so I did a rough tally today, and I’ve approx. posted 590 different danganronpa posts which totals to 718 drawings (digital and traditional), 239 of which I drew and posted in october 2015 (smh). add the 108 from my woh ask blog and it’s 826. add that onto the 3.5 dr-specific sketchbooks I’ve filled but never posted due to personal reasons and that’s well over 1000 pieces of dr fanart… not to mention the art blogs I’ve been managing for other fandoms (826+267+45=1138). yikes. that’s more artwork I’ve done in 2 years than my entire miserable dA existence (which lasted 5 years, until I jumped ship). 

you know what. I’m gonna take a break. I’m just gonna go lie down. bye. 

Represent for Brokeland in this limited-edition tee by Michael Chabon. Authentic vintage-label flavor meets a spiral groove sampled from the New York Times bestseller Telegraph Avenue (now out in paperback from HarperCollins). 

Brokeland: it’s a record store, it’s a neighborhood, it’s an independent, if fictional, state of mind. 

All profits to be divided between 826 National andThe MacDowell Colony

It’s for a good cause!  It’s a great shirt. And 351 more of us need to sign up before any of us can get a shirt…



time is not so friendly
cried the little yellow leaf

summer is for green fools
and winter is a silent thief

whose voice rumbles deep below
but is hardly ever heard

and it seals fates and steals light
without even saying a word