suju’s 83 line are the ideal brotp. they’re the brotp to end all brotps. they eat your brotps for brokfast. they’re the broiest to ever tp. no really… they’re such fucking bros.

look at heechul’s face when he’s taking the pepero from kangin

yeah yeah whatever ok sure and then he turns to leeteuk and they’re both like

yeeaaahhhh ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ”

i feel like all their extra fanservice with each other is how you can tell they’re really close. well, one of many ways.

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they’re just too extra… like that “i have a zit on my neck” “not a love bite?” “yes, leeteuk kissed it last night, he kissed it so hard” remark

or the “in 2016, i will date leeteuk” thing

or a bunch of other things i can’t find videos or gifs of right now for you

are they actually, you know, into each other like that? mm, i really don’t think so. super junior’s fanservice is known for being over the top. but these two together in particular are so cool and comfortable with it that they’re pretty much incapable of being awkward about anything. it’s like the reverse of a “no homo” complex. they have more of a.. “if it’s not already homo, make it homo, because i’m doing this with my bro” complex.

they’re such bros i could talk about this for days your brotp will never be on this level

okay i know Hardeen was a Terrible arc for everyone involved, but what if Obi Wan had told Anakin about faking his death? Anakin’s like no worries dude I Got This, except he really. does not,,

the only reason his “acting” is remotely believable is because almost no one has seen him like this before, so it must be due to all the grief and loss and heartbreak and anger and whatnot

he starts by sobbing over Obi Wan’s supposedly dead body for a solid two hours when Obi gets shot down. “LOOK at him, so cold and Lifeless. D: HE IS SUPPOSED TO BE WARM AND FULL OF LIFE, SNIPS. I know last week I checked his pulse because he was meditating so calmly I thought he passed away in his sleep, BUT HE’S USUALLY SO WARM AND FULL OF LIFE.”

It goes on until Anakin has finished everything on his painstakingly written Outline from last night. At least half of Coruscant hears part of this speech. Mace sends Obi the security footage later, at a time he knows Anakin will be there to sit through it with Obi, because if we had to suffer then you do too, Obi Wan. 

then at the funeral, Anakin pulls out a twenty foot scroll of real actual paper, because he would appreciate this, I think, and clears his throat loudly and messily before telling the council that he has prepared a few words for the greatest jedi this order, nay, this GALAXY has ever seen, and will ever see, no matter how long any of us live—

five hours later,, he’s still going strong. half the eulogy is Terrible and V Cringeworthy, but the other half is actually v heartfelt and moving. even Mace and Yoda have to blink away some tears. 

it becomes easier after Anakin starts going into Unnecessary Details about obi wan’s life, like how he’ll miss holding onto those heavy 327 thread count woolen robes when he’s saving obi’s ass (curvature 48.5 degrees) for the 23094th time, and how he’ll never see a more sincere expression of Compassion than he saw when reading line 83 of Obi Wan’s eighth letter to Duchess Satine last month, quoted now as follows— 

Ahsoka enlists Plo Koon’s help and they finally shuffle him over to the side, promising him they can finish his fake eulogy at the council dinner tonight. Obi Wan’s death may be fake, but MY WORDS ARE REAL, SNIPS, HOW DARE YOU. says Anakin, before he (a little gleefully) starts destroying the walls to show how Emotionally Compromised he is over this 100% real death. 

he takes the 212th drinking, after having told all of them, too. so now there are 293637 men crying about Obi Wan (relatable af, y/y), all of which have the acting talent of a wilted blade of grass. there are 283747 toasts, and every single person there cries for each and every one of them, despite everyone knowing obi is still alive

Hook, Line, and Stinker

[Be My Players in our FFD6 Campaign]

[Be in the middle of the ocean when a storm picks up in the middle of the night and SHAKES the boat]

DM (Moi): So Al'hums [Viera Time Mage], what are you doing when the storm arrives?

Time Mage: Doin’ Cartwheels!

DM: Where at?

Time Mage: On the deck!

DM: Please roll for Athletics to see if you can stay on the boat…

*One Complication and several minutes later Later*

Samurai: Cass [Hume Samurai] looks out into the ocean, and after seeing Al'hums overboard and drowning, dives in to save him!

DM: Please roll for Athletics to see if you can stay afloat!

Samurai: *Rolls another Complication* ಠ_ಠ

DM: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) … You manage to start swimming to  the middle of the ocean to save Al'hums, and reach him in ti-

Samurai: Hold On. I got a complication-

DM: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Ranger: Kreeve [Hume Ranger/Gunslinger person] sees his friends and throws them a line!

DM: 83 Please roll Athletics to see if the line reaches them

Ranger: *Rolls a Whopping third Complication*

Ranger: Oh shit.

DM: So, while you were trying to save Al'hums and Cassidy, a patrolling [Bad Guy’s] ship has found your ship through the storm, and is now launching harpoons to annihilate your asses. And you’re still trying to pull Cass and Al'hums onto the boat. Prepare for battle >: 3

Ninja: *Rolls well, which I translated as, “Able to sleep through Ragnarok” ’ CAN I PLEASE WAKE UP AND SAVE MY FRIENDS?!


kimheenim: There was a comic book called that I read during middle school. My hair is the same as the Busan dude called Cha Haeil😐😐😐😐 The one on the left is Sung Taeha, the one on the right is Bobby. Let’s assemble and match them 🙊🙊🙊🙊 #hiphop #sungtaeha #bobby #chataeil #doyouknowwhatimtalkingabout #ㅋㅋㅋㅋ(c)


kimheenim:Jungsoo-ya. I will go and play your portion for you too….👋👋👋👋 #USJ  

Leeteuk left a comment on Heechul’s IG: It looks fun… don’t play all my part leave a little bit for me.. shXt..ㅠㅠkekeke 

Heechul’s reply: @special_js1004: Let’s come together next time kekekeke but it’s really hot here—

kimheenim: Jungsoo-ya. I will eat your portion for you and go….🌽🌽🌽🌽  #USJ 


Heechul left a comment on Leeteuk’s IG:Seems like you wanted to go back again😀😀😀😀

special_js1004:..Thank you so much Heechul.. Hyu… How many days has it been that I’ve been living with my eyes just open.. Please eat for my share too and come back after you gain weight.. 

Heechul left a comment on Leeteuk’s IG: playing is tiring but in order to play your portion too. I am trying exceptionally hard😢😢 I have no appetite and no mood too sigh… I miss you jungshyu jungshyu my jungshyu😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃 (c)(c)