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The Fitting (Part 12)

(You respond to Jungkook’s request that you start dating for real.)

WARNINGS: 8500 words of angst.  That is all.

The message notification on your phone jolted you awake and nearly caused you to fall out of bed.  You were lying right at the edge of the mattress with Jungkook’s body pressed tightly against your back.  When you first fell asleep, you were both lying in the center of the large bed, but as the night wore on, you would roll an inch away from him to sleep more comfortably and give yourself some breathing room.  Although he was sound asleep, Jungkook somehow sensed your movement away from him and his body would immediately close the gap between the two of you until, eventually, there was no more room left to move.

Carefully, you slipped out of bed, grabbed your phone, and headed towards the bathroom.  As expected, the text message was from your cousin checking up on your date last night.

10:17am (Seulji)  How did it go?  Was it fun?  Did you fall in love with him yet?

10:20am (You)  It went fine, he’s a fun guy but it’s just not the right time for me.

10:21am (Seulji) What?  Why?  I need details.

Details.  You wondered if he would tell your cousin about the fact that you were seeing someone else or if he would just let it go.  You didn’t even want to think about the conversation you would have to have with Seulji once she found out that you had another man all along.

10:23am (You) I have to jump in the shower right now.  I’ll talk to you about it later.

You set the phone, face down, on the counter and could hear two more messages come through but you didn’t bother looking.  Instead you turned on the water extra hot and stepped into the steaming shower, hoping to wash off your lingering guilt.

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Why this Giant Bomb in Afghanistan is weird

So we just dropped a giant fucking bomb in Eastern Afghanistan to fight ISIS.  The bomb in question is the GBU-43, one of the largest non Nuclear bombs the US has and is a 22,000 pound bomb.  The normal weight of a US bomb is 250-2,000 pounds.  The reason why we use smaller bombs is they are more precise, the smaller bomb makes a smaller explosion, which is less likely to harm civilians or non combatants.  More and more the US military style has been in favor of more narrow targets and more specific weapons.  So the GBU-43 is very different, that is a giant fucking bomb that damages a whole area.  It is the second largest non nuclear bomb the US has in stock, which would be the GBU-57, which weighs 30,000 pounds.  The GBU-57 is designed to destroy massively fortified bunker complexes, so if the enemies are in a fortress, we could level it.  Now we have never used the 57, because our enemies aren’t stupid enough to build a giant fortress and wait for us to bomb them, they know full well how great our air power is, and so they spread out to avoid being hit.  The GBU-43 is has greater spread than the GBU-57 and is designed to destroy not bunkers or cave complexes, but to spread a large explosion in a specific region, like if you wanted to blow up a large part of a city or destroy a bunch of small defenses over a wide area.  It comes from the 15,000 pound BLU-82 bomb used in the Vietnam War to blow up dense areas of jungle that could then be used for landing. The spread is a mile wide Source  

  The Way the Bomb works is that it explodes and pretty much everything is a giant massive crater, like if 11 tons of TNT was blow up at once.  This bomb is so heavy that it requires a special type of plane, a parachute, and an elaborate organization system to even drop the damn thing.  We considered using this particular Bomb in 2003 but thought better of it.  

   lets talk about Afghanistan for a moment.   ISIS in Afghanistan has been on a steady retreat, between the 8500 US Forces, the 7,000 NATO forces and the who knows how many Afghan Forces, ISIS has been reduced to roughly 800 troops guarding two provinces.  ISIS is also battling the Taliban, no ally to the US and struggling with local warlords and bandit groups.  So we have been steadily winning in Afghanistan at least in the short term goal of defeating ISIS (the long term goal we still haven’t figured out) as things were.  As always, the tough Afghanistan terrain combined with the use of roadside bombs, tunnels, and well trained insurgents is extremely difficult to deal with.  The US has had some recent problems because it was thought we were going to leave in a few months from today, now it looks like we are going to be here for…who knows how long.  In fighting ISIS btw, the Taliban has been able to gain more and more power.   So does the GBU-43 help us win? Why did we drop a giant fucking bomb? 

    It doesn’t look like it, I mean if dropping a really big bomb is what it would take to defeat ISIS….why hadn’t we done that before?  We have been in Afghanistan since 2001, the bomb was built in 2003, if using it would scare terrorists into surrendering…why didn’t we use it earlier.

  One of the main issues with bombs is that we often blow up things we didn’t intend too.  Only yesterday, we accidentally killed 18 of our Syrian Allies fighting ISIS which is turning into a huge PR nightmare.  The Bomb isn’t designed for the type of fighting we are doing in Afghanistan at the moment, at least that isn’t what I have lead to believe.  If it is designed for that type of fighting….why haven’t we used i before?  In fact if the bomb killed civilians, which the Military is telling us isn’t true but I am skeptical, this would hurt our efforts in the region, since it buys into the exact type of behavior that helps ISIS recruit new people to fight us.  

  It kinda seems like this is a PR stunt, and that worries me.  Trump’s approval ratings are extremely low and a giant fucking bomb might help make him look good, or at least make him think he is looking good.  In many ways this reminds me of the airstrike on Assad, which regardless of whether we should or should not attack Assad, this particular airstrike didn’t do much of anything. The bomb seems to be the same, maybe using giant fuck off bombs might help stabilize the region, but it looks like we just dropped it so we could brag about the giant fucking bomb we just dropped.  Because the mainstream media likes bombs, you can show them on TV and get ratings, so I think Trump is trying to get popularity by doing macho military things like dropping giant bombs so we can feel like we made progress.

   Maybe this is to intimidate China and North Korea which I doubt will work, China knows we won’t ever go to war with them (and visa Versa).

   Or maybe Trump thinks we can scare ISIS into going home.

 Honestly this seems more like optics than a long term strategy, but I”m going to wait and see how things turn out

Hidup ini adalah serangkaian pertemuan. Pertemuan denganmu salah satunya. Jika bukan sekarang, nanti pun tak mengapa. Barangkali kini kita sedang berada di lintasan yang berbeda. Kamu ke selatan aku ke utara, atau kamu ke timur aku ke barat. Sekali lagi, tak apa-apa. Nikmati saja perjalananmu menujuku, aku pun akan menikmati perjalanan menujumu.

Kita pasti bertemu, tenang saja. Tentu di waktu paling tepat, bukan cepat bukan pula lambat. Jika hari ini belum, mungkin minggu besok. Jika belum juga, masih ada bulan depan. Jika masih belum juga, waktu terus berjalan, bisa jadi tahun depan atau tahun-tahun berikutnya. Semua hanya perihal waktu, tidak baik jika tergesa-gesa.

Rindu menemukanmu memang terkadang tergesa-gesa, tapi segala yang tergesa, tidak baik bukan?

Judul: Rindu yang Tergesa-gesa

Penulis: aksarannyta
Ukuran: 13 x 19 cm
Tebal: 172 hlm
Penerbit: GagasMedia
ISBN: 978-979-780-882-2
Harga: Rp55.000,-

Edisi Spesial Rindu yang Tergesa-gesa sudah bisa kamu dapatkan di toko buku di bawah ini teman-teman. Yuk segera pesan! Ada tanda tangan penulis dan masker mata untuk memudarkan sedihmu juga :)

1. @bukubukularis (WA: 0878 7332 6059)
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Monggoo, buat temen-temen yg udah nungguin anak pertama @aksarannyta lahir, hari ini tanggal 17 Maret 2017 resmi bersalin. Ikut PO juga supaya dapat harga khususnya. PO sampai tanggal 26 Maret 2017. Buat yang satu ini, pesen tergesa-gesa juga gak apa-apa. ;)

—- Aku masih menunggu di tepi-tepi kerinduan yang berjajar. Lama-lama, kurasa ia memang tergesa-gesa, hingga mampu mengaburkan mata dari kemungkinan lain, sebuah kemungkinan bahwa aku bisa saja tidak mendapat rindu yang sama.—-

How Did the Elite Freshmen Do?

I was curious because this is definitely one of the strongest freshman classes in terms of former U.S. National Team members (this post only includes those who made at least a semi-major international team (i.e. Pac Rims, Pan Ams)). Please let me know if I forgot someone!

Maddie Desch (Alabama):

All-Around: N/A

Vault: N/A

Bars: N/A

Beam: T-59th (9.8000)

Floor: T-46th (9.8500)

Rachel Gowey (Florida):

All-Around: N/A

Vault: N/A

Bars: T-16th (9.8875)

Beam: T-25th (9.8750)

Floor: N/A

Amelia Hundley (Florida)

All-Around: 12th (39.4125)

Vault: T-24th (9.8500)

Bars: T-26th (9.8625)

Beam: T-52nd (9.8250)

Floor: T-30th (9.8750)

Madison Kocian (UCLA):

All-Around: 7th (39.5500)

Vault: T-18th (9.8750)

Bars: T-22nd (9.8750)

Beam: T-33rd (9.8625)

Floor: T-7th (9.9375)

Maggie Nichols (Oklahoma):

All-Around: 29th (39.1250)

Vault: T-5th (9.9000)

Bars: T-1st (9.9500)

Beam: 81st (9.3500)

Floor: T-10th (9.9250)

Kyla Ross (UCLA):

All-Around: 6th (39.5750)

Vault: T-29th (9.8375)

Bars: T-1st (9.9500)

Beam: 1st (9.9625)

Floor: T-64th (9.8250)

Mykayla Skinner (Utah):

All-Around: 2nd (39.6125)

Vault: T-5th (9.9000)

Bars: T-38th (9.8375)

Beam: T-8th (9.9125)

Floor: T-1st (9.9625)

Sabrina Vega (Georgia):

All-Around: N/A

Vault: N/A

Bars: N/A

Beam: T-74th (9.6500)

Floor: N/A

ok but why does Namjoon look like an internationally recognized botanist ready to drop the hottest TED talk of all time?? 

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anonymous asked:

Do you know when you might post the last chapter to your de-aged fic?

I mean, the plan was today. but my husband has been marathoning Game of Thrones and it keeps sucking my attention away from writing…

It’s missing a scene, I’m not sure what yet though, I just know I need a little bridge in there, because I have two different versions of the same scene that I need to combine haha (that happens to me too often). Then I have to finish two other scenes half-written. What I have down + outlined is currently 5100 words, with a target of 8500. Writing 3400 words won’t take me that long, it’s just a matter of making it flow/fit. I’m gonna try to get as much of it done today after visiting my in-laws, and try to post it either tonight or tomorrow morning.

I now need to pull a 8500 word journal article out of my arse for August because I’ve just seen the Call for Papers for Horror Studies next issue which is “Online Horror and Narrative Networks” which is… well, made for me.

3 Daemons nuevos con habilidades especiales se han unido a la Invocación Rara!

Queridos Agentes Espirituales, 3 daemons extra poderosos con habilidades especiales han sido añadidos a la Invocación Rara por tiempo limitado! 

Te darán una mano en el próximo evento “Competición Espiritual de Idos” Podrás invocarlos en la Invocación Rara antes del 10/05/2017 15:00:00. En los últimos tres días habrá intercambio de mochi de daemons especiales. Tambien, el ratio de gran mejora sera triplicado antes del 26/04/2017 15:00:00.

★4 Star Mine
Incrementa el DAÑO de habilidad de todos los aliados por 33%~100%.(El efecto incrementa con numero de limit break.)
MAX ATK:8500 MAX HP:6100
[Iniciador de Fuego](MAX):Causa 1503 DAÑO a todos los enemigos.
[Lluvia de Fuegos Artificiales](Lv65):Incrementa bruscamente la velocidad del ATK y el DAÑO de habilidad.

★4 Zirco Elf
Incrementa el total de puntos de evento por 33%~100%.(El efecto incrementa con numero de limit break.)
MAX ATK:7800 MAX HP:5750
[Danza Conciliadora](MAX):Causa 2314 DAÑO a los 2 enemigos con el mayor ATK. Los afectados causan 30% menos DAÑO por tiempo limitado.
[Humorista](Lv75):Incrementa ligeramente el DAÑO de habilidad de los miembros Deidad en el equipo al inicio de cada oleada.

★4 Diablata
Duplica la obtención de Boletas de Votación por 33%~100%.(El efecto incrementa con numero de limit break.)
MAX ATK:5800 MAX HP:6750
[La Pasión de un Demonio](MAX):Restaura 969 HP a todos los aliados; Incrementa la velocidad de los afectados un 30% por tiempo limitado.
[Mascara Llamativa](Lv60):Incrementa bruscamente el DAÑO causado.

Periodo de Intercambio:
07/05/2017 15:00:00 - 10/05/2017 15:00:00
50 mochis requeridos por intercambio.
Los daemons asistentes mencionados arriba serán removidos de la Invocación Rara el 10/05/2017 15:00:00.