What I Want

Pairing; Finn Balor X Reader

Word Count; 421+

Warning; None. Fluffy.

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A/N; just a simple, sweet one shot requested by @nickysmum1909. with the numbers 59) i want to spend the rest of my life doing what i love, with who i love. 79) it’s always been you. & 81) you’re the most beautiful woman i’ve ever seen. these came from this post, send me your numbers with a wrestler if you’d like a one shot! As always, any feedback is appreciated! Happy TPS, everyone!

      Three tolls of the bell later, a new champion was crowned. 

      “Tonight has been about making history. I was the first ever NXT Champion, and now I am your first ever WWE Universal Champion!” Finn raised his brand new belt and the crowd of the sold-out Brooklyn arena roared. “To make history, you have to take chances. You have to know exactly what is it that you want in the end.” His eyes shot to me, where I stood- front row of the packed house.

      The crowd quieten and Finn exhaled into the mic. The arena drew so soundless that you could hear a pin drop. Finn took his mic, and well-deserved belt to the ring mat, then hopped down from the squared circle. A “What are you doing?” played through my mind. He made his way to the barrier, offered his hand to mine, and pulled me over. 

       People began to cheer as I made my presence to the center of the ring. I’m no superstar- like my man was, but we had been caught in public plenty enough for people to know who I was. Finn reached for the mic, leaving his title where it lie. “And I know exactly what it is that I want.” He bit his lip, like he always does when he’s concentrating. The crowd grew silent again. “Being that it is Summer Slam, and I’ve achieved more than I could ever dream of doing, I want to take just one more opportunity given.” 

      I swallowed sharply. My mouth ran dry and my stomach started to pit. In that moment time felt frozen. No one was booing, applauding, or even cheering. I couldn’t even hear an announcer try to explain what was happening to viewers at home. “It’s you, (Y/N). It’s always been you. You are my heart. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. You’ve been with me since the very beginning, you’ve accompanied me on my wildest journey. And I know what exactly it is I want.”

       I felt a couple hundred gasps ring my eardrums as fans started putting together what was happening- as was I“I want to spend the rest of my life doing what I love with who I love.” Finn finished, falling to one knee- mic in hand. 

      My pupils dilated as the show lights shined against the diamond. Finn chest heaved, letting sweat from the work out of his match, fall down his chest. 

       “Will you make me the happiest man and marry me, (Y/N)?”

On a frosty Halloween night, this old one feels right, again. This was Typewriter Series #81 four some years ago.
Are you ok tonight? All of you? I hope you are. So very much.

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Happy 20th anniversary, Magnemite! Pocket Monsters!

Couldn’t help but join the commemoration of 20 years of Pokémon with a poster-GIF-tribute. Only had the afternoon, so I just chose my favourite Pocket Monster: Magnemite!

While it’s hard to interpret; I’ve always liked its design among the huge variety of gen 1, and it became a lot of fun to have around on the team since gen 2.

SO, here, sit back and enjoy a bit of a ThunderShock, a Thunder Wave, and… a Thunder or something like that.