850 75


M42 75/18 850(i) Self-propelled Guns. These vehicles were formerly known as “Semovente M42 75/18 ” (“Self-propelled (gun) M42 15/18”) while in service with the Italian Royal Army. Following the Italian Armistice, they were commandeered by the Germans and pressed into service. More were produced in factories located in the Italian Social Republic (“Repubblica Sociale Italiana”).

Dennis Oppenheim
Pretty Ideas from Mind Twist: A Portfolio of Burnt Out Thoughts, 1977
chromogenic print documenting red, green, yellow strontium nitrate flares (event in 1974), 10 minutes, 75 x 850 feet, exit 56 Long Island Expressway, NY

So apparently tickets for Bruce on Broadway will range from $75 to $850. Whilst I understand the scale, I don’t necessarily feel it’s justified. Tickets for broadway shows can be an eye watering price, I know, I saw Hamilton. I feel it will price a large number of people out of the opportunity to see him (especially when lots of fans can’t afford to see him when touring), because let’s face it, out of all the tickets only a small percentage will probably be at the starting scale and then will progress upwards of $100-$175 etc and then up to the $850 which will most likely cover the first 2-3 rows.
I’m aware that people would have been willing to pay whatever price was announced and many will probably go to multiple shows, but I feel for the people that would love to be able to go to a show but they find themselves priced out, or feel that they have to pay the money to see this show or they have missed out on something. (Because as nice as the E street nation is, there is a certain element that have a serious superiority complex, as if you are a greater fan the longer you wait in line or the more shows you have seen.)
I know that my opinion will probably not be that of the majority (and I’m not really a true fan anyway, as I’ve been told on numerous occasions because I purchased rock n roll foundation tickets rather than wait hours in a role call line or enter the lottery) <- sorry that part really bothers me, I actually nearly left before the show started in Rome because I couldn’t take the shit a group of “fans” were giving me after they saw my underground garage badge.