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would mind explaining to me what was Hanji's speech/the 8 years left Eren has? I'm returning to the fandom now and I haven't caught up yet

Hi anon, what speech are you referring to? Everything we know in this chapter came either from Eren’s memories or Grisha’s books. In Eren’s memories, Kruger explained to Grisha that “Ymir’s curse” dictates that a titan shifter may only live for 13 years (after they become a shifter) before their body fails and they die. Since Eren became a titan shifter 5 years ago, he has about 8 years left to live, while Armin has 13 since became a shifter only recently. Let’s wait for the full chapter to come out so we can better confirm this stuff.

edit: Thank you @rynnie-meiru! Taking the new chapter into account, Hange’s speech is even more depressing, especially to Mikasa…

That speech was such a huge foreshadowing. Curse you, Isayama… ;A;

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fall (kuroo/tsukishima)

‘I don’t know how many of you know this,’ Himuro’s saying while Koutarou scrambles to pull out his camera and the scattered crowd murmurs and giggles, 'but your darling manager sings better than I ever will. Don’t you want to hear him?’

Today in jaywalking: burnt cookies, smart architects, and Tsukishima Kei’s lost and found.

[Part 15 of the jaywalkers series]