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prompt: Combination of: · Okay now I really need to see Batmom and Batman fighting at a league meeting and someone(maybe Question?) calling out their bs, and An imagine where the justice league guy members shamelessly flirts with batmom just to rile batman up and he snaps when superman does it? He’s all like wrapping his arms around her waist and says : my wife not yours mine" and ·Can I have one on what would happen if Green Arrow sees Batmom for the first time and not knowing who she is turns to Jason -who had been standing next to him- and ask if Batmom is single?

AN: Cute and fluffy!

Words: 845

       Clark sits down in the seat next to yours and smiles, before reaching out to take your hand. You raise one eyebrow in question but don’t pull your hand back just yet. “So, I was thinking we could have dinner tonight. I know this restaurant by the sea, really nice place.”

          You bite back a laugh before looking over your shoulder to find Bruce standing just a few feet away, his eyes focused on you and Clark. He’s not the only one though, the rest of the league are staring as well.

          You lean in close and ask, “What did my husband do to tick you off this time, Kent?”

          Clark just smiles and says, “I have to write the wedding announcements for the next month because I disagreed with him over something. Plus, this also payback for all those fake fights I’ve had to endure over the years.”

          “How about I get you back on sports and I turn you down gently?”

          He grins, “I’ll take what I can get.”

          You lean back in your chair and say, “Sorry Superman, I’ve got plans.”

          “That doesn’t answer the question Hell Cat.” You turn to face Ollie, who’s grinning at you.

          You raise an eyebrow in question “And what answer are you looking for?”

          “That yes you’re single, and that yes you’re free Friday night, because I know this unbelievable little restaurant in Milan.”

          Your eyes flash to Bruce. His teeth are clenched and the look in his eyes is enough to make Jason back slowly away.

          You frown, “Sorry, I’m busy that night too.” Your eyes slide to Clark who’s trying so hard not to laugh.

          “So who’s taken up all your free nights Hell Cat?” You turn to Hal, who is leaning against the wall. “Cause when I asked you out last month, you were busy then too.”

          You take a deep breath and say, “Well you see boys, I’m married with two kids, so that doesn’t leave a lot of room for dating.”

          There’s a moment of silence before the men burst out in laughter. The few women in the room however are studying you closely. Huntress in particular has a knowing glint in her eye.

          The laughter is still going on when Question sneaks into the room. More often than not, the man would have gone unnoticed. He’s good at sneaking around, you’ll give him that. Helena’s grin just widens before she calls out, “Question.” The man just stops and turns towards his girlfriend. His hands are in his pocket, but he’s giving her his full attention. “Truth or Lie, Hell Cat over there is married with two kids.”

          The answer comes immediately “Truth. Hell Cat is married to the Batman. They have two adopted children, Nightwing formerly known as Robin, and the current Robin. They’ve kept their relationship hidden among the League for the past eight years, simply because they found it fun to mess with people’s minds. If someone were to look close however, they’d notice that the fights they put on never lasted more than twenty minutes, and they always left together. Their children find it infuriating.”

          There’s this stunned silence before Jason cries out, “Finally!” Then spins on his toes to face Green Arrow, “My mother is not single, stay the hell away from her!”

          You ignore the surprised faces of the Leaguers in favor of Question. “When did you figure it out?”

          “My second week. I noticed that your fights, while entertaining, never subtracted from the quality of a meeting, meaning it never interfered with something that needed to be done. In the case of a crisis there would be not contention on either of your parts, even if the two of you had argued about it previously. My theory was confirmed when I spotted the two of you making out in a dark corner.”

          You hear Jason groan, “Oh come on! I’m supposed to be the teenager here, not you two.” Then he turns around to leave the room and says, “If you need me, I’ll be on the phone with Nightwing telling him that everything has finally been exposed.”

          You smile as your eyes slide to the women in the room, mainly Shayera and Vixen, who are grinning at you. You grin before asking, “Yes?”

          Shayera grins, “You’ve been holding out on us.”

          Vixen nods, “All those girl’s nights out over the years, and you never told a story.”

          “Not every day a girl kisses the Batman. Spill.”

          You smirk and say, “That’s private,” before mouthing the words ‘next girl’s night out.” That seems to satisfy them.

          Standing up you stretch and walk over to Bruce. “Let’s grab our traumatized son and go home now.”

          “Grab Jason, I’ll be there in a minute.”

          You shrug and walk out of the room. Bruce turns to Clark who’s still smiling before he says, “You can have your sports section back, but you’re covering nothing but golf, chess, and badminton for the next three months.” Clark’s smile fades and all Bruce says is, “My wife, not yours.”

458 The Scholar

The 458 is interested in knowing what makes people tick above all else. The 4 gives this type a sense of confidence and pride in being different from the pack, feeding into the 5s focus on always seeking more. More knowledge, more understanding, and more resources are the primary drivers of the 458 type, and anyone who gets in the way of that goal is met with formidable pushback from the 8. The 458 purpose in life is to follow their own intuition to find the essential truths of humanity, and disseminate that knowledge once it is gained. 458s must remember not to become so wrapped up in what they have learned that they quickly dismiss the contributions of others and risk coming off both egotistical and cynical.

(description by @naughty-nanny)

Man, this new worldview introduced is arguably one of the most bizarre pictures Isa has ever painted. 

Our chapter is set in the middle of a war zone. Torn bodies plaster the fields, soldiers desperately scramble for the trenches trying to avoid machine gun fire coming from  bunkers. Taking those uniforms and weaponry also into account, its incredible easy to imagine this chapter taking place in some WWI-esque battlefield. And when we as readers in the 21st century think about the “great war”, horrible images of terror, fear, and desperation easily come to mind. War is an awful thing that does awful things to people, and those participating in it are almost guaranteed to be heavily affected by it, and not in a positive way. We can all easily picture terrified soldiers who do not wish to be part of their fight in any way at all. So those are the kind of images we’ll get to see in this new setting, right?

Yeah, nvm.

Perhaps these reactions are more present among the default, expendable foot soldiers, but Isa doesn’t focus on those. Instead, Isa focuses on the new kids, who look even younger than the 104th when they saw their first share of hell in 850. But instead of the horrified faces we spent so much time looking at throughout the Trost arc, we get this

Smiling faces. Normal conversation.

Casual banter between comrades.

Straight up eagerness to run into enemy fire.

I mean…what

These are not the kind of conversations or reactions that would be considered normal in the middle of a warzone. ESPECIALLY NOT FROM KIDS. Those guys aren’t even breaking a sweat (except Uda but thats supposed to be more comical than anything I believe). 

I mean, we of course were aware of Marley’s brainwashing, but this is just…a wholly different level, and it certainly doesn’t stop there.

The probably most jarring aspect of this exchange isn’t her eagerness to leave the trenches, but her talk about the numbers at stake. Her argument is entirely based on numbers, she doesn’t even take a second to reflect on her or other peoples lives. The worst part is that she places her own life on the same level as explosives, basically mere ammunition. Of course, in war, people are basically reduced to numbers and weapons when looking at it from a larger scale, but we’re looking at the perspective of a child caught in the middle of it. What the hell.

Look at Gabi running away from the explosion. The running style, facial expression and cry create a borderline comedic scene. In the next panel she’s overly excited about finding cover, completely ignoring the dismantled corpse nearby. This scene is just…utterly grotesque.

Lets compare ch 3 and 91 for a minute here. Eren talks about exterminating the evil titans, which’ll in turn bring humanity freedom. Yay

Here, Gabi talks about obtaining the armored titan to join the anti Paradis force and wipe out the devils there which’ll in turn improve the lives of the Eldians. 

Sounds familiar? 

Just like at the beginning of the story, the main character has an extremely black and white point of view, desiring to change the world for the better by themselves, in a fight against evil monsters. Eren then spent the next 90 chapters being disillusioned until he finally saw the ocean he desired for so long, only to realize the freedom he sought still lied far away. And I dare say Gabi will go through a smiliar experience sooner or later. This bizarre representation of the war is so jarringly weird, Isa obviously plans to throw things around later on.

The difference between Eren’s and Gabi’s viewpoint is that Eren’s viewpoint was based off personal experience and because all his life, he felt the direct influence of the titans. Gabi’s opinion of Paradis’ population stems only from the brainwashing received by Marley’s warrior program. And this can be felt throughout the entire chapter. The carelessness of the kids, their smiles and casual talk, as well as their inexistant regard for human life all seem to originate from the warrior program. Not only does she make a difference between the “good” mainland and the “bad” island Eldians, the value of the human life is entirely lost in the process, most likely to facilitate genocide

Remember Bert’s and Reiner’s shocked faces? They gain even more weight now that we actually got to witness their mental state before the attack. 

If there is one thing I’m taking away from this chapter is that Marley are seriously grade A douchebags. If anything, 91 further emphasizes the fact that, even though a return of the Eldian empire is not a desirable thing, Marley can’t keep existing the way it is if we seek an ending that ultimately ends of an improved situation compared to 845.  

SnK - AoT New Ending Analyze!

Cause that is my favorite thing to do.

But first, a little warning if you are an anime only fan!

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Major manga spoilers.

You know what to do better than me.

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For others, guess who screenshotted every single scene of new ending and meta all the way?

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458 Tritype - The Scholar

If you are the 458, you are intuitive, knowledgeable, and protective. You want to be original, wise and straight-forward. You study what makes people tick and form strong opinions about what you learn. Somewhat introverted, you are identified with being an intuitive, strategic thinker and see interconnections that others may miss.

Fear: Inadequacy, Vulnerability, Inundation, Underestimation, Dilution/Contamination of identity. 

Life purpose: To discover what is innately human and share these findings with others. A true scholar, you passionately follow your own muse and are happiest when you can study what is of interest to you and then disseminate what you find.

(Typical) Appearance: Esoteric, Withdrawn, Cerebral, Cynical, Opinionated, Pedantic/Critical(of self, of information). Scholarly – likely a polymathic. Prone to arrogant behavior and violent mood swings. Iconoclastic behavior is a common theme, and is amplified by an SO blindspot.

**Blind spot: **Your blindspot is that you can be so enamoured with what you have learned and your resulting opinions that you can come across as self-absorbed, hyper-introspective, headstrong and cynical.

**Growing edge: **Your growing edge is to recognize that your need to overanalyze and ‘know’ what you think and feel keeps you from truly being. Studying gives you information, not wisdom. True knowing comes from connecting to your higher self and authentically being.


**4-core (458/485): **Knowledgeable and direct 4. This is the most analytical and tough-minded 4. This 4 tends to be intellectual with strong opinions. This 4 wants to know what makes people tick. This 4 will focus on gathering unique information to feel empowered. The core fears are of being inadequate, emotionally cut off, ordinary, commonplace, abandoned, intrusion, emptiness, ignorance, surplus, contamination, being fully embodied, not existing, weakness, being controlled, disempowered, humiliated, vulnerable, and being at the mercy of injustice.

**5-core (548/584): **Direct and intuitive 5. This is the most intense and eccentric 5. Scholarly, this is the ‘Professor’. This 5 can be melancholic one moment and then detached the next. This 5 is the emotional and creative 5, as well as the most outspoken, opinionated and non-conforming. The core fears are of intrusion, emptiness, ignorance, surplus,contamination, being fully embodied, not existing, weakness, being controlled, disempowered, humiliated,vulnerable, at the mercy of injustice, inadequate, emotionally cut off, ordinary, and being abandoned.  

8-core (845/854): Intuitive and knowledgeable 8. This is the most sensitive and withdrawn 8, especially if introverted, self-preserving and/or with the 9 wing. This 8 can be mistaken for a 5 or 4. This is the creative and intellectual 8 that is secretly shy and emotional. The core fears are of weakness, being controlled, disempowered, humiliated, vulnerable, being at the mercy of injustice, being inadequate, emotionally cut off, ordinary, being abandoned, intrusion, emptiness, ignorance, surplus, contamination, being fully embodied, and not existing.

Source: The 27 Tritypes® Revealed: Discover Your Life Purpose and Blind Spot by Katherine Chernick Fauvre & MA David Fauvre (adapted) + my own additions.

Additional Resources: Watch this video. 

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Soulmate AU update?


Ink Me by AsagiStilinski (1/1 | 4,281 | G)

Derek is never going to find his soulmate, because there’s no way in hell there exists a man named Mieczyslaw in Beacon Hills

Then Erica hires Stiles

Yeah, Pass The Salt, Stiles by CallieB (1/1 | 3,609 | G)

Yeah, pass the salt, Stiles.

They’re not particularly inspiring words. Not like the long stream of goo spilling over Scotty’s arm. But somewhere, Stiles’ soulmate is out there, waiting to say them to him.

If only he could stop thinking about the mysterious hot stranger he met in the woods…

High Voltage In His Lips by BulletBlaze (1/1 | 1,845 | PG13)

This was all Deaton’s fault.
Okay, it technically wasn’t Deaton’s fault, but he was the guy who had told Stiles about… it. Who had ruined Stiles’ life with this knowledge.
Stiles had a fucking soulmate. A soulmate.
What the fuck?

You’ll always be my last by laDouleurExquise (1/1 | 6,268 | R)

There was something heart-warming about Stiles’ naiveté and backwards effort to take care of him. He was a good friend.


He was more than that.

In Your Eyes by Cobrilee (1/1 | 5,517 | PG13)

Stiles has been drawing his soulmate since he was six years old. He could never imagine how his life would turn upside before he could meet the guy, or how meeting him would make it all make sense again. Just not at first.

Soulmate Sourwolf by sweetie_pie (1/1 | 5,440 | PG13)

Stiles isn’t exactly thrilled when he discovers his soulmate marking on his 18th birthday. Especially, because the first sentence his soulmate is going to direct at him and that is now tattooed to his forearm reads: ‘Who the hell are you?’. His gift to make good first impressions is truly spectacular.