I did want Pudding to turn out to be evil but after this week’s chapter it doesn’t seem likely, as long as Oda doesn’t decide to pull something extremely weird. Like all of you, regarding Pudding’s plan I only have a vague idea that she’s going sacrifice herself for Sanji and the others. But whatever she’s up to, does she really believe everything’s going to fall into place as long as she pulls a martyr? I have the feeling that her decision is going to hurt Sanji even more.

I mean just look how broken Sanji is already. To me, his forced heart-eyes and smile of happiness even when no one is looking is much, much worse than him weeping uncontrollably after parting with Luffy… What I’m trying to say is that Sanji’s fake smile here is almost Koala-ish :( 

Pretense aside, I think Sanji genuinely likes Pudding as a person, and making her happy is the only thing he can think of to desperately drag himself out of misery. His sole purpose for life as of now is her happiness, but when he finds out that his act in front of her didn’t work and she decided to sacrifice herself for his sake? First his nakama got in danger because of him, and now his fiancee? My heart aches when I think about just how much he’d suffer when he finds out… being the kind, selfless person he is. 

This is so important

This is the logical side of Sanji coming back in despite what his heart wants, since the only way (as of right now at least) that everyone he loves will be able to stay safe is if he stays on this track, no matter how much it hurts him to do so

This isnt Sanji giving up- it never has been

Its Sanji giving himself up, what we’ve seen time and time again, just with a more devastating and permanent result