to a lot of goths “nu goth” is like a bad word. But i think the style has come a long way since 2010, you can do a lot more with it now. To me goth is music and a state of mind, its a subculture and its a lot more than just fashion, fashion is just one great part of it. I dont think you need to dress goth to appreciate it so i dont like when other goths hate on nu goth. I think nu goth is the best addition to goth fashion that we’ve had in a long time and ive seen people mix it up and really make it their own. Nu goth can look cool but also be casual. It can be comfortable and a way for people to be able to express their love for goth in places that they cant always dress up, like the work place. i personally like to blend aspects of nu goth style with 80′s traditional goth style. i know plenty of goths who dress nu goth who appreciate the subculture and its music so i really hope that one day, nu goth wont be so looked down upon by other members of the goth community.

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Hiya! I'm a girl with really long hair and I was wondering if I could experiment with boy-style fairy kei? Sometimes I just don't want to wear skirts 😅 If you have any reference pictures that would be awesome, since a lot of boy-style photos feature short hair. Thanks a lot!!

You don’t need to be “boyish” to wear pants and shorts in fairy kei! However if you’re after a more boyish style, perhaps try a more “tomboy” hairdo with a cute twist! (I say tomboy and boyish in the stereotypical definition haha)

You could do a cute 80s style ponytail or plaits as shown here:

image source: Manamoko ( @fancysurprise on Tumblr) 

Or you could try twin buns, a high bun… Try out some different updo styles to see what suits you! 

Good luck ♡