[WEIBO] EXO Wins The Daesang in GDA 4 Years in a row + Perf

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[WEIBO] EXO Wins The Daesang in GDA 4 Years in a row

On 14th, EXO won the Disk Daesang in the 31st Golden Disk Awards Ceremony. Not only did they win this grand prize for four consecutive years, but they also won a bonsang and the CeCi Asia Icon Award, becoming a “Triple Crown” king. Here is the list of the winners with their awards:
Daesang = EXO
New Artist of the Year = NCT127, I.O.I
Popularity Award = SHINee
CeCi Asia Icon Award = EXO, Red Velvet
Global KPOP Artist Award = BTS

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[+2748] Confess to my EXO.

[+2424] Golden tea egg.

(t/n~  “茶蛋 (Cha-dan): The word means herbal tea egg but the meaning isn’t relevant. The nickname comes from 叉 (cha) and 蛋 (dan) which mean X and O respectively” credit: netz on exo

basically X is like a cross, so people takes the word of 叉 (cha). cha can also mean tea - 茶 (cha). O is like the shape of an egg, so people takes the word of egg - 蛋 (dan). Forming these 2 words together, it bacomes tea egg, a kind of traditional chinese food.
its the cutest way of calling EXO in c fandom.”

[+2258] Confess to EXO.

[+2047] As expected from the kings.

[+1879] EXO [​IMG] Confess to ot9.

[+1792] As expected!!!

[+1761] Golden tea egg!!!

[+1494] EXO

[+1012] The group that wins daesang 4 years in a row - EXO!!! Deserving!!! And Right!!!

[+517] EXO [​IMG] Quadruple kings with talents, being written in the history again.

[WEIBO] EXO’s Performance in 31st GDA

At the Disk Night of the GDA Ceremony, EXO brings an emotional performance of “For Life” with the accompany brought by the Piano Prince Park Chanyeol, followed by a cool performance of “Monster”. The most handsome Golden tea-egg indeed!

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[+1392] Park Chanyeol who plays the piano while singing is probably a fairy.

(You shouldn’t compete with me for Park Chanyeol)

[+981] Handsome Park Chanyeol.

[+949] After playing the piano, Chanyeol quickly trends in hot search! Proving his popularity! Everyone please also anticipate “Missing 9”!

[+790] You are always the best, Chanyeol-ah!

[+749] Confess to our Piano Prince Chanyeol. Please anticipate his new drama “Missing 9”.

[+667] Prince Chanyeol.

[+656] Park Chanyeol is too handsome.

[+610] Looking at Park Chanyeol playing the piano

[+588] Confess to my fish, you are too handsome. You will be popular forever.

(Some C fans make a cute nickname for him as “Pào Cài Yú - Kimchi Fish” due to the pinyin of his name “PCY”.)

[+526] Wearing military outfit while playing the piano, isn’t this Chanyeol looking so soft? His voice is also so heart fluttering.

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