813.085 volumes of gratitude

Rabbits, Tending the

A large man walked into the library and loudly announced: “Would anyone care for a rabbit?”

Me [stepping from behind the desk]: “I’m sorry?”

Man: “Do you want a rabbit? I got one but I can’t tend to it any longer.”

Me: “I’m sorry, we can’t accept animals, but would you like me to help you find a no-kill shelter?”

Man: “No, that’s okay. I can find her a home. I thought I’d try here first because library people are good people.”

And then he left.

Hope, Help and

A man approached me at the desk with a comment.

Man: “I wanted you to know that I just mailed a donation to the main library because of your staff. They were so nice to me when I came in every day after I got hurt on the job. Now I’m back at work and feeling great. I thought you’d like to know that your staff gave me help and hope.”