85 mph

When is Illinois gonna just abandon the concept of speed limits and let rural highways operate in like, Autobahn conditions. Illinois drivers aren’t fuckin following the speed limit anyways lmao


-the winds of the tropical storm are currently 85 mph but are supposed to increase up to 115 mph when it hits land friday evening.

-i may be staying to assist at the hospitals and be with my brother since he can’t leave his job early unless its a mandatory evacuation.

-i love you guys and i’ll keep you updated here and on snapchat.


85 MPH wasn’t fast enough anymore, the throttle was his enemy as his palms began to burn from his stressed grip. The wind fought against him, his hair whipped at the back of his neck, and the lack of his poor excuse of a helmet was the absolute last thought on his mind.

His dyna neared 90 while his gloves tightened, making the leather crease. If he had been going any faster he would have missed the small bus station, where you quietly sat, a single bag to your left, and your ticket at hand.

Hurling through the door, Chibs bloodshot eyes pleaded as they searched.
Your stomach dropped and the ache in your chest stalled. His soles looked to weigh over a ton, but he ran over, almost in tears.

“I don’ want anybody else-”
You stood, trying to stop his words with a single finger against his lips.

“Please,” he pleaded, “Don’ leave me here- not now.” He stepped forward, trying to wrap his arms around your waist to pull you in.

Stepping back was your objection,
“Don’t Chibs-”

“Now boarding bus 012 to Austin!”

No other words left your lips in fear of what could escape, so you just grabbed your bag, and fought the aching lump in your throat.
Chibs must have been doing the same because not a single sound could be heard as you turned away. He couldn’t cry or call out when you walked off, his body wouldn’t let him. Watching you board that bus made the ache in his throat fall to the depth of his core, growing more and more until you were gone, and as the bus sped off, his chest hollowed.

The signs as roller coasters

Aries - Fury 325 (Carowinds, USA) - B&M Giga - Tallest non-launched roller coaster in the world (325 feet)

Taurus - El Toro (Six Flags Great Adventure, USA) - Intamin Wooden Coaster - Rated best wooden coaster multiple years in a row

Gemini - Formula Rossa (Ferrari World, UAE) - Intamin - Fastest in the world (149 mph/240 km/h)

Cancer - Shambhala (PortAventura, Spain) - B&M Hypercoaster - Tallest in Europe (76 m/249 feet)

Leo - Thunderbird (Holiday Park, USA) - B&M Wing Coaster - First B&M of it’s kind

Virgo - Black Mamba (Phantasialand, Germany) - B&M Invert - First invert in Germany

Libra - Blue Fire (Europa Park, Germany) - Mack Megacoaster - Tallest loop in Europe (36 meters) and first inverting Mack coaster

Scorpio - Helix (Liseberg, Sweden) - Mack Megacoaster w/ multiple launches - Rated best new roller coaster in Europe 2014

Sagittarius - Goliath (Six Flags Great America, USA) - RMC Inverting Wooden Coaster - Steepest/Fastest wooden coaster in the world (85°) - (72 mph/116 km/h)

Capricorn - Takabisha (Fuji-Q, Japan) - Gerstlauer - Steepest drop in the world (121°)

Aquarius - The Smiler (Alton Towers, England) - Gerstlauer Multi-Looper - World’s largest amount of loops on a roller coaster (14)

Pisces - Manta (SeaWorld Orlando) - B&M Flyer - Has several fountains/waterfalls throughout the ride, and has a manta exhibit in the queue


Dear Justin Bieber fans/BiELiBeRz,

I’m really glad that you support someone who could’ve ended someones life. I don’t think you fully understand the severity of his actions–though I wouldn’t expect you to, because:

  1. You’re probably in middle school.
  2. You probably masturbated to his face for the first time. Ew.
  3. You don’t understand any amount of law and the criminal justice system–otherwise you wouldn’t be supporting some washed up celebrity.
  4. You probably never lost someone from a drunk driving incident.
  5. You think DUI means Drinking Under the Influence (PROTIP it’s actually DRIVING Under the Influence, dipshit; the INFLUENCE is the ALCOHOL and DRUGS in his system!)

Lets review some of the incriminating evidence, shall we? This motherfucker was charged with:

  1. Drunk driving/Failing a sobriety test.
  2. Underage drinking (he’s 19–and for those of you saying ‘oh wahhh he’s just a kid’ uh bitch, once you reach 18 YOU’RE AN ADULT).
  3. Driving without a valid license.
  4. Resisting arrest–“the singer was not cooperating with the officer’s instructions…he was a little belligerent, using some choice words questioning why he was being stopped and why the officer was even questioning him…he allegedly ignored a police officer’s request to keep his hands on the car while he did a cursory patdown for weapons.”

“WHAT THE FUCK DID I DO?! WHY DID YOU STOP ME?!” He had the audacity to ask the police officer who pulled him over this very question. This dickweed had “a flushed face, bloodshot eyes, and the odor of alcohol on his breath” how fucking stupid can you be? He had consumed a good amount of alcohol, he had been smoking marijuana, and even had prescription medications in his system.

“A Miami Beach officer saw Bieber driving a yellow Lamborghini in a race against a red Ferrari in a residential area of Miami Beach…the cars were speeding at about 55 to 60 mph in a 30 mph zone.”

In case you close-minded kids don’t know:

  1. Lamborghini and Ferrari make some of the fastest cars in the industry; what YOU think feels like 55 to 60 mph actually feels like 70 to 85 mph in one of those cars.
  2. Since some of you can’t drive, you also don’t know that you can’t speed in a residential neighborhood–here in Michigan, the residential speed limit is 25 mph. Your beloved Bieber was already breaking the law, with or without substances in his system.
  3. One more time: THEY WERE RACING IN A RESIDENTIAL NEIGHBORHOOD AND COULD’VE KILLED SOMEONE. “It was like, 4 in the morning! Like, who else would be up that early?” Lets see, maybe some parents have a lengthy commute to work and have to leave the house by 4am, or maybe some insomniac needed a brief walk before going to bed. Or, even better, he could’ve collided into someone’s home!

We all know–especially BiELeBeR fans–that he’s done douchy things long before his DUI arrest. To recap:

  1. In Colorado, Bieber decided to pull over into a wealthy neighborhood and take a piss–inscribing his initials in the snow. THAT should’ve been indecent exposure and he could’ve been put on the sexual offenders list–JUST letting you dipshits know.
  2. On January 10th, Bieber was arguing with one of his neighbors in his gated community about some stupid problem. His solution? Egg his neighbors house, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Vandalism and ruining private property is another offense.
  3. On September 30th, this asswaif went to China and had his two bodyguards (or in his case, slaves) carry his lazy no-good self up the Great Wall of China–when they made it to the top, Bieber hopped off the guards and took pics for his Instagram. Mind you, he was ABLE-BODIED.
  4. Then Bieber decides to leave a club through the kitchen, and took a piss in the restaurants mop bucket–Bieber’s idiotic group of followers thinks the restaurant staff ought to feel special for having Bieber pee in their mop bucket.
  5. THOUGH I HATE THE BLACKHAWKS FOR TAKING OUR STANLEY CUP, this turd tramples through the Blackhawks locker room and standing right on the Native American team logo–though he thinks his apology will suffice. Right, fucker.
  6. When he met the Prime Minister of Canada, Bieber thought 'formal attire’ meant a backwards cap, a baggy shirt, a silver chain, and Oshkosh overalls. Uh, what.
  7. Bieber hocked a loogie at his 47-year old neighbor after the father of three kids screamed at him to drive more carefully; he was driving over 100 mph within the neighborhood. “Get the fuck out of here!” he told the man, “I’m gonna fucking kill you!” REAL ROLE MODEL.
  8. He wears pants that make it look like he has a dirty diaper 24/7.
  9. On June 21st, Bieber rents a private plane to take him from Miami to Burbank, CA. The flight was SUPPOSED to be at 11am, due to Bieber’s lack of punctuality, he shows up (finally) at 3pm, and STILL not ready to leave–because he had to track down his second pet monkey. It took 4 HOURS to pick up the monkey, and the plane was airborne 8 HOURS after the scheduled fucking departure. Talk about wasting someone’s time.
  10. When Biebs was visiting the Netherlands last year, he made a point to go to the Anne Frank house. “Truly inspiring to be able to come here, Anne was a great girl…hopefully she would have been a Belieber.” Oh, she probably would’ve, if she didn’t die from typhus in a concentration camp in 1945, you dirtbag.
  11. Being perpetually late starting his concerts. Douche!
  12. This fucker had 20 people assisting him backstage when he was guest-hosting SNL back in February–20 fucking people. One to help him hold a slice of pizza, another to help him drink his Diet Coke. SERIOUSLY?!
  13. Neglects his pet monkey and abandoned his ass in Germany.
  14. He drove a leopard print Audi R8…let that sink in…leopard print. Leopard print. LEOPARD PRINT.
  15. Back in June, Biebs and his crew were disrespectful to a Las Vegas indoor skydiving facility–so much that they were placed on the 'no fly’ list. “A source told E! News that Bieber and his crew arrived a couple minutes before closing, trashed the bathrooms and agreed to handle payment after flying.” On top of that, they didn’t even pay the owner or tip the staff who helped him fly.
  16. Lets not forget this one: he hawked spit over the side of a balcony and onto some poor, loyal fans of his–he then was photographed laughing and pointing at the poor girls below after they were spat on. Douche-y enough, he had JUST posted a pic on his Instagram with the same crowd of fans saying how #blessed he was.
  17. Oh, and he slept with a Brazilian prostitute. Ew.

Despite all of this history this 'kid’ has, you STILL have the nerve to support him? To give him your money? To go to his concerts (that he’ll be late to anyway)? To defend his CRIMINAL actions?!

You would let him spit on your face and you would think it was Holy Water straight from the Vatican, and you would forever say “#BLESSED!!!!!”


If the police hadn’t arrested him, he could’ve either died (which is favorable at this point) or killed an innocent family.

He’s not a 'kid’ anymore. His actions were consciously made, they were NOT mistakes. Biebs is a product of A WASHED UP CELEBRITY and is FAILING to come to terms that his career is slowly closing on him. He is an irresponsible, spoiled, selfish and immature brat who thinks he is entitled to EVERYTHING and thinks he can get away with shit because he’s famous.

HE DESERVED TO BE ARRESTED AND HE SHOULD’VE BEEN THROWN INTO PRISON! The amount of charges he racked up on that night alone was enough to sentence his ass for a LONG time. Include the additional douchebag activities (egging a house, spitting on fans, threatening his neighbor and his family, etc.) could supplement MORE time behind bars.

Fans like you disgust me and the rest of the sane human race. If Justin Bieber gave a shit about his fans, he would’ve made a public statement like a responsible adult would’ve done. He would do the honorable thing and go to rehab; he would also clean up his act.

Truth is, he doesn’t give a shit about you. He never will. He doesn’t honor you as a person, he is never humble about his success and his ego just continues to inflate, thanks to brain-washed fans like you. He doesn’t honor your time or your support, no matter how many pics of his fans are on his Instagram.

You only stay as one of his 'loyal fans’ because you think he’ll change–he won’t. Your parents hate him–so you immediately like him. You’re attracted by his (pathetic) attempts at a 'bad boy’, 'grown-up’ image–and you believe this is how every guy must act, he has become that standard in which you will measure men for the rest of your life.

Honestly, if you’re like this with a celebrity, I’m sure many of you will unfortunately wind up in relationships that will prove very unhealthy. And for that alone, I feel sorry for you.

“He didn’t ask to be a role model!” No one in their life asks to be a role model; you just become one. Through the words that you speak, the actions you take, and the impressions you leave on people–you either become a role model, or you become an asswipe. Being a role model is not only flattering, but it’s also a responsibility.

TL;DR - Stop supporting this douche, stop defending his actions, stop making excuses for him. You’re not his girl/boyfriend, you have no obligation to defend his criminal actions. Have common sense and understand that what Justin did was wrong and his punishment should’ve been way more severe.

IF YOU DON’T LIKE MY OPINION ON YOUR BELOVED CRIMINAL, TAKE IT TO MY ASK BOX, BITCH. I don’t care what stupid shit you have to say in princess’s defense.

Thinking of You

Characters: Dean x Reader

Words: 1653

Summary: The reader tries to run from Dean and her past, but doesn’t make it very far.

This is part 2 in a series. Part 1 is here. Part 2 was requested by lisasalmi, soaringeag1e, and apple-pie-na. Here you go lovies!

Link to the song used in the one shot and used as inspiration is here. The song is called “Thinking of You” by Christian Kane. 

Here we go, another part! I absolutely love this song, and couldn’t help but use this song for this part. I do have another part in the works, but I would love song suggestions. I think this series is going to be song based from here on out, how does that sound? Anyways, enjoy!

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Beatles fans Paula Glasser, Kay Zar, Mikki Tummino and Sue Candiotti took turns flying with pilot Russell O'Quinn in a rented helicopter over the band’s rented home in Benedict Canyon. This photo was published in the Aug. 26, 1965, Los Angeles Times. (R. L. Oliver / Los Angeles Times) [Image 1]

Paula (Glosser) McNair, left, Kay (Zar) Crow, center, and Michele “Mikki” Tummino reunited with pilot Russell O'Quinn half a century after their flight over Benedict Canyon. (Michael Robinson Chavez / Los Angeles Times) [Image 2]

“Outside the gated house [in August 1964], the car was allowed to stay parked as long as it was running. The girls had to give up their stakeout a few times to refuel — gas for the car, Ben Franks French fries and Cokes for themselves.

The next morning, when the band was due to leave for LAX, a limousine pulled out. But Paula suspected it was a decoy. Soon the gates opened for a beige Lincoln Continental.

When the Continental’s driver ran red lights, so did newly licensed Paula, following straight onto the 405 Freeway. She got close enough to the Continental in the next lane over for Mikki, body half out the back window, to make contact, waving Paula’s scroll.

As sirens wailed, George Harrison rolled down his window and accepted the tribute.

Police pulled the DeSoto over. But the officer, who chewed Paula out for going 85 mph, only issued a $7 ticket for following too close.

When the Beatles returned to Los Angeles in 1965, the girls still were intent on meeting the moptops face-to-face.

They had read that the Beatles would be staying in Benedict Canyon. They drove its twisty street for days. But when they finally found the spot, security guards turned them away.

So again Kay turned to the Yellow Pages, for helicopter rentals — and found pilot Russell O'Quinn, who agreed to take them over the house for $50 an hour. The girls alerted the media, and on Aug. 25 flashbulbs popped as, one at a time, they took off from the roof of the Federal Building — where O'Quinn had permission to land — in the two-seat copter.

The girls had sent the band a telegram, saying they’d take a wave as a sign that they could visit later that day. After several passes and still no sightings, the Beatles waved from the pool. On her turn, Mikki lunged forward as if to leap in, but O'Quinn grabbed her belt.

When the helicopter landed for good, the girls again drove to the house. Again, they were rebuffed. So Kay called DJ Sam Riddle and made one final plea on air.

She got a call from Capitol Records, inviting the girls to the Beatles upcoming press conference.

On Aug. 29, at the Capitol Records building, they squeezed their way to the front row.

Out came the band, Harrison right in front of Kay. She told him that they were the helicopter girls. He asked, “Is your father rich or something?” John Lennon signed a book for Paula. The girls took it all in wide-eyed.” - “To connect with the Beatles, all they needed was imagination - and a helicopter” by Nita Lelyveld, Los Angeles Times, 23 August 2015

Headlights Fading (3/13)

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen

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Summary: When Emma Swan’s car breaks down outside of a small town in Maine, she finds herself stuck at the local garage, but as the repairs take longer and longer to complete, she has to decide if, in the end, she wants to leave the town at all. 

A/N: I realize I’m running the risk of eclipsing part two, but I’ve been sitting on this for nearly twelve hours and I am incredibly impatient. Here’s the short backstory: we Canada-type humans get a beautiful statutory holiday in the name of Queen Victoria, which is ever-so-conducive to fic writing, mostly because a person can stay up until 5:30 on a Sunday immersed in Captain Swan and (slight) car porn. In terms of the car world, I promise it’s less tech-y from here on out – there’s still some car-type action, but now that they actually know each other there’ll be a bit more person-type action too. Not action action but you know what I mean. Thank you for sticking with it!! Also, being a Canadian, I know speed in kilometres per hour, so when you get to that part, 140 kph is a) an attainable albeit illegal speed and b) approximately 85 mph. Thank you for the reads and the likes and the reblogs and any/all lovely comments!! You guys make it all ten times worth it.

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I was just in my basement for thirty minutes waiting out a tornado

We were under a tornado warning (there was rotation and touchdown, I think, in between Romeoville, Joliet, and Bolingbrook. 










Typhoon Hagupit, AKA Ruby, has officially made landfall in the east Philippines near Dolores. At last check, the massive storm was just under Super Typhoon status and was the same strength as a Category 4 hurricane. Winds of 115-160 mph are being reported but unfortunately, up to the moment information is hard to find since there is very little coverage of the disaster unfolding. Wind and rain have been blasting into the Philippine Islands for a few days now, causing property damage, landslides, flooding, tsunami-like storm surge, and more. No injuries or deaths are reported but that is very likely to change in the coming hours as the islands are enveloped by the storm.

On it’s current track, it will strike the capital of Manila  with 85 mph sustained winds and heavy rain on Monday afternoon and evening.

At least 500,000 people have been evacuated, many of whom live in the areas devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan just 13 months ago. Thousands of people still live in make shift housing making this situation even more dire. I will continue to monitor the situation and update when I can.

[Information current as of 09:00 12/06/2014]

Prayers, please.

Please pray for a friend of my mom’s. He lost his mother in law, wife, and three young children in a car accident. They were hit by someone who was high on drugs. He was going 85 mph, and hit them at an intersection killing them all instantly.

  • cop: do you know how fast you were going
  • me: well earth’s going 66,000 mph. the sun’s going 500,000 mph. the galaxy’s moving at 1,300,000 mph. plus my 85 mph. gimme a sec

I was watching Danny Phantom and this one weather ghost created like “the worst storm to ever exist” and at one point Danny said “those are 85 mph winds!” and I’m just like


a cat 1 hurricanne has winds 74-95 mph

you’re in a cat 1 hurricane

it ain’t that bad

amity park is obviously not in florida people literally go outside and walk their dogs during cat 1 hurricanes calm the fuck down


As darkness again falls on the Philippines, Typhoon Hagupit now has a death toll. At least 2 people are confirmed death and several others injured after the monster storm smashed into the Philippines on Saturday. Winds are still estimated between 85 an 100 mph, making it the equivalent of a category 1 - category 2 hurricane after making landfall as a strong category 4. Major damage has been reported in some areas including homes (Mostly wooden and tin shacks) which were blown away, as well as felled trees and blocked roadways. Power is out for many areas as over 650,000 people take shelter in public buildings and churches, others are taking shelter anywhere they can find including caves. Flooding, landslides, strong winds, and tsunami-like waves impacted the same area devastated by Super Typhoon Haiyan just 13 months ago, also nicknamed Yolanda, that was the strongest storm in recorded history leaving 7,000 dead and many more living in makeshift shelters or tents. Aid has been slow in some areas and controversy ha surrounded the disaster response, but officials say this time, they got it right and were prepared for the storm. Hagupit continues to move across the Philippines at just 9 mph making the toll even greater and the flooding even worse. It is expected to be onto of the capital within the next 24 hours. Cleanup has already begun in some far eastern areas.

[Information current as of 09:30 12/07/2014]

Alex, first January hurricane since 1938, forms in Atlantic
Alex is only the third hurricane ever recorded in January in the Atlantic Ocean.

Alex became the first hurricane to form in the Atlantic Ocean in January in nearly 80 years Thursday morning, the National Hurricane Center said. A hurricane warning was in effect for the Azores as the storm headed north-northeast at 20 mph toward the island chain with winds of 85 mph. The storm is forecast to bring hurricane conditions to the central Azores by early Friday.