Low Fat Raw Vegan Lasagna
I basically used Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram recipe from this video http://www.30bananasaday.com/profiles/blogs/finally-low-fat-raw-vegan-deep-dish-lasagna-recipe-video
I’ve used different ingredient for the green mix aka young chards and purslane and for the ‘cheeze’ i’ve used less pine nuts and more zucchini
It’s important to drain the excess water from any ingredient otherwise you end up with bathing lasagnas
Bon appétit!

@ all of my babies who are going to school (or not)

i have a text messaging service set up through remind.com that is designed to make you smile every day. i have written short messages myself to encourage you/ cheer you up, & i hope some of you will take advantage of it.

to sign up, simply text “@365smile” to 81010. if you have any problems, message me! more info below the cut

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Slackmistress’s Holiday Survival Guide

We’re heading into the holiday season, which can be snake-infested waters filled with lava-sharks and other nefarious sea creatures that may JUST WANT TO LOVE YOUUUUU but do always manage to do it with their sharp, razor claws. Even those with wonderful family who gather ‘round fireplace with steaming mugs of cocoa eventually disintegrate into WHO LEFT THIS GODDAMNED LEGO ON THE GODDAMNED GROUND WHERE I GODDAMNED JUST STEPPED ON IT GODDAMNIT.

Which is why the Slackmistress’s Holiday Survival Guide is here for you.

Text* @holiday911 to 81010 and starting on Wednesday, November 25 and extending through the holiday season, get a text message a day letting you know it’s going to be okay.

You’re going to be okay.

Alas, text just works for the US and Canada. You can join via email at this link. Use @holiday911 as the class.

(Yes, I totally stole this idea from @kellysue‘s Bitches Get Shit Done.)

*Standard text messaging rates blah blah blah..
**NOTE: There may*** be crude language
***Will be

cethlestial  asked:

I don't understand isn't 81010 usually something you text to charge ur phone to donate to something? Like how is this real I want cool texts

It isnt!! Its actually run by an app called remind. Its generally used by teachers in school to like, remind their students about homework and all that jazz!!