There are a lot of things i would like to say about this chapter, but one of them is how much i like this panel. 

I’ve always loved Oda’s ability to convey characters’ emotions, and here Nami’s look is really meaningful

She knows Luffy very well, she knows that he’s not gonna move a bit, no matter what. And she looks at him with those eyes full of sadness, exhaustion and understanding. She doesn’t say anything. She just looks, in silence, no words needed.

And what i love, is that this panel make me feel their strong, deep connection as friends, as nakama, as family. 

458 The Scholar

The 458 is interested in knowing what makes people tick above all else. The 4 gives this type a sense of confidence and pride in being different from the pack, feeding into the 5s focus on always seeking more. More knowledge, more understanding, and more resources are the primary drivers of the 458 type, and anyone who gets in the way of that goal is met with formidable pushback from the 8. The 458 purpose in life is to follow their own intuition to find the essential truths of humanity, and disseminate that knowledge once it is gained. 458s must remember not to become so wrapped up in what they have learned that they quickly dismiss the contributions of others and risk coming off both egotistical and cynical.

(description by @naughty-nanny)

Thougths on chapter 845

I want to discuss the scene where Sanji seems to accept his current fate. Apparently, it’s supposed to be the moment Sanji realizes that Pudding might be his “savior” from now on, like she is the only one who will be by his side.

Sanji tells her about everything that happened, and concludes, gloomily, that his adventure is over (which is exactly the opposite of what Luffy said last chapter):

Pudding, who already apologized for her mother’s evil deeds, feels so sorry for Sanji that she promises that their marriage won’t be like that hell:

Which, of course, it’s an assumption that they will really get married and that she didn’t give up on him (at least not counciously). It was a slip, and Oda wasn’t shy to make that clear:

Sanji’s face here is really ambiguous, but we can say at least that he is surprised by her words. But why? I can see two main possible interpretations: a) Sanji finally realized that Pudding is a sweetheart and he is finally seeing that this can work out; b) Sanji is alarmed that she is still thinking about marriage after all the things he said.

Of course, I’d prefer the latter option, but I can’t really prove anything (but it’s curious that the psychopath children from Big Mom’s family, introduced this chapter might be a hint that something is wrong in the family, including Pudding).

If you notice, there is a sudden pause. Maybe a dramatic one? Remember that Sanji said he could see through the lies of women’s tears in Dressrosa? Well, if he really believes Pudding, this might be an indication that she is really trustworthy, and I’ll tell you, I’m inclined to believe that she is really kind. However, Sanji’s behavior through this chapter is really off, so I can’t tell if he trusts her or not.

Back to the scene, Pudding realizes her mistake and starts to apologize, because her persona is of a considerate one. Indeed, she shouldn’t be so presumptious because Sanji never accepted the marriage:

Remember what Nami said to Sanji when she slapped him, according to the official translation?

“Good bye, Sorry for overstepping our bounds.“

And that’s basically what Pudding says, and Sanji’s expression tells us he is thinking about someone else: first Nami, then Luffy,

So, Sanji apparently is not even listening to Pudding’s words, but he is thinking about the Strawhats right before he embraces her:

Apparently Sanji has to choose between the promise made by Luffy, or his new “savior”. We all know what’s the right choice. Sanji thinking about Luffy and Nami while not paying attention to Pudding makes me think (and hope) that he still didn’t give up on them and he is certainly not in love with her. 

I think Sanji will behave from now on like he is okay with things. I don’t know if he trusts Pudding after that glare, but she certainly trusts him now. I think he may come up with something during the wedding ceremony (that’s why I think he suddenly says he wants to get married tomorrow), and Big Mom and the Vinsmokes will let their guard down, and perhaps Pudding too, if she really still wish for the wedding. I think Sanji will trust Luffy’s decision to stay alive (no matter how) until he comes back with food, so I don’t expect Sanji to come up after them right now, but I do expect the others to crash the wedding when they find out about the truth (and this room is full of mirrors). 

In any case, this marriage is wrong because we are seeing a man forced to part ways with his friends, so he can marry with someone he doesn’t even know. That someone is apparently a sweetheart but she wasn’t introduced with a name box and didn’t show her third eye for whatever reasons (seriously, if you are marrying someone, why would you hide something like that from them? If she loves Sanji, she needs to be honest about it), and she is also seems too eager to marry this man she just met. This marriage will also bring bad things to the world, like giving the Vinsmokes power to rule the North Blue and giving Big Mom technology. In short, I don’t believe it will happen, but let’s wait.