Honestly one of my favorite moments in life ever has to be when John O'Callaghan signed my book. I told him how I wish I had purchased one of first numbered batch that we’re signed already, but I had to wait for a paycheck to order mine. He then proceeded to tell me he completely understands and thanked me for purchasing his work. He then signed my book and numbered it 1/1 and said “now this one is officially one in a million.” I felt so special and it reminded me how cool of an artist and down to earth he is. Thank you John for making this book a constant reminder of that moment and to smile whenever I’m feeling down.


December first I’m in a foreign state
I’m running late, I’m all alone
Wishing I was home with you, baby


I inhale you in small doses and adore you like the roses, but you’re bad for me..

The Maine - Bad Behavior (live at 8123 Fest)

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