I never had the opportunity of writing something about this band that is deep, and real, with the right words. Probably because I couldn’t find the inspiration for it, or because I wasn’t in the mood, but now, on my hotel room, listening to my favorite song, words are finally here. Well, I kind of hate the term “idol”, because it sounds so stupid to me. When I hear this word, I can only think about a bunch of Hollywoods stars fooling around, punching paparazzi, giving interviews about their butts and boobies, and that is not what I think about The Maine. The Maine, they are my friends. My best friends. I can’t really count everything I did or said to see them, but I can easily remember exactly why I started breaking my own rules because of them. And I regret nothing. It made me happy. All of it. 2011, when I saw them for the first time, and today, July 2014, when I asked John to never forget me, and he wrote this down on my notebook. And it is funny, because I’m not THAT young to travel around to see bands or wake up at 4am and take a bus to their hotel to have at least one minute with them, but I don’t feel bad. It’s the opposite, I feel like I could die in a sea of happiness everytime I do that. I wake up everyday knowing that everything will be alright, because they give the hope I need. I’m so grateful for everything they did, and for everyone I met because of them, that even if I wanted, I wouldn’t forget them. So… No, John, I will never forget you.

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Do you know of any camboy fics? Thanks so much for what you do it makes life so much easier <3

I don’t read camboy but I found a lot:

Yoongi’s Camboy ( yoonmin | 1/1 | E | 2055 )

Lights, Camera, Action ( camboy!yoongi | 1/1 | E | 1203 )

he’s so sweet now (and later) ( yoonkook | 1/1 | E | 1793 )

Picture Me With You ( jikook | 1/1 | E | 6441 )

shake it, break it (make it hot for me) ( jikook | 1/1 | E | 4490 )

Blow! Blow! ( vmin | 1/1 | E | 1325 )

i can’t hide it (i’m like this everyday) ( yoonseok | 1/1 | E | 10516 )

Min is Hoseok’s Favourite ( yoonseok | 3/3 | M | 10917 )

make a wish (i’m your genie) ( taekook | 1/? | E | 8124 )

i’m not satisfied (not yet) ( kookhope | 1/1 | E | 3808 )


One thing I will never understand is the hate towards Juliet Simms. I don’t really know anything about her personal stuff & I don’t really care but her voice! Her music is beautiful & she has one of the most amazing voices I have ever heard, her performances on The Voice were beyond perfection. Last year I saw her on Warped Tour, she seems like a decent person & again… HER VOICE!!! she’s absolutely incredible. I wish she had like 10 albums out.

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Do you have any fanfiction similar to Skin on skin? Like an obnoxious celebrity Blaine?

Well…this isn’t obnoxious Blaine, but he’s a pop star - 

The Other Side Of Someday by Switch842 (Rated M - Complete)Kurt Hummel had given up his childish dreams of love and romance and was just going through life, one day at a time. Then the voice of America’s newest pop star serenaded him through the radio, and it changed his life forever. Maybe Kurt’s fairytales could come true after all, with Blaine Anderson as his prince.  


The Warbler Is A Tramp by sarkyblueeyes (Rated M – WIP)

Down on his luck after graduating NYADA, Kurt Hummel jumps at the opportunity to become personal assistant to the hottest boy band in the world. The Warblers are British, preppy, talented, and handsome. But their openly gay and notoriously promiscuous front man, Blaine Anderson, has a reputation that has left their manager, Wes Montgomery, no choice but to take steps to ensure they don’t lose another employee to his libido. Is a legal contract enough to keep Blaine a professional distance from Kurt, or will he charm his way into Kurt’s bed and by extension, his heart?


To Live In The Shadow by icedintheveins (Rated NC17 - Complete) Blaine Anderson is an A-list movie star, struggling to get through the chaos of his life.  He’s been caught stumbling drunk from countless bars, barely escaped a charge of drug possession, and is now on his way to losing everything.  But a huge contract for a highly anticipated movie could turn his life around and help him get back on track.  However, when he hires a new personal stylist by the name of Kurt Hummel, he finds it even more difficult to concentrate on recovery.  Kurt gets under his skin, irritating him immensely.  But as he tries everything to get rid of Kurt, he finds himself growing closer to this man than he ever thought he would.