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i fucking live for the tiny wimper at the end

I really can’t stress enough how important it is to know that even though you may not see or feel any progress with yourself, that doesn’t mean it’s not happening. In my freshman year of highschool, I was in the absolute darkest place of my life. I remember not caring about anything and skipping school to the point where I dropped out completely.. and that I didn’t even care about anything relating to the future, because I was convinced I wouldn’t even be alive to see me go into my senior year. 

That was almost five years ago (considering the new school year has started), and I’m obviously still dealing with a lot of my internalized issues and some days I feel exactly how I felt back then, thinking I haven’t made any progress whatsoever; that I’m still drowning and sinking. Five years ago, I said I’d never make it to my senior year. And now I’m here, a high school graduate, and starting a whole new chapter in my life that really terrifies me, if we’re being honest. I have absolutely no idea what’s going to happen.. but I think that’s okay. 

While you may not see how far you’ve come, other people will. It’s important to remember that.

FtF: Blam, 8/27


FtF: Ooh, ‘my love.’ You’re cute today.

You do seem… down, though, and I just wanted you to know how happy I am to have you with me. And how much I want to take care of you.

You’re cute everyday.

I’m sorry.. I don’t want to be… that Ryder rental took a lot out of me and I couldn’t really recover from it while I was Mr. Doyle. And then.. then Michael- Master Michael… But I do love you, and I hope you know how glad I am to be back with you and in a safe place.


I’m sorry but tumblr keeps getting crappier and I need to vent.

I’m all for nice updates!! but please give useful, well thought out updates that the users are maybe given a period to test and give feedback, instead of springing it suddenly on them with no way out!

it’s like.. a plumber comes to your house, cause your toilet’s been acting weird. you are very happy to see them and think, sweet! but all they do is unhinge the toilet seat and nail it to the bathroom floor, give you an encouraging thumbs up, then leave. WHY?????


really happy to introduce to you a collaboration between my friend DROP and myself.
We constructed this drawing for all you munchie monsters . It was printed at Squeegee screen-printing workshop on cotton t-shirts and our amazing friend CCMBM snapped these awesome photos and edited them.
since I, personally, don’t feel comfortable with the sizes being gender specific, lets just say there are two options to each basic size, S M L….if you want it measured, I would gladly do it.
****that being said, if you are interested in getting one you can write me here or write to drop at https://www.facebook.com/stefanciric24?fref=ts