Job #2

Sole Stew on 85ft pacific mariner hull number 1.. but wait it gets better, with my boyfriend! We were stoked to have our first team job. Remember that deckhand I fell in love with… 

We both moved up to mate and sole stew, I got to do my favorite part of the job all the time and that was service! I spent less time helping on deck and doing beds and heads and made sure there was always a cold beer in the guests hand and greeted them with cold towellets before serving lunch after their busy morning exploring the Exumas. 

While on board learned SO much. I learned boring stuff like proper ironing techniques, stain removal, laundry, napkin folds even toilet paper folds, but most importantly i learned a lot in the galley. Tanya, the chef, let me work under her and I always asked if she needed help, even if it was gross tasks like picking out the old wilted arugula that was supposed to arrive from water makers the day before. I loved being in the galley. 

After two months on that boat, hungover on a saturday morning after having our first night off in 3 weeks (you can imagine the hangover) we, as in my boyfriend and I got an unexpected call from a friend telling us about an amazing job opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. We shot out of bed and were on a phone interview with the owners within the hour. what a whirlwind. 

There were many pros and cons to leaving our current position but this new job was a power position for both my boyfriend and I. We accepted with as much excitement for the future as the Patriots winning the Super Bowl! (I’m a masshole btw).

Venue :85ft Karya Siddhi Hanuman Murti
Dates : 9th to 12th June, 2015
Group Chant Count - 1,845
Individual Chant Count : Shafffick A Henry (1,000), Dhanmattie Dubay (1,800) = 2,800

TOTAL CHANT COUNT = 4,645 http://ift.tt/1Cs619O

Venue :85ft Karya Siddhi Hanuman Murti
Dates :13th to 19th June, 2015
Group Chant Count - 3,033
Individual Chant Count : Lisa Oudit (1,500), Latchmin Ramnarine (40) = 1,540

TOTAL CHANT COUNT = 4,573 http://ift.tt/1JidkZq