Through Burt’s Eyes

Anon prompted: One like through pam’s eyes with Burt and Kurt

The day of one of the biggest changes in his son’s life, Burt looks back on Kurt’s life.

8664 words.  Rated: PG

A/N: This is a good bit longer than Through Pam’s Eyes simply because the show gives us more history to Kurt than they do with Blaine (what a shame that we don’t have more about Blaine). 

There’s something about sitting in a hospital waiting room awaiting news or pictures of a newborn baby that makes Burt Hummel start reminiscing.

When Burt Hummel had been told he was having a son, Burt began picturing his son’s life.  He imagined taking his son to baseball games and watching his son play football at a state championship.  He imagined his son getting nervous over a girl.  He imagined a son who would take over the tire shop or do something really sophisticated with his life like become a doctor or a lawyer.  When the nurse put Kurt Jacob Hummel in his arms, Burt realized that the small life he held in his hands would do whatever he wanted to do, but he hoped that everything that he imagined would come to life.

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