80s watch

If you ever feel sad


Go and watch the 80s Mötley Crüe’s music videos

you won’t regret it



my favorite 80’s movies

the shining (1980)

e.t. the extra-terrestrial (1980)

raging bull (1980)

star wars: the empire strikes back (1980)

all the right moves (1983)

the outsiders (1983)

rumble fish (1983)

risky business (1983)

a nightmare on elm street (1984)

sixteen candles (1984)

ghostbusters (1984)

the terminator (1984)

the breakfast club (1985)

the goonies (1985)

the karate kid (1985)

top gun (1985)

just one of the guys (1985)

secret admirer (1985)

back to the future (1985)    

stand by me (1986)

pretty in pink (1986)

ferris bueller’s day off (1986

can’t buy me love (1987)

the princess bride (1987)

some kind of wonderful (1987)

dirty dacing (1987)

the lost boys (1987)

adventures in babysitting (1987)

license to drive (1988)

heathers (1988)

running on empty (1988)

back to the future part II (1989)

dream a little dream (1989)

dead poets society (1989)


all the boys // panic! at the disco

Notes from Josh Keaton’s Shiro Birthday Interview

Note that some of this is paraphrased because I was typing while watching.

  • “but every now and then a Slav comes along in my life…”
  • they called him in to audition for Shiro; he didn’t “choose” it
  • “an email came across that said Voltron and I was like ‘WAAAAT?!’”
  • If not Shiro, what character do you see yourself most in: a cross between Lance & Pidge. He likes tech and cracking jokes; and when he was growing up, he had a lot of insecurity, and he enjoyed seeing that in Lance this season because a lot of people feel that way.
  • What are some of your favorite lines: “Form Voltron” 100%; and a lot of his inspirational stuff. “I like 'Go. Be Great.’”
  • What is your fave ep so far? “I love 'Space Mall’. It felt like watching an 80’s movie.” “I love the scene of them riding a cow!”
  • Any scenes that were tough to record in s2? “Nothing really difficult to record. ADR is a little hard (fight noises); but I love doing that.”
  • Any advice for those wishing to get into voice acting: take acting classes. Improv and cold-reading. “On Voltron, we get the scripts the night before.” “Even if you can’t sing, try.”
  • How do you get in the zone for voicing Shiro?: “I do push-ups. I’ll knock out 40 push-ups before I start; my posture’s gotta be on point; I gotta stand like Shiro; the resting face. He’s got that military bearing.”
  • What’s your fave memory of working on Voltron: “Honestly it’s been such a good experience, I don’t have a lot of standout memories from working on it. I love my cast - they’re my Voltron family - I love the writers, I love the crew. If there was anything, I’d say the first time we announced at WonderCon.”

RIP Bernie Wrightson

we lost one of the great comic artists of all time.  of all time.

please take a moment and watch this 80′s fabulous interview with him. he talks about his breakthrough Swamp Thing and his masterpiece Frankenstein 


i watched rob’s live!!!
the flannel he’s wearing is the exact one he wore in the movie !!! 😍
he “dropped the towel” and his son johnny (who was operating the camera) was like “well that was disappointing.” and one of the camera guys (he’s shooting something in tulsa) squealed like a girl when he did it and rob was laughing so hard 😂
he said that the house is opening up in may so i can’t wait!
happy birthday rob !!! 🎉💜