87 cents



Harry had held Paulie’s hand on their way out of the club, while they were waiting for a taxi, the whole taxi ride home and right until he had to use both of his hands to open the door to his flat. Their whole journey from the party to Harry’s place was filled with kissing and gazing into each other’s eyes with silly smiles on their faces and Harry had never let go of Paulie’s hand once. She’d never felt so warm and fuzzy on the inside in her entire life and she was about 87 per cent sure it wasn’t just the alcohol flowing through her veins. And there was a lot of it flowing through her veins.

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It’s a two-skirt kind of morning.

Do you see this pose? And that pink sequin purse? She carries it everywhere and is personally offended when I put my purse in the cart. “Mama! You carry that purse!”

Oh! Those pajamas? Old Navy. Super cute pants with moons and stars not pictured. Originally 14.99 clearanced for 1.33! Great find. Also got AD some cute leggings for only 87 cents. Old Navy is the best.


I’m about to show you something that’s magic.

This book. Right here. 1000 Sweaters.

So it just shows you a bunch of different sweaters you can make, right? Not unusual for a knitting book.

What’s this, though? Upper pages? Lower pages?

I mean, this looks normal enOH WHAT’S THIS



Okay, let me explain a little better. The book is a mix-and-match deal where there are two sets of pages: Top and bottom. Top has sweater bodies, bottom has sleeves or necklines. This basically lets you design your perfect custom sweater, and the intro even has an excellent guide on assembly and some basic skills needed to make sure it comes out right.

The other thing about this book? According to two people I know who got it at my urging, it's dirt cheap. One got it for $3, the other for 87 cents. No one seems to know about this thing, which is really sad, because it’s totally awesome. Hell, after you figure out how the patterns fit together, you could totally start making your own bits.

Seriously, if you have any interest in making sweaters, you should get this book. It’s absolutely awesome, even if just for inspiration.

Bonus pictures to show what patterns in this book look like:

Demonstration of sizing for torsos.

Demonstration of sizing for sleeves.

Example pattern for sleeve mentioned above.

easy asparagus fries

Normally asparagus is super expensive (3.99 per lb, yikes!!) but it seems to go on sale at least a couple times a year, and when it does I love to make these super tasty ‘fries.’

This is super cheap when asparagus is on sale (last week it was .87 cents where I live) and it makes a great side dish. Even my bf who doesn’t quite enjoy most veggies was a fan.


1lb asparagus 

1tbsp olive oil

1-2 tbsp minced garlic (could use fresh or powdered)

1 tsp chili powder (more or less to suit your tastes)

salt and pepper


1 gallon ziploc bag

large baking sheet

1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. While the oven is heating up, snap the ends off of the asparagus. 

2. Place your asparagus into the ziploc bag. Add olive oil, garlic, chili powder, salt and pepper. 

3. Close the ziploc and rub the oil into the asparagus, distributing the garlic and spices evenly.

4. Spread the asparagus onto a foil lined baking sheet and cook for 15-20 minutes. You will know that they are done when they start to sizzle and the ends get slightly crisp!

This works best with the really thin asparagus, since they crisp up nicer, but any kind will do. I’m sure you could add other spices or add other veggies to suit your tastes or fit with your meal, but this is my favorite. 

Straight White Boy Problem #138

guys keep mental notes of how much you owe them so well im guilty of this too. you want a dollar for chips? sure here you go. you need 25 cents for gatorade? ok thats fine. next thing you know BAM you owe me 30 dollars and 87 cents. its ok though you can pay me back eventually

Cumberbatch mania help boost Barbican to best year ever
Benedict Cumberbatch's Hamlet helps boost the Barbican to a record year

Benedict Cumberbatch’s star turn in Hamlet has helped boost the Barbican to its most successful year ever, as it records record high attendance and box office figures.

Its total income reached £37.7m, slightly higher than its former record year of 2012-13 which took £37.4m, in part thanks to a tourism boost from the Olympics.

The report noted bookings for Hamlet came from 74 different countries, described as “phenomenal interest”.

Attendance figures were also boosted by cinema broadcasts, with Hamlet playing live in 25 countries ad 87 per cent of UK cinemas: the highest-grossing “event cinema” of the year. -  Sir Nicholas Kenyon, managing director of the Barbican Centre

Those pesky, unrefined, vulgar Benedict Cumberbatch fans! How dare they!!