, and I’m currently on Chapter 4, Harry seems to have been tortured at some point, and you’re trying to piece everything together through the flashbacks he gets in his nightmares (which are making him terribly ill mind you). I’m still as clueless as a duck on what’s going on, but I’m loving it so far! 

Legal Partners | Miggy | English | Teen And Up Audiences | Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth | 34 chapters | 132,262 words | Complete

Miles Edgeworth isn’t totally sure how he ended up in this bet to demonstrate the strength of his and Phoenix Wright’s (entirely professional and platonic! really!) relationship, but he knows it’s Klavier’s fault.

Nihil Dicit | wildfillysama | English | Teen And Up Audiences | Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth | 20 chapters | 87,113 words | Complete

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The Art of bluffing | Tinstars | English | T | Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth | 13 chapters | 55,259 words | Complete

All Trucy wants is for her father to be happy. But what exactly does Phoenix want?

Consequences | tastewithouttalent | English | T | Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth | 7 chapters | 10,054 words | Complete

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Assertive | VickyVicarious | English | T | Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth | One shot | 5,728 words | Complete

Phoenix has always thought Edgeworth was asexual… so when he realized that the prosecutor only opens the door for him in order to check out his ass, he is understandably surprised.

Books&CupcakesBook Photo Challenge

June 23th: Quote

‘’One must always be careful of books,’’ said Tessa, ‘’and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us.’’


asked you: Tiki/Say'ri, worship

Say'ri first walked the endless stairs of the Mila Tree when she was five. That was old enough, by Chon'sin tradition, for a Princess to begin to learn her duties. She remembered struggling to stay quiet for the climb–but at last they reached the top.

Say'ri gave her their offering: a basket of sweet rolls. The Voice, sweet and affectionate like a lady from a distant court, accepted it happily and offered her one in return. A sharp look from her father told her to decline.