I… can’t remember the prices…
85C Bakery Cafe is very affordable, though. They offer a lovely selection of baked goods. My friends and I shared a basic sweet bread and taro bread ♥. We also tried their sea salt iced coffee, which in my opinion wasn’t a big deal.



1) Accepted to UC Irvine!! I’M NOT GOING TO COMMUNITY COLLEGE YAAAYYY!!!! Relief relief~ It’s not my top choice but…. I’m satisfied with UCI. No need to be too greedy ^^

2) 99% on WHAP exam~~~

3) Matthew, Derek and I went off campus to Do Re Mi House for lunch and Tea Garden for boba ^^ It was really good~~~~

4) I actually still have a B in AP Gov…. WHAT IS THIS. I guess I’ll have to really study for next week’s upcoming exam to keep that B -.-;;;

5) Finished Moon That Embraces the Sun ^^ Okay there were some unnecessary deaths (like Seol and Shaman Jang…. Like seriously?….) but overall I would give it a 8.5/10 ^^

UCLA comes out tomorrow….. and Berkeley should be soon after too…..