okay right the last thing i wrote was bordering on angst so i just wanted to talk about how much the gang all love each other so fricking much.

- so it takes a few alien invasions for them to fully gel as a group but once they do they are (and i don’t use this term lightly) SQUAD GOALS

-  their groupchat, called the ludicrous care bears, is the best thing in the world, non-stop alien memes, weird questions from charlie, and approximately 8336 pictures of Ram for any reaction image you could ever want

- they definitely use this groupchat to live text each other commentary on each day’s episode of love island or whatever trashy reality tv show Charlie got them hooked on with the excuse that they’re teaching him about human culture (camilla is their fave obvs) 

- sunday is group hang out day, they watch films (most sci-fi films are banned because Tanya wouldn’t stop pointing at random aliens and asking Charlie if he knew them), or April will (try to) teach them how to knit or they’ll bake something (really Matteusz bakes and the rest of them try to eat the batter and throw flour at the others)

- Ram sometimes has to miss out because he has football so they others spam him with pics and messages telling him all the fun he’s missing out on (they’re just kidding, they always make sure to save him anything they make)

- when they find out that Charlie had never had a proper kid’s birthday they throw him one and insist on playing stupid party games like musical chairs and pass the parcel

- Tanya accidentally let’s slip that she never learned how to ride a bike because she was too busy being a tiny brainiac to learn how when she was little so they spend a full weekend teaching her (the first day is spent just getting her on the bike

- Ram was always the popular kid and people liked him but none of them knew him and Tanya had friends a few years below but they all thought of her as the weird smart kid. Ever since the thing with April’s dad everyone was afraid to get too close to her and Matteusz was always the new kid from another country (and charlie is just a disaster) so really they’re all each other’s first real best friends

call all of this stupid unnecessary, unrealistic fluff (it totally is) but i don’t care it was fun to write 

Anthony Hilton: Let’s avert pensions crisis while there is still time

Companies don’t last long at the top. Three years ago Carillion launched a bid for Balfour Beatty at a time when it was riding high and the latter business was in deep trouble.

It was rebuffed by the Balfour Beatty board, much to the irritation of some shareholders and Balfour has since slowly and painfully clawed its way back to respectability.

Yesterday was Carillion’s moment of truth. Its shares fell by a third after it announced a collapse in profitability, the departure of its chief executive and a scrapping of its dividend. Burdened with debt, it now faces a long and painful road back.

Allan Leighton, one-time chief executive of Asda and chairman of the Royal Mail, once remarked that the one certainty in business was that something always goes wrong.

Partly this is the fault of management and sometimes it is because they do silly things. More often, however, it is because they do not do enough.

Customer needs and fashions change much faster than anticipated and organisations with their inbuilt hierarchies and ways of doing things get left behind.

For every big-name business that goes spectacularly bust, there are a hundred which simply wither as they become progressively less relevant.

This has profound implications for pension schemes. The ability of the sponsoring company to stay in business and support the scheme into the future is a key factor in whether the promised benefits will actually be paid out in years to come.

And it is this fear that the business may fail at some time in the future which has prompted the actuaries who value pension schemes and the trustees they advise to try to get as much as possible of the money in early and to invest when they have it in the least risky assets, so that it is fully funded at all times.

Unfortunately, the cost of doing things this way has been enough to render many schemes unaffordable and force their early closure.

These are not simple sums. One of the more creative of the investment consultants, Punter Southall, has long argued that you cannot properly assess the health of a pension scheme without modelling the complex interactions between the amount of money already in there, the strength of the employer’s covenant and the investment strategy and its split between equities, bonds and property.

And, in an age where figures for pension deficits are bandied around as if they are a universal truth, they have also been refreshingly clear on the doubts which accompany their assessments.

So complex are the relationships and so long the time horizons, that even the smallest tweak to any of those key components of covenant, investment strategy or funding can make a fundamental difference to the outcome.

But even with those caveats their conclusions are startling. A paper written by Richard Jones and various colleagues and published by the firm yesterday concludes that there is a one-in-five risk of failure among the defined-benefit pension schemes of even the most blue-chip, financially strong and highly rated employers.

Obviously, when all companies are taken into account, the odds are shorter with only one in three defined-benefit pension schemes in a position to pay all members in full when the time comes.

Though the statistic is stark it is roughly in line with recent experience. The pension protection fund was created in 2005 to provide a safety net for pension schemes which were in trouble.

Since then some 10% of defined-benefit schemes have failed to deliver and around 1% of schemes join them every year. So at the present rate of failure, in about 20 years, one-third of schemes would be inside the fund.

This does not, of course, mean that the members will receive nothing, though that is possible. What tends to happen instead is that everyone gets less than they expected — their actual pension is cut or — in the case of higher earners — capped, annual increments to cope with inflation are scrapped, and benefits to a surviving spouse are reduced.

In essence the limited amount of money which is available is spread around as fairly as the law allows.

But if so many schemes look to be having a starring role in a slow-motion train crash, then it does raise the question of what can be done about it while there is still time. And the answer seems to be that we have to get smarter in our analysis and more sophisticated in our responses.

At present, although most trustees are alive to the danger, the current range of strategies employed — including investing in less risky assets and securing increased payments from the employer — may not be sufficient to do the job.

And it is in the nature of these things that the longer the recovery plan put in place to get a pension scheme back to health, the less likely it is to succeed, because there is so much more time for something else to go wrong. It appears that everybody, including the advisers, needs to raise their game.

anonymous asked:

I'm 14 and I'm 2 weeks clean. Is it bad that I've wanted to kill myself so badly?

im glad youve made it to 2 weeks :) im really proud of you! ive written this out like 4 times and keep deleting it all bc it just doesnt makes sense and i really dont know what to say so im going to go over a few things here and its all over the place im sorry if it says something on here twice  first here are some hotline in case you ever need them :

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Marilyn spent her first seven years living in one home with a foster family, and the last six months in the only home she ever owned. In the intervening three decades, Marilyn called a selection of fifty different places “home,” many of them hotels. 

Biographers do not always concur about when and where Marilyn lived in the first half of her life, particularly in the period before and after her spell at the Los Angeles Orphanage. During the period from 1946 to 1952 Marilyn was almost constantly on the move, living just a few weeks or months in one place before moving on to a favorite hotel, hence the multiple entries for each year in the list below. 

1926 - 5454 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles
1926 - 1933 - 459 East Rhode Island Street, Hawthorne
1933 - 6012 Afton Place, Hollywood
1933-34 or 35 - 6812 Arbol Street, Hollywood
1935 - Lodi Place, Hollywood
1935 - 6707 Odessa Avenue, Van Nuys
1935 - 1937 - Los Angeles Orphan’s Home, 815 North El Centro Avenue, Hollywood
1937 - 6707 Odessa Avenue, Van Nuys
1938 - 1940 - 11348 Nebraska Avenue, West Los Angeles
1940 - 1941 - 14743 Archwood Street, Van Nuys
1942 - 11348 Nebraska Avenue, West Los Angeles
1942 - 4524 Vista Del Monte Street, Sherman Oaks
1943 - 14747 Archwood Street, Van Nuys
1943 - Bessemer Street, Van Nuys
1943 - 1944 - Catalina Island
1944 - 1945 - 5254 Hermitage Street, North Hollywood
1945 - 1946 - 11348 Nebraska Avenue, West Los Angeles
1946 - 604 South Third Street, Las Vegas
1946 - 1947 - Hollywood Studio Club, 1215 North Lodi Place, Hollywood
1947 - 131 South Avon Street, Burbank
1947 - 1948 - El Palacio Apartments, 8491-8499 Fountain Avenue, West Hollywood
1948 - Franklin Avenue, Hollywood
1948 - Harper Avenue, West Hollywood
1948 - 1949 - Hollywood Studio Club, 1215 North Lodi Place, Hollywood
1949 - 141 South Carolwood Drive, Holmby Hills
1949 - 1950 - Beverly Carlton Hotel, 9400 West Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills
1949 - 1950 - 718 North Palm Drive, Beverly Hills
1950 - 1951 - 1309 North Harper Avenue, West Hollywood
1951 - Beverly Carlton Hotel, 9400 West Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills
1951 - 8573 Holloway Drive, Hollywood
1951 - 1952 - 611 North Crescent Drive, West Hollywood
1952 - 1121 Hilldale Avenue, West Hollywood
1952 - Beverly Carlton Hotel, 9400 West Olympic Boulevard, Beverly Hills
1952 - Bel Air Hotel, 701 Stone Canyon Road, Bel Air
1952 - 2393 Castiian Drive, Outpost Estates, Hollywood Hills
1952 - 1954 - Beverly Hills Hotel, 9641 West Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills
1953 - 1954 - 882 North Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills
1954 - 2150 Beach Street, San Francisco
1954 - 508 North Palm Drive, Beverly Hills
1954 - 8336 Delongpre Avenue, Hollywood
1954 - Voltaire Apartments, 1424 North Crescent Heights Boulevard, West Hollywood
1954 - 1955 - Fanton Hill Road, Weston, Connecticut
1955 - Gladstone Hotel, East 52nd Street, New York
1955 - Walforf-Astoria Hotel, 301 Park Avenue, New York
1955 - 1956 - 2 Sutton Place, New York
1956 - 595 North Beverly Glen Boulevard, West Los Angeles
1956 - Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills
1956 - 1960 - Roxbury, Connecticut
1956 - Parkside House, Egham, England
1957 - Amagansett, Long Island
1957 - 1962 - 444 East 57th Street, New York 
1958 - 1960 - Beverly Hills Hotel, 9641 West Sunset Boulevard, Beverly Hills
1961 - 1962 - 882 North Doheny Drive, Beverly Hills
1962 - 12305 Fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood

[WEIBO] EXO Wins The Daesang in GDA 4 Years in a row + Perf

Aeriverse Translation Team chloesapphire

[WEIBO] EXO Wins The Daesang in GDA 4 Years in a row

On 14th, EXO won the Disk Daesang in the 31st Golden Disk Awards Ceremony. Not only did they win this grand prize for four consecutive years, but they also won a bonsang and the CeCi Asia Icon Award, becoming a “Triple Crown” king. Here is the list of the winners with their awards:
Daesang = EXO
New Artist of the Year = NCT127, I.O.I
Popularity Award = SHINee
CeCi Asia Icon Award = EXO, Red Velvet
Global KPOP Artist Award = BTS

Overall upvotes: [+8336]

Top comments:

[+2748] Confess to my EXO.

[+2424] Golden tea egg.

(t/n~  “茶蛋 (Cha-dan): The word means herbal tea egg but the meaning isn’t relevant. The nickname comes from 叉 (cha) and 蛋 (dan) which mean X and O respectively” credit: netz on exo

basically X is like a cross, so people takes the word of 叉 (cha). cha can also mean tea - 茶 (cha). O is like the shape of an egg, so people takes the word of egg - 蛋 (dan). Forming these 2 words together, it bacomes tea egg, a kind of traditional chinese food.
its the cutest way of calling EXO in c fandom.”

[+2258] Confess to EXO.

[+2047] As expected from the kings.

[+1879] EXO [​IMG] Confess to ot9.

[+1792] As expected!!!

[+1761] Golden tea egg!!!

[+1494] EXO

[+1012] The group that wins daesang 4 years in a row - EXO!!! Deserving!!! And Right!!!

[+517] EXO [​IMG] Quadruple kings with talents, being written in the history again.

[WEIBO] EXO’s Performance in 31st GDA

At the Disk Night of the GDA Ceremony, EXO brings an emotional performance of “For Life” with the accompany brought by the Piano Prince Park Chanyeol, followed by a cool performance of “Monster”. The most handsome Golden tea-egg indeed!

Overall upvotes: +15098

Top comments:

[+1392] Park Chanyeol who plays the piano while singing is probably a fairy.

(You shouldn’t compete with me for Park Chanyeol)

[+981] Handsome Park Chanyeol.

[+949] After playing the piano, Chanyeol quickly trends in hot search! Proving his popularity! Everyone please also anticipate “Missing 9”!

[+790] You are always the best, Chanyeol-ah!

[+749] Confess to our Piano Prince Chanyeol. Please anticipate his new drama “Missing 9”.

[+667] Prince Chanyeol.

[+656] Park Chanyeol is too handsome.

[+610] Looking at Park Chanyeol playing the piano

[+588] Confess to my fish, you are too handsome. You will be popular forever.

(Some C fans make a cute nickname for him as “Pào Cài Yú - Kimchi Fish” due to the pinyin of his name “PCY”.)

[+526] Wearing military outfit while playing the piano, isn’t this Chanyeol looking so soft? His voice is also so heart fluttering.

Whether in a happily established relationship, meeting for the first time, or slowly growing from antagonism to friendship to romance, Derek and Stiles proved how deep and abiding their love for each other really was. Even an outside perspective could see it: that of someone close to the two of them, or a complete stranger. 

Cozy Forest Retreat! 1bed/1bath | @andavs | 8,825 | Gen | Sterek | 23 August 2015

If anyone asked her, Marion would honestly not be able to give any good reason for doing what she did. It was stupid. Incredibly stupid. Stupid and reckless, and dangerous, and had she been murdered in her sleep, she would’ve accepted full responsibility from the afterlife because, again, it was incredibly stupid. There was no universe in which a single woman, on vacation alone in an isolated cabin in the woods, taking in two bloody and beat up men was a good idea. None.

The 12 Cosplay Puns Your Dad Would Totally Make | kellifer_fic (@kellifer-k), readbythilia (thilia) | 7,954 | Teen | Sterek | 23 August 2015

I snuck out when he was asleep because I was going to surprise him with coffee and breakfast and now I… can’t find his place.

Instructions for Dancing | calrissian18 ( @wellhalesbells ), cybersuzy | 19,247 | Teen | Sterek | 25 August 2015

If Scott was asked to start from the beginning, his mind would place him right at the center of Beacon Hills, looking up at the black and white Hale house, clamped down on his mom’s hand and trying not to feel fear.

If Stiles was asked to start from the beginning, he would talk about a boy named Scott who walked into his kindergarten classroom, stuck to him like a barnacle and became the most important thing Stiles would ever do with his life.

Certain Kind of Fool | saraubs ( @enterleloup ) | 36,530 | Mature | Sterek | 27 August 2015

Derek, who has been dragged against his will to the same resort his family visits every summer, is determined to spend the next two and a half months sequestered in his room. His only friend, his sister Laura, is preoccupied with her newly-bonded mate, and doesn’t seem to care about anything but making him happy.

When Derek meets Stiles Stilinski, a sharp-tongued waiter, he thinks that this summer might not be a complete waste of time. There are only two problems: First, Stiles is human. Second, he doesn’t believe in mates.

Stepping Off the Razor’s Edge | MissAnnThropic ( @miss-annthropic ) | 25,327 | Explicit | Sterek | 29 August 2015

After the events of season 3b, the group in Beacon Hills graduate high school and move on with their lives… everyone except Stiles and Derek. Beset by their demons, they decide they need to get away for a while to clear their heads. Cue the road trip. (companion piece to “Occam’s Razor” but can be read alone)

of course, of course | @bleep0bleep | 12,948 | Explicit | Sterek | 30 August 2015

Derek swallows, watching Stiles mull over the paperwork. “Are you sure about this?”

“Absolutely,” Stiles says, licking his lips. He signs with a flourish and pushes the contract back at Derek.

Derek knows every word of the contract by heart, but his heart stutters anyways when a sentence jumps out at him. The client acknowledges that any bond created during the heat session is temporary.

Through Myself and Back Again | Green ( @yogi-bogey-box ) | 2,808 | Gen | Sterek | 30 August 2015

Stiles knows he needs a ground (‘an anchor’, he hears an old memory whisper), help to pull the thing back so he doesn’t destroy… well, everything.

If Derek hadn’t reached out, Stiles probably would have burned and burned until nothing was left.

Insane Chemistry (with Derek Hale) | theroguesgambit ( @halekingsourwolf ) | 13,487 | Mature | Sterek | 5 September 2015

Derek is the popular, varsity jock, prom king of the school, and Stiles is not going to be the cliche that ends up falling for him. (It’s not a cliche if no one else knows about it, right?)

Bricks | @paintedrecs | 8336 | Teen | Sterek | 7 September 2015

“Mornin’, love,“ Derek says, and Stiles freezes in his arms. They haven’t exchanged official I love you’s yet, and Derek seems determined to derail Stiles’s plans to say it first. With fireworks. Or bubble baths. Something epic.

The point is, Derek barely even seems to realize he’s doing it, and it’s driving Stiles crazy.

Or: My first time writing a 5 + 1 fic.

Numbers | standinginanicedress | 11,150 | Teen | Sterek | 15 September 2015

“I’m magic,” Stiles raises his hands in the air and puts on a serious facial expression. “I have the sixth sense.”

“The sixth sense, huh? Is that what they’re calling bullshit these days?”

Stiles’ lips purse down hard, but he still smirks. Derek wonders if there’s any single facial expression that Stiles can make that isn’t in some way at least slightly amused, whether at himself or the expense of others. “Non-believers aren’t welcome at my table, Derek.”

8336) My dad is such an asshole. He not only misgenders me, but he emphasizes it. "This is my SON, [birthname]." At first it was just hurtful and annoying, but now it's flat out dangerous because I look like a girl now. I tell my friends (who don't know) that they've never met my dad because he's an asshole, but they don't know the half of it.