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Snk Theories: Eren and the mysterious girl in chapter 1

In the newest chapter 88, it’s revealed that Kruger’s full name is Eren Kruger.

Some readers has already pointed out the physical similarities between Eren and Kruger, that there’re possibilities of Kruger is Eren’s biological father. 

I tend to believe that Eren Kruger has been reincarnated as Eren Yeager, after he has passed the titan power to Grisha.

Remember the short-haired girl in chapter 1, who appears in Eren Yeager’s dream? (I have colored the lower part of the panel as I keep thinking that she is standing near the sea)

Eren wonders why Mikasa’s hair has become longer, which appears that he mistakes the mysterious girl for Mikasa.

In my headcanon, Eren Yeager has inherited Kruger’s memories BEFORE he has devoured Grisha and obtain the titan power, by the process of the “reincarnation”, that he has his own personality plus some of the memories of Kruger. 

So who’s that girl in his dream?

I have a guess that she is Kruger’s childhood friend in the East Sea Clan dwelling on the continent (i.e. Marley’s enemy in the east). Perhaps the scene is about young Kruger must depart from his friend and travel to other place with his parents, that the girl must say goodbye to him—perhaps the East Sea Clan is dwelling near the coast, thus we can see the ocean-like background.

After many years have passed, Kruger formed a group trying to revive Eldia, and he has successfully contacted his female friend in the east and asked her to request military support from her country to fight against the Marley government. As a result, we have this panel in chapter 87:

Snk Theories: The situation inside the Walls

Am I the only one who is thinking about these?
1. There are only 9 SC members left.
2. The mindless titans outside Wall Rose cannot be eliminated within a short period of time.
3. People still cannot return to Wall Maria to live and farm.
4. There is no food left for another titan-related chaos. See chapter 61.
5. The military groups including SCs are hiding the truth of titans from the citizens. For example, it seems nobody knows about what had happened to people living in Ragako and Connie’s mother has become a titan.
6. Citizens will be panicked if they know that everyone can be turned into mindless titans.
7. If the SCs decide to reveal the information from Grisha’s books, it may further tear people apart that some groups demand strike back and attack Marley, some groups demand peace and stay inside the Walls.
8. A second civil war may occur inside the Walls.
9. Marley and other countries are going to invade Paradi Island in a short period of time.
10. If the SCs go to continent and seek help from Marley’s enemies, they may throw themselves to the wolves because the information they’ve obtained from the three books are outdated after 20 years have passed.
(lol what I have just written)

Haikyuu!! chapter 87 & 88 TsukiYama & Tsukishima bros ramblings

This is a really long post that comes down to the conclusion of exactly how long Kei and Yamaguchi have been friends so just press J now and scroll back up a bit don’t want to read it all.


Tsukishima Akiteru is about 6,5 years older than Kei, and since Akiteru’s birthday is in March, he is 7 years ahead of Kei in school.

This means that in chapter 88, when Akiteru starts high school, Kei is in his third year of elementary school (age 8-9)

I think this is the panel where the time skip between then and Akiteru’s 3rd year takes place, because when Kei says this:

He’s in this classroom:

Which could be year 3 class 5, or more likely year 5 class 3, but since Akiteru is in his 3rd year of high school, Kei is definitely in year 5 of elementary.

When Yamaguchi is being bullied, the bullies say this about Kei:

Which leads me to think that this event also takes place when Kei is in year 5. Of course, he could have been in class 3 in other years too, but Yamaguchi says “thanks for the other day” when he meets Kei again:

Thus, I think the bullying took place at the start of the school year (they’re classmates, as you can see in the earlier picture, so Yamaguchi would have known Kei’s face during the bullying if they’d been classmates for longer).

This also makes sense because when Kei asks Yamaguchi to come to Akiteru’s match with him, it’s the Interhigh prelims, which take place in early June. If the bullying hadn’t taken place in the beginning of the year, Kei and Yamaguchi wouldn’t have known each other well enough for Kei to invite him to come with.

In the 5th year of elementary school, students are usually 10 years old and turn 11. Since both Kei’s and Yamaguchi’s birthdays take place AFTER summer, these cuties are both still 10 here:

Skipping forward, when they go to Karasuno, Yamaguchi and Kei have been friends for 5 years already (and likely went to the same middle school. Otherwise they’d have been friends for 2 years in elementary and would then have met again in high school, which doesn’t feel like it fits the closeness between them at Karasuno.)

Coach: “2 1000s, under 4 minutes”
Me: “coach I’ve never run that in my life!!!”
Me: *runs 3:45, 3:46*

Coach: “2 400s, under 90”
Me: “coach that’s faster than my race pace and I’m tried from the 1000s!”
Me: *runs 87, 88*

Coach: “2 200s, under 45”
Me: “coach, I’m so tired. That’s faster than 6 minute pace”
Me: *runs 40 for the first one*
Coach: “now go under 40”
Me: “hahahaha yeah okay sure! That’s gonna happen!”
Me: *runs 33*

This is a summary of my workout yesterday. Never stop believing in yourself.

Club Can’t Handle Us. Wade Wilson.

Title: Club Can’t Handle Us.

Pairing: Female Reader x Deadpool

Prompt: Anon: Hi, I would like to request a Deadpool x reader, with him breaking the 4th wall and knowing it’s a fic and a lot of smut and funny remarks (94, 88, 87, maybe 21). Thanks!

Triggers: Smut. Semi-Public (Nightclub). Killed a guy XD

Enjoy ;D

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