Please only use THIS DA to go to the town of Nitemare, as there are two other versions due to how I was making the town.

Venture through the Holiday Forest into a town where the residents are putting together a scary good time! 

If you visit and take screenshots, please tag me in them!! ^^

I’d like to thank starstaciestar for the absolutely wonderful custom Halloweentown paths, forest designs, gravestones (Zero one by me.), face cut-out designs (one could not be used) as well as the wonderful designs in the houses.

Please do not delete the above text.

الأسبوع القادم نتائج الترشيح للوظائف التعليمية نساء

 أعلنت الخدمة المدنية عن موعد نتائج الترشيح المبدئي للمتقدمات على الوظائف المشمولة بلائحة الوظائف التعليمية -نساء- والذي سيكون في الأسبوع القادم بإذن الله.

صرح بذلك حمد المنيف المتحدث الرسمي للخدمة المدنية عبر حسابة الرسمي “بتويتر"، وتمنى المنيف في ختام بيانه التوفيق للجميع.

جميع الحقوق محفوظة لمؤسسة اليمامة الصحفية Provided by SyndiGate Media Inc. (Syndigate.info).

Inside Jerry Lewis' 2009 MDA Telethon

Jerry Lewis sits down with Access’ Nancy O'Dell to talk about his 58 years of work on the MDA Telethon. Plus, he shares his fondest memory of working with Dean Martin.

Erste Europäische Biomethankonferenz in Berlin / dena will Zusammenarbeit und Vernetzung der Biomethanbranche in Europa vorantreiben

Berlin (ots) - Am 12. Oktober 2015 richtet die Deutsche Energie-Agentur (dena) die erste Europäische Biomethankonferenz (European Biomethane Conference - EBC) in Berlin aus. Sie soll als europaweites Forum dazu dienen, die Akteure der Biomethanbranche länderübergreifend besser miteinander zu vernetzen. Auf der englischsprachigen Veranstaltung werden aktuelle Trends und Entwicklungspotenziale von Biomethan in Europa diskutiert.
Experten wie Dr. David Baxter vom Joint Research Center der Europäischen Kommission, Dr. Attila Kovacs von der European Biogas Association (EBA) und Piero Gattoni vom Consorzio Italiano Biogas (CIB) beleuchten Chancen und Herausforderungen eines grenzüberschreitenden Handels von Biomethan und präsentieren Best-Practice-Beispiele.
Hauptsponsor der EBC ist der Biomethanhändler bmp greengas. Weitere Informationen zur Veranstaltung gibt es auf www.dena.de/biomethane.
Biomethan in Europa
Nachfrage und Produktion von Biomethan sind in den vergangenen Jahren in vielen europäischen Staaten rasant gewachsen. Inzwischen wird Biomethan in 17 Ländern in mehr als 340 Anlagen erzeugt und in das öffentliche Erdgasnetz eingespeist oder direkt als Kraftstoff eingesetzt.
Damit daraus ein europäischer Markt wird und das große Potenzial von Biomethan in Europa voll ausgeschöpft werden kann, müssen alle relevanten Akteure in Europa zusammenarbeiten und Informationen austauschen. Diese zentrale Erkenntnis geht aus dem bereits erfolgreich abgeschlossenen EU-Projekt “GreenGasGrids” (www.greengasgrids.eu) hervor und gab Anlass für die Ausrichtung der EBC.
Die Vorteile von Biomethan
Biomethan ist zu Erdgasqualität aufbereitetes Biogas. Es ist fast CO2-neutral und kann aus allen organischen Materialien wie nachwachsenden Rohstoffen oder Abfällen produziert werden. Seine Verwendung ist vielfältig - es dient zur Erzeugung von regenerativem Strom und regenerativer Wärme, als Biokraftstoff für Fahrzeuge oder als Ausgangsstoff für die Herstellung von chemischen Produkten. Da es sich chemisch gesehen wie Erdgas zusammensetzt, kann es in beliebigen Anteilen damit gemischt und in vorhandene Gasnetze eingespeist werden.
OTS: Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) newsroom: http://www.presseportal.de/nr/43338 newsroom via RSS: http://www.presseportal.de/rss/pm_43338.rss2
Pressekontakt: Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena), Nina Fisseler, Chausseestraße 128 a, 10115 Berlin Tel: +49 (0)30 72 61 65-640, Fax: +49 (0)30 72 61 65-699, E-Mail: presse@dena.de, Internet: www.dena.de

The Big Leap
Back at work, Adam seems to have lost his Mojo. Nikki has a romantic encounter with a foreign correspondent cameraman (Rob) that leaves her wanting more.

silverjolteon asked:

Hey I saw what you said about trying to get a shiny bergmite and I appreciate it, but funnily enough, I just caught one myself in the friend safari! So I don't need one anymore, but I'll trade you a hoopa anyway just because why not, my FC is: 2766 - 9069 - 8624

Thank you very much! My friend code is 0705-5342-2347. My ign is Ashley.

Βίντεο ΣΟΚ! – Τον χτύπησε ΕΠΙΤΗΔΕΣ και τον παράτησε στο δρόμο!

Ο οδηγός μίας μηχανής και ενώ κάνει τη βόλτα του, έτυχε να έχει ανοιχτή την κάμερα του και έγινε αυτόπτης

U.S. restaurants betting on "Breakfastarians" for growth

By Lisa Baertlein

LOS ANGELES, Aug 4 (Reuters) - Call it the rise of the “Breakfastarians” - the dining tribe that craves breakfast food morning, noon and night.

Sales of morning standards such as coffee, pancakes and doughnuts are feeding U.S. restaurant traffic growth, outpacing lunch and dinner items. The trend is driven by an improving U.S. job market, with more Americans on the go in the morning and willing to spend on meals outside the home.

It has prompted companies from fast-food leader McDonald’s Corp to North Carolina-based buffet chain Golden Corral to experiment with all-day breakfast. They are joining chains like Denny’s Corp, IHOP, Jack in the Box and Sonic Corp, which for years have offered breakfast anytime.

Taco Bell took the morning plunge about a year ago and breakfast now accounts for 7 percent of sales. Dunkin’ Donuts sells breakfast sandwiches all day and says they are a growth driver.

“When people work, they eat out more often. Fast-food chains are the first to benefit because (people entering or returning to the workforce) are going to go for the more affordable stuff,” said Malcolm Knapp, whose Knapp-Track service keeps tabs on restaurant sales and guest counts.

“It’s hard to screw up breakfast … everything goes well with bacon,” he added.

Breakfast visits were up 4 percent for the year ended May 2015, largely due to gains at fast-food chains, while lunch and dinner visits were flat, according to research firm NPD Group.

There is no official tally of how many Americans consider themselves Breakfastarians, a term that popped up on the Internet a few years ago and was embraced by IHOP ads.

A 2014 survey by the National Restaurant Association showed 72 percent of U.S. adults wished restaurants would offer breakfast items all day.

The trend has been on the rise since 2011, and has been a bright spot for big national chains. McDonald’s, Starbucks Corp , and Panera Bread Co recently highlighted the strength of breakfast sales in their quarterly reports.

When a company’s breakfast business gets to scale, it can be very profitable, said Sanford Bernstein analyst Sara Senatore. She estimates that breakfast accounts for about 25 percent of McDonald’s sales and roughly 40 percent of profit in the United States.

Still, not every chain will win at breakfast.

“Consumers are generally reluctant to make changes to their morning routine,” Senatore said. Beyond that, egg prices have soared since a U.S. bird flu outbreak forced producers to cull millions of chickens.

Starbucks said it got a sales bump from its bakery expansion, new drinks like the “flat white,” an Australian import made with whole milk and more concentrated espresso.

Panera’s breakfast business grew faster than lunch and dinner during the latest quarter, but breakfast sales came with a lower margin.

McDonald’s, which dominates the fast-food breakfast category and is working to end a U.S. sales slump that has persisted for more than a year, said its breakfast business has proven resilient to the industry’s intense competition.

Chief Executive Steve Easterbrook expects McDonald’s third-quarter global sales at established restaurants to grow, but warned that all-day breakfast is no silver bullet.

Some franchisees are concerned over the additional cost of serving breakfast all day, while others worry it could dent sales if diners opt for lower-priced Egg McMuffins over higher-priced burgers.

Elsewhere, privately held Golden Corral is considering extending or making permanent its traffic-boosting summer “Breakfast for Lunch and Dinner” promotion. Denny’s, whose breakfasts are legend with the late-night party crowd, is in turnaround mode and has seen its traffic rise for the last three quarters.

Pancake chain IHOP, which has been in the business of all-day breakfast for more than 57 years, in May took direct aim at the movement, launching an ad campaign “celebrating” Breakfastarians.

(Reporting by Lisa Baertlein in Los Angeles; Editing by Michele Gershberg and Andrew Hay)

IIROC Trading Resumption - BOZ

VANCOUVER , Aug. 4, 2015 /CNW/ - Trading resumes in:

Company: Banks Island Gold Ltd.

TSX-Venture Symbol: BOZ

Resumption (ET): 1:15 PM

IIROC can make a decision to impose a temporary suspension (halt) of trading in a security of a publicly-listed company. Trading halts are implemented to ensure a fair and orderly market. IIROC is the national self-regulatory organization which oversees all investment dealers and trading activity on debt and equity marketplaces in Canada .

SOURCE Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) - Halts/Resumptions

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