simon vs movie wish list: 

  • Leah and Abby talking at the end of the movie about their friendship
  • BRAM COMING OUT TO GARRETT (seriously i would die)
  • Basically anything with bram and garrett’s friendship will fuel me for life
  • hotel Hanukkah 
  • a camera panned out shot of Bram and Simon’s equally adorable crushing-on-him smiles after Simon hands bram’s paper back to him 
  • also one for the soccer scene
  • basically every moment of pining or mutual pining where i can see Bram’s face
  • just give me 864 thousand bram pov scenes
  • “you were all about the boob” 
  • (really though, a discussion about the way Simon’s dad talks about gay people would be 100% amazing)
  • at least like four harry potter references - one drarry 
  • “he thinks about me having sex” 
  • Taylor’s big moment (from what it seems like from twitter/casting it seems like this is definitely going to happen)
  • oreo mush (basically the entire end of the book word for word would be gr8)
  • (edited bc i can’t believe i forgot) KNEES

I take Yonji’s words here as an evidence that despite their superhuman physique, the Vinsmokes are heavily reliant on their weapons and suits, maybe even more than we suspected. His words really put Sanji’s formidable power to beat the shit out of his enemies without using a single weapon into perspective, doesn’t it? All he needs to raise hell is none other than his unprotected, ordinary human body.