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to non-american armys: we don’t want bts to perform at the superbowl. no it’s not a good oppurtunity for bts to get more intl fans. 70% of the in-stadium audience are going to be men (racist, overly-patriotic ones at that) and 80% of the audience watching it through the tv are going to be drunk racist men at the sports bars. I 100% guarantee that the reaction will be “WHY ARE THERE SKINNY CHINESE BOYS PERFORMING AT THE HALF TIME SHOW WHEN THIS IS ‘MURICA” and that bts will get severe backlash. this is not a good oppurtunity

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heyo!! could i get a ship? i'm 5'10 and i have short brown hair and i wear glasses. i have been told by many that my face is really squishy lol. i love drawing, doing stage tech and watching 80s movies. going out at 1am for fast food adventures is up there too. i'm really anxious and i got depression n ADD but no better way to cope than Jokes™ amiright. like half of my humor is just jokes abt depression and the other half is shitposty nonsense. thank u very much!!! i love ur blog sm ur great!! ❤

Okay so you act like Jared a lot so the obvious answer would be Jared but,,, I can’t help but see you with Connor??? You guys would watch 80’s movies together on like little movie dates at his house, and it would be so cute. Zoe would make fun of you two all the time, but she secretly thinks your relationship is so cute and she’s really glad Connor has you in his life. You and Connor both have really dry and dark humor, so when you joke other people they’re Shook while you two are just giggling. You guys met while doing Stage Tech and you guys hit it off right away when you compared the all-black outfits for Stage Tech to your soul and he was like “??? that’s my kind if humor ??? plus they’re cute ???” It’s a super cute and humorous relationship