thanks for following me, and being such great blogs!! I’m sorry if I forget anyone, so feel free to tag/add yourself or other blogs. I’ve added EVERYONE that I am following, and singled out my tumblr crushes, & faves. 


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TUMBLR CRUSHES (that are 80′s blogs)

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underneath, are all the other amazing blogs I follow and hope to follow forever !!


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Since a lot of things have been going on in The Outsiders fandom, I just though a little love would do everyone some good! Here are some blogs that I follow, love, and hope to follow always! (If I forgot anyone, I’m sorry, and feel free to tag yourself! Nothing but love here!) In alphabetical order(for the most part):

@80sculture ; @80sriverr ; @creamofwheaton ; @curlyshepvrd ; @dally-cake ; @dallywinstonboo ; @dallywlnston ; @darrypopcurtis ; @ddallaswinston ; @doitforjohnny ; @eightiesbabe ; @eugenny ; @evierandle ; @fangirlingfairy ; @florallyjohnny ; @fuckjally ; @gonewiththeoutsiders ; @gr8oldies ; @greaseandchill ; @greaser-babe ; @greaser-trash ; @greaserthings ; @greasertrash ; @greasysocs ; @iamoutsiderstrash ; @idontlikebaloney ; @imliketotallybuggin ; @jbrandis ; @johhnycade ; @johnnycakescurtis ; @johnnydally ; @lol-ur-not-ponyboy ; @lovelyhaim ; @lovelyoutsiders ; @moderngreasers ; @myownprivateriverphoenix ; @namelesscurtis ; @neverfeelinplace ; @outsiders-stuff ; @ow-tsiders ; @phoenix-rj ; @ponebone ; @ponyboyluvin ; @ponyboys-cake ; @ponyboys-youth ; @ponylovescake ; @radleygregg ; @riojudes ; @riverpheenix ; @riverphoeniixs ; @riverphoenixaschrischambers ; @roblowes ; @sassboycurtis ; @savvy-it ; @sherrisvalance ; @sodascherry ; @show-dal-a-sunset ; @shutuptwobit ; @sodasplaidshirt ; @sodapops-girl ; @sodapopsgf ; @sodasdarling ; @sorryish ; @staygoldaime ; @stonerpop ; @sunsetsandgreasers ; @stxverandle ; @sunsetsiders ; @teenagegreaser ; @thecurtisgang ; @thegreaserclub ; @theonedirectionbae ; @theoutsiders-trash ; @theperksinmystars ; @toxicallure ; @tuff-johnnycade ; @tuffrandle ; @viper-heroinx ; @whatever-isthe90s ; @yourcherrylolita ; @blondponyboy ; @brianjxhnson

Lots of love to everyone, even if we have never spoken a word to each other. I love every single one of you.