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16 & 23 💓

16: Do you keep a journal?
I do! I only use pocket-sized black Moleskines with squared paper, I’m way too particular about it lol

23: What’s the most valuable writing tip you’ve encountered?
Recently I watched Elizabeth Gilbert’s Ted Talk on “Elusive Creative Genius” and it has been tremendously helpful to me. She talks about the Greek idea of a genius being something you have, a sort of spirit that relayed creativity from the gods to the individual that the genius belonged to. I’m not a genius, but it’s nice to think that I have a little genius who keeps feeding me one line at a time of poetry or prose. My genius has been a bit of an ass lately, but these things happen. I’m not even sure this is a writing tip, but she definitely talks about writing in the rest of the talk.

Here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=86x-u-tz0MA

I also have an “on writing” tag of tips and commentary that I find helpful