Download Codes for Doctor Who: Legacy Portrait Costumes Series

Critically-acclaimed mobile gaming app Doctor Who: Legacy has created a new series of portrait style costumes for all of the current Doctors in the game, and for a limited time are allowing fans the codes to download some of them for free!

This weekend (until Sunday 8 June 2014), six recent incarnations of the Doctor and their special hand-drawn costumes are unlockable using the following promo codes:

  • The Eleventh Doctor: 4633-3599-5355-5399
  • The Tenth Doctor: 2969-7295-7282-9965
  • The Ninth Doctor: 5538-9596-9764-9422
  • The War Doctor: 5229-7345-9856-9852
  • The Eighth Doctor: 6747-2986-6942-9493
  • The Seventh Doctor: 9448-3337-8299-6876

To activate a code, load Doctor Who: Legacy, tap on the “Options” button and then the “Promo” tab. To change a character’s outfit, tap on the “TARDIS” button, double-tap on their profile picture, tap on the “Profile” tab and then the “Change Outfit” button.

If you haven’t played Doctor Who: Legacy, you can find it on the Amazon AppstoreGoogle Play and iTunes. A Facebook browser version is coming later this month.