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do you have any completed sifki au fics you could recommend?

I have tons. I made an AU post a while back but it sorely needs to be updated. So here’s 35 or 40 fics detailing how the love and tragedy of these two span lifetimes and universes!

my heart is out traveling by coffeesuperhero (M rating, 29598 words)

Modern AU. Roadtrip! Ex-marrieds Loki and Sif drive across the country to get to Thor’s wedding.

The Nine Realms Cafe by nayanroo (M rating, 10599 words)

Modern/Coffee shop AU. Loki and Thor open up a cafe, and Sif hides out inside.

Day In the Life by nayanroo (G rating, 1842 words)

Modern AU. Loki becomes a stay-at-home dad.

Good Morning by murdur (M rating, 1446 words)

Modern AU. Loki helps Sif wake up slowly.

Stress Relief by plastic_cello (E rating, 8566 words)

Modern AU. Life as a professor can be stressful but Sif knows how to help.

audition colorae by rories (G rating, 1301 words)

Modern AU. Loki the artist, shares his work with Sif. Lovely. 

i think back to when by cerebel (E rating, 1969 words)

Modern AU. Sif tracks Loki down.

Disciplinary Action by mescaline (E rating, 4871 words)

Modern AU. Sif is Loki’s commanding officer in the military and in charge of keeping him in line, in a rather surprising form of punishment.

Parent Teacher Conference by snowqueenly (G rating, 1100 words)

Modern AU. Loki is the kindergarten teacher to Sif’s son Ullr. They make a deal. Part 2 Part 3

Hooker AU by snowqueenly (G rating, 1290 words)

Modern AU. Loki propositions Sif, and they spend an evening together. Part 2 Part 3

Golden Days of Yore by murdur (M rating, 5694 words)

Modern AU. Christmas fic. Loki and Sif spend their first holiday together

a time for futures by meritmut (G rating, 3665 words)

Modern AU. Holiday fic. Domestic-y looking into the aristocratic life of the family.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside by lightsaway (G rating, 1764 words)

Modern AU. Christmas fic. The song they both hate is what keeps them warm when it’s coldest out.

Snowed In by losechesters (T rating, 2681 words)

Modern AU. Loki and Sif get snowed in on Christmas Eve. 

though the truth may vary this/ship will carry our bodies safe to shore by artyartie (Not Rated, 16732 words)

Modern/Historical/Myth blend AU. Loki and Sif as deep sea divers looking for lost treasure who stumble upon something bigger. Prequel/Side fic here 

Serial Killer AU by the_stark_words (M rating, 740 words)

Modern AU. Loki and Sif become serial killers.

The Case of the Diamond Hammer by sabinelagrande (E rating, 1937 words)

Modern Detective Noir AU. Loki Aesir walks into a detective’s office with something up his sleeve.

Lover’s Wine by agloriouspurpose (R rating, 2596 words)

Spy/Assassins AU. Super sexy and exciting.

Cloak and Dagger by murdur (M rating, 3582 words)

Spy/Heist AU. Sif has a shadow.

Desks are made to be messed up by lostloveloki (E rating, 1879 words)

College AU. Professor Laufeyson breaks college regulations.

Cooler Than Me by thornmallow (G rating, 1519 words)

College AU. Hipster Loki has an ugly crush on Sif.

wicked games by kirkwoodisinoregon (R rating, 518 words)

College AU. Sif wants to wreck that look on his face. Continued here

Rosewater and Cayenne by sabinelagrande (G rating, 1036 words)

High School AU. Loki really isn’t expecting anything but coffee.

Sadie Hawkins by talefeathers (G rating, 204 words)

High School AU. Loki thinks it’s a joke.

Prohibition by residualaffection (T rating, 5084 words)

Historical AU (1920’s). Sif and Loki cause trouble in a speakeasy.

Gift of the Magi by artyartie (G rating, 1871 words)

Historical AU (1920’s). Christmastime in London, former soldier Loki meets student Sif.

Fated by DealingDearie (Not Rated, 1463 words)

Historical AU (Titanic). Loki and Sif, married and very much in love, are lucky enough to get a room aboard the Titanic.

Covert Operations by DealingDearie (Not Rated, 1532 words)

Historical AU (WWII). Sif is a British spy working in Nazi-occupied France, and Loki is a conflicted German soldier.

Shameful Blood by DealingDearie (Not Rated, 1473 words)

Historical AU (Civil War). Loki is a wounded Northern soldier and Sif is a Southern housewife that helps save his life.

Sif & Sensibility by newredshoes (G rating, 15275 words)

Regency AU. Pride and Prejudice-y with role reversals.

Flirting & Flyting by mathmusicreading (Not rated, 516 words)

Victorian AU. Loki speaks the language of fans. 

Advanced Studies in Mythology by mescaline (G rating, 4408 words)

Community AU/Crossover. Thor, Loki, and Sif are the new kids at Greendale Community College. 

The Eccentric by damalur (G rating, 3061 words)

BBC Sherlock AU. London’s only consulting magician acquires a flatmate.

Seven Mornings by kellatrix (T rating, 1460 words)

Various settings. Seven universes, seven mornings, one relationship that transcends dimensions

AU MCU One-shots by coffeesuperhero

Various settings. Medieval AUModern AUHoliday AU

Ta-da! Hopefully this is full of something interesting for everyone out there. I can think of more little drabbles and fics floating around tumblr but I am too tired to search them out right now, so as always feel free to share and add! 

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