The next iPhone will have wireless charging, according to Apple supplier
Wireless charging is an obvious solution, which has been embraced by many Android manufacturers but has remained conspicuously absent from the iPhone. Wistron is a manufacturer in India, which Apple recently added to its roster to increase market share in the country and bring prices down. Hwang was talking about the increased complexity of manufacturing over previous iPhone generations, and since right now Wistron only makes the iPhone SE, it’s probable that the waterproofing he’s referring to is the same level of water resistance that the iPhone 7 has. Read more
8224) In order to make my parents and my therapist believe I'm trans and take me seriously, I sort of came up with a persona. One that's perfectly heterosexual, knew since she was in preschool, and loves dresses and the color pink. This isn't the real me, not even close, but I knew being honest about these things could get me barred from hormones because of how corrupt the system is. Now that I started HRT I'm too deep in the act to know how to stop. I'm no longer myself.
8224) I'm very 50/50 with a lot of things in my life but one thing I'm not 50/50 on is my body. I don't like how i look, but it ranges from "I'm fine with it I guess" to "I absolutely fucking hate it" and that puts me in a difficult position because as much as I want to embrace my body, eat the food I adore so much and not have to stress out about diets and weight, I just end up crying about being too fat and starving again.